From the first time she laid eyes on his back, the blood trickling down his arm and the sweat dripping from his neck, Yuiko couldn't go back to how she viewed life. When she saw him with the birds and watching the sky with a far off distance in his eyes, she and him both knew that he had her.

Feeling the roughness of the palms of his hands and being surprised every time at how soft they could be at times, Leo just couldn't stop surprising her. With the soft touch of his hair on her face and the gentle stroke of his hand to her cheek, it didn't take a lot to realize that at the time that he had her.

Maybe it was all the times she stopped Leo when he turned into a savage beast from the Savannah lurking in the deepest part of the forest itself. When she sacrificed her body and life to stop more bloodshed from unhinging itself onto more people than needed be, or every time she made another stupid mistake that might have had cost her her life or well being was when she had taken the steps into falling more and more in love with him. It didn't surprise her by then how obvious it was to Leo that he had her.

The news of him leaving Japan had filled her heart with so much emotion, Yuiko wasn't quite sure how to react. But knowing he'd be safer and happier away from there, she tried to be strong for him. When the goodbyes where said and the car started up to leave was when the wall crumbled for her. Chasing the vehicle with no hope, arms outstretched and the tears streaming down her face was when she finally accepted the fact that he had her.

As the first snow fall fluttered from the sky like dying angels, the feeling in the pit of her heart go stronger. The weather mimicked how she felt until the heavens seemed to bless her when Leo stood there in front of her. A miracle. Or a Christmas mirage. She didn't know why or how, but that didn't matter. If it were real of not, she didn't care. She didn't want him to suddenly disappear again. And when he placed his lips upon hers in a sweet embrace did the snow seem to vanish before her eyes and the ice around her heart melted was when it was loud in clear that he had her.

The feeling of his skin on hers as they shared the night together lasted in a blissful harmony. The smell radiating from him no longer was the boy Yuiko had thought Leo was. In replace was the smell of a man and it smelled so sweet. How many times had she underestimated him? How many times did she call him naive when really she was the one who was the child. The one who couldn't figure out what life would be like without him as he kissed every part of her body. And when the two became one was when she learned to love the fact that he had her.

And the years that came had gone too soon for life could be a cruel mistress. Time was short but she took every waking second to pour her heart into everything she did for and with him. In a blur of motion she watched before her eyes as a ring was placed on her finger to their wedding day was when she was happy to say that he had her.

Life passed by way too quickly as every moment and every thing went from "his" and "hers" to "theirs" quicker than a heart can beat. Now they shared their lives with another life they created that strengthened their bond more than Leo and Yuiko would think possible. And as sun rise and fell, he had her.

The years withered away from a ripe flower to a tumbling weed both still shared their life together. Not once did they look back at anything as a regret or mistake (although there had been from time to time), they just moved forward fueled by their love for one another. Despite what other people had said throughout history, their love surprised all the limits, expectations, judgment, life and death. After all, even till the very end and beyond, he had her. And he always would.