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Chapter 1: Her Day Off

This was supposed to be her day off.

Her finger twitched as she woke up.

This was supposed to be her well-earned break from all the chaos at the guild and the stressful missions she'd had all week.

She rubbed her forehead tiredly. Her only concern was the time of day and why what she was lying on didn't feel like her bed.

This was supposed to be her day of relaxation. She even had the perfect book picked out! One she planned to read all day, alone in the comfort of her snuggly apartment.

But as consciousness returned, she felt something was off…

But of course, being apart of the Fairy Tail guild meant that unexpected things happened every day. VERY unexpected things…

She cracked open an eye and expected to see her body. Which she did but strange enough...

Uh oh... was lying under her.



Lucy Heartfilia was propped on her favorite cushioned chair, reading her newest romance novel. The blonde was unaware that her eyes looked like ping-pong balls bouncing across each page. She involuntarily leaned into the book as the story progressed. The more she read the more entranced she became in the pages and leaned forward with anticipation. Here it comes! The lovers' fateful meeting! A smile danced on her lips.

under the cloud of stars above, her boat finally laid rest on the dock. She eased herself gently out of the boat and a cool ocean breeze lifted her hair. Her amber locks danced and shined, radiant with the moonlight.

Not far off, her admirer gazed. He watched her step down to the land with angelic grace. At that moment love over took him. Just as his goddess missed her step, he was there to break her fall! Her olive orbs met his and in that instant feelings overpowered them both as she-


Lucy squealed and nearly jumped out her seat. Realizing she almost flung her precious novel sky-high, she wanted to find the source of her disarray. The blond barely avoided whiplash from how quickly she turned to see the certain someone crouched in her window. He appeared unfazed by her scream and grinned like it wasn't at all caused by his sudden intrusion. Oh no, she just screamed bloody murder because she felt like it. Putting sarcasm aside, she just wanted to slap that child-like grin off his face…

…but instead slammed the book shut and settled with throwing the hardcover weapon straight for the intruder's head. And she was a good shot.

"Ow! What was that for?!" Natsu complained as he rubbed his swelling forehead with watery eyes. He didn't think he had done anything wrong. Seeing her get so startled made him figure that the book she was reading must've scared her enough to make her scream.

She ignored his whimpers and stood up to his chest to jab her finger at him, threatening to push him out the window (he had to grab hold to the walls to keep from falling). "That…," she poked again, "was for breaking into my room! And I…," another poke "was in the middle of a great book! You scared me!" she flared.

"Oh?" was his genius response but when she literally growled at him, he changed his answer. "I-I mean, my bad," he mumbled still rubbing his head. She glared daggers at him until she was satisfied with the look of fear he gave her. Nonchalantly, she retrieved her book from where it fell on the bed and returned to her domain.

"Hey, Lucy," he recovered quickly. She noticed he had settled onto her bed and sat cross-legged, wearing his signature grin once again.

"What is it?" she asked bitterly while trying to find her lost page, regretting she misplaced it for shooting practice.

"I've got somethin' to tell you!" he smirked, grinning like an idiot. He leaned in to add effect to his next line. "And you're gonna love it! I promise!"

Like a cat, her ears perked up in interest but she kept her cool demeanor. She smiled inwardly with curiosity though, considering it was maybe something she'd really like. "And what would that be?" she hummed.

"Well..." he chuckled, "We should hang out!"

She deadpanned. "Huh?"

"Let's do something fun!" he repeated excitedly and jumped eagerly to his feet. "Then I'll tell you, alright? C'mon, let's go to the guild-!"

Lucy considered the idea for a moment. Maybe there was some exciting news that he had or perhaps he wanted to give her a present! She let ideas float around in her head and smiled dreamily with eagerness.

"-so I can tell Erza and Gray about it too!"

And like a flash lightning her excitement diminished to a microscopic size and vanished. Now she was only thinking one thing: Another mission. She shook her head in irritation and redirected her focus to her book page. "Um… yeah, I think I'll pass." Suddenly Natsu's face displayed pure comical surprise. "Hey, don't act like you didn't consider that could be my answer!"

He frowned. "Aw but...I was sure you'd say yes..." He looked off distantly as if reforming a plan. Then after a moment or so his usual look of determination returned. "C'mon, Lucy! Please?"

Sigh. "Natsu I-" She began but was interrupted by the sudden presence of a familiar blue talking cat.

"Did she say yes?" Happy chimed in, flying into the room and obviously unaware of how the conversation was going. Lucy blinked unamused at his timing but concluded that Happy was also in on Natsu's little surprise.

The pink haired boy crossed his arms confidently, "Don't worry. She was about to change her mind."

