Bite Your Lip

Summary: Cruel Itachi doesn't think Sasuke is old enough to stay home alone, so he sticks his with a babysitter. Did he think Sasuke wouldn't turn this situation to his advantage?

Warnings? Pure smut. The end

Oh and sorry for the crappiness I haven't written anything in like forever. I hope you like it anyways.


Sasuke's POV

My narrowed, scarlet eyes bore holes into the taller, older version of myself. Itachi stared back, seemingly unfazed by my menacing glare.

"Face it, Sasuke," he sighed, his patience visibly beginning to wear thin. "You're not an adult as of yet, so I'm not going to leave you home alone."

"I'm sixteen! I can take care of myself!" I growled through clenched teeth as I stabbed at my steak, wishing I could at least kill my already dead dinner, since my brother was off limits.

"I didn't ask, and I don't care what you think you're capable of. The fact is, I don't think you can take care of yourself and that's the end of it." He broke eye contact, per his usual routine when he wanted a conversation to end.

But, I refused to let that happen. "I'm not a baby, hence I don't need a babysitter," I barked back at him.

"I'm not getting you a babysitter."

"Fine! Maid, whatever you want to call it!"

"I'm not getting you a maid, either. If I don't trust you alone by yourself, why would I trust you alone with a female?" he questioned, giving me a disapproving, almost disgusted, look. "You are a growing boy after all."

My fists slammed against the dinner table, causing a small quake to shoot through the whole kitchen. I shot him a glare as hot as fire before I turned and stomped off to my room.


The maid – butler, or whatever – arrived in the dead of night, the soft hum of the car he came in waking me up from my light sleep. I didn't run to the window to watch him enter the house like I figure most people would do.

No, I didn't care. I didn't want him in my house. And I sure as hell never wanted to meet him.

So, instead of heading downstairs to meet my new caretaker, I closed my eyes and tried my best to drift back to sleep.

Yet, still, my mind couldn't help but try to focus on the light murmurs from downstairs along with the faint sound of footsteps.

With an irritated hiss, I pulled the blanket around my shoulder and shifted onto my side. It was going to be a long night…


The warm, safe feeling of the Sun's heat against my cheek was what woke me up in the morning. My eyes fluttered open, immediately squinting at the light that filled the room. It was just like every other morning; both my body and mind were upset at the face that nature had woken me when I could've easily gotten an extra hour of sleep.

Except, today wasn't just any morning, I remembered. Today, the sent of eggs, bacon, and pancakes wafted up from downstairs to greet my nose.

The mere thought of food and the rumble in my stomach made my grogginess dissipate. After taking a deep breath, I swung my legs over the side of my bed and hopped off, not even caring enough to fix my deep purple blanket before heading out.

I knew Itachi was already gone. I knew he wasn't the one who had so thoughtfully made me breakfast. No, he hadn't done that in years. It had been him – the new butler. He was probably trying to get on my good side since Itachi had probably warned him that I could be a pain to those I didn't like.

Well, it was too late for that poor sap. I already hated him.

I took my time getting to the kitchen, slowly hopping down each stair and exaggerating each step forward. I hadn't bothered getting dressed. Instead I'd decided to join my caretaker for breakfast in nothing but my blue, plaid boxers.

Some where deep down, I hoped Itachi had hired a man that was just like the gardener and my tutor – and really everyone else he had hired before. I wanted him to be a huge snob – the kind of butler who refused to work for anyone who wasn't rich, elite, or – dare I say – batman.

That way, I could send him running out the door before the week was out, as if bad manners and sloppiness were contagious.

The thought almost made me smile… Almost.

My feet came in contact with the smooth, chilled linoleum tiles that covered the kitchen floor, alerting me to where I was before I looked up.

Before me stood a tall man with his back to me as he flipped a pancake at the stove. He worked soundlessly, his body relaxed and one hand slipped lazily in the pocket of his midnight black tuxedo.

Just then, his head turned slightly and his eyes flickered to me.

"You must be Sasuke," he said. I could almost feel the silk like softness of his voice, it made my heart pound a little faster, much to my dismay.

My lips pursed into a thin, pale line and my arms folded against my chest in defiance. He simply smiled in response, his eyes turning into crescents. Without realizing it, my jaw clenched. This man was…hot.

The thought made me want to throw up.

"I'm Kakashi,," he continued, taking the last pancake from the pan and setting my plate.

I purposefully looked away from him, unsure and uneasy about how my body might react to him if I didn't. "I didn't ask," I replied in monotone as I took a seat, not failing to realize he had already poured me orange juice and that the food looked delicious.

He smiled again, not the reaction I was hoping for, as he went to wash the dishes. "You didn't have to," he replied.

I slipped a few, cautious bites into my mouth as I pretended not to watch him but did none the less. The food melted on my tongue, bursting into fit of flavor. I had never tasted something so delicious in my life – and I hated him for it.