"No, I wasn't!"

"Does that mean she said no?" Happy asked curiously but with hints of disappointment.

Sigh...again! Lucy decided she could only tell the poor cat the truth," Ye-" but she was interrupted by chuckling laughter.

"No! She was just kidding, Happy!" Natsu patted his companion's head in assurance. "There's no way she's gonna miss out on it! We won't let her!"

"But I-"

Happy cheered up immediately, "Aye! Something really exciting is going to happen, Lucy!"

"That's great but-"

"Yeah! We can't wait to show it to you!" Natsu gave her a thumbs-up. "It's gonna be awesome!"

"No I'm not-"

"It's a good thing she was just joking earlier. Lucy's pretty weird."

"Hey! Stupid cat I'm gonna!-"

"Yeah, weirdo."


Lucy sighed deeply and almost slammed her head on the table in frustration. She was going to have to break it down for them. "Look, Natsu, actually this is supposed to be my day off," she said gently, not wanting to hurt his feelings too bad. But she had to get him to understand that all she wanted to do was rest! And alone! "We've been on so many missions lately, I just want to stay home and relax," she went on. Lucy watched Natsu's blank expression as he seemed to be processing her words, and she hoped it meant he was beginning to understand what she was trying to say.

Returning from thought, he gave a weak smile, "Yeah, I know that, Lucy. I just thought..." his mind wandered to what he imagined her expression to be when he revealed the surprise. He knew that she'd love it. "I just thought you'd really like this," he voiced, with the delivery of his line slightly inaudible as his mind was elsewhere.

Upon wondering what she'd say to the surprise he missed a bit of what Lucy said, but caught "...besides, you can go on the mission without me if you really want to."

He stared at her, confused and almost...hurt. "But it's not-"

"With all the towns you destroy I should be thankful I can even afford a day off, so I'm sorry, Natsu, I'm taking it." Lucy finished, reentering the world of her book and waiting for him to leave. It felt like a few minutes before he said anything or even moved. Instead his answer was a soft defeated sigh and both he and Happy slowly made their way to the window, much to her relief. Natsu took his position to jump out and after a moment she could still feel his presence. When she looked up it was too late. On cue he jumped out without a word. She frowned and bit her thumb nail. I didn't mean to make him that upset...

With a face of defeat she was about to continue reading solemnly when she heard a noise outside and spun her head back to her window. Her eyebrows furrowed. He was still there, probably on the side of the building. "What was that, Natsu?" she called for him to repeat whatever he'd said. Then after a moment she heard...

"Cranky!" Two voices rang from the sky as they zipped away. The blond watched them fly off and huffed angrily.

After the brief annoyance, her feeling of guilt returned but she tried to ignore it. Deciding to reason with herself, she believed that she disserved this day off and it wasn't fair of Natsu to come and try to ruin it for her. They had been on a mission every day of that week, and she recalled that they only made enough money that was worth the total of two missions. And the rest was used to pay for damages. Thank goodness she had been saving her shopping money (and avoided the beautiful clothing stores in the last town with all her willpower). Now she had made just enough to pay her rent on time. No thanks to Natsu or the others. She deserved so much more than a single day off!

She nodded furiously, agreeing with herself, but another thought hit her. She mused. It wasn't like it was Natsu's intention to ruin her day at all. He probably had something really fun planned... He was being Natsu and that just was the way he was. Kind, considerate...overall he was just being a great friend...and she wouldn't even hang out with him. Lucy sighed sadly and hung her head. She wasn't winning her mental fight over who was justified in this so she instead forced herself to continue reading her book as a distraction. Her smile returned faintly as she scanned the page. I almost forgot I was at the best part.

Just as his goddess missed her step, he was there to break her fall! Her olive orbs met his and in that instant feelings overpowered them both as she-

Here it comes!

she slapped him in the face for being so straight forward and trying to kiss her. Her angelic image was shattered to reveal the spoiled rich girl she truly was and he forever lost any chance of being with her.

The End.


Lucy had no regrets of throwing the book at Natsu before. She only regretted picking it back up. So in one sharp move the book was chucked out the window with a "Piece of garbage lame-ass book!" She stomped over to her desk, snatched up her keys, and then enjoyed the ring of the door slamming behind her as she left her apartment. Now what she really regretted was not following Natsu.

Whatever he wanted to show her had to be a hundred times better than that pitiful waste of paper and ink.

SyberSweetHeart was casually walking down the street when a book crashed down on her now bloody skull. She examined the book and her face lost all life when she read the ending. "PIECE OF GARBAGE LAME-ASS BOOK!" She then chucked it at the readers. "Review or I'll write more of this crap!"

Just kidding!