Coming back o reality, my eyes narrowed at the happy go lucky man. "That was supposed to be an insult."

I scarfed down the rest of the food like I hadn't eaten in years as he shrugged his reply. "No harm done."

He was beginning to piss me off, big time. "You're entitled to do anything I say, aren't you?"

"Yes," he replied casually as I stood from my chair. "Whatever you want – whatever you need – all you have to do is ask. I am your servant, after all."

His eyes flashed dangerously as he spoke the last words. His gaze was so hot, so intense, it almost felt naught; so much so that my cheeks began to burn a bright red and I stumbled on my way back to my room.


I was lying on my back, staring up at my ceiling and biting my lip as a knock was softly placed on my door. My heart immediately sped up and I growled, "Come in," unhappy that he made me react in such a way after it had taken so long to calm down.

Kakashi sauntered in warily, his dyed grey hair an unruly mess, and closed the door behind him.

"Is there anything you need?" he asked, pale red eyes twinkling.

Yes, I wanted to say, you, but kept my teeth concentrated on my lip. I heard him sigh ever so lightly as he walked over to the edge of my bed and sat down, his eyes calculating me.

"I was hoping we could be friends."

I didn't reply to him. Instead, I watched him, feeling as if the glare I was shooting him was enough to say 'too bad'.

His hand slowly rose, as if asking permission for something. I didn't know what he wanted to do, so I didn't give him a nod of approval, but I was too proud to flinch away from his touch. He took it as an ok and stared into my eyes as he put his thumb to my bottom lip, pulling it from the confines of my teeth.

"You shouldn't bite your lip, it's a bad habit," he whispered.

Before I knew it all my blood had rushed to one part of my body. Obviously not leaving enough in my brain to think, because before I knew it, I was tangling my hands in that messy, unruly hair and slamming my lips against his so hard that it hurt my teeth.

Fu-uck, my mind screamed as the dent in my boxers grew. He tasted so sweet, like apple cinnamon. I wanted to taste. I wanted so badly to taste.

But before I could shove my tongue in his mouth, he withdrew from me, panting.

"You know, kissing strangers is also a bad habit," he breathed.

"Aren't you supposed to do as I tell you?"

He nodded.

"Then shut the fuck up and kiss me," I growled, pulling him back to me so I could achieve my goal. I thought I might cum the moment his tongue came in contact with mine. The taste was even stronger now and the sleek feel was to die for. I pressed harder against him, pulling at his clothes as I forced him on top of me.

As I ground my erection onto his growing one, he immediately pulled away.

"I don't think we – "

"Shut up," I hissed, lust burning in my eyes and in my boxers as well. "I'm your master, and I want you to fuck me. So you're going to do it."

He gulped before nodding, "Yes master."

My dick throbbed for him as he called me 'master'. I had never heard anything so sexy in my life. I grabbed his shirt and rolled on top of him, straddling his hips as I plucked off each of his buttons, not caring that I was ruining his shirt. I licked my lips as I pressed my palms against his hard chest.

A thick groan escaped his parted lips as my thumb brushed against his nipple.

I wanted to hear that sound again.

Flicking my fingers over both of the small nubs, he began to twitch and squirm under my touch, a look of pure ecstasy written on his face. An evil smirk graced my lips as I bent over to replace one of my fingers with my tongue.

"Sasuke! Ah!" he cried out and I immediately stopped.

"That's 'master' to you," I growled. "I'll punish you the next time you forget that."

He nodded weakly and gulped, his back arching toward me in need.

I instantly complied, returning my tongue to the hard nub, swirling my way around it before taking it between my teeth and sucking gently.

"Fuck…." he breathed between cries of want. I smiled against his skin, feeling the heat radiate off the smooth, pale surface and loving the noises he was making. With each teasing lick and kiss I placed down his stomach, he let out groans and gasps of pleasure, but I wanted more.

I wanted him to scream my name.

I wanted him to make me scream.

When I got to my prize, I growled, not realizing how much I wanted it before I had began ripping his pants off. I tossed them to the floor along with his boxers and mine.

My heart stopped as I caught sight of his dick.

It was huge. The biggest I'd ever seen, and I could feel pre-cum drip from me as I thought of the painful pleasure I'd be enduring soon.

With that thought, I plunged his dick into my mouth, giving it hard, quick licks as I began to suck hungrily. His reaction was my fuel and I began to suck harder as a muffled scream tore from his lips. I could feel on of his hands tangle into my spikes, egging me on while the other clutched my bed sheets for dear life. He tasted so good, almost better than the sweet apple cinnamon of his mouth. I wanted more. I wanted all he could give me. I could taste the gooey liquid as pre-cum oozed from his slit. After licking it up, I sucked on it like a straw, trying my hardest to draw more out. It tasted like heaven.

The hand on the back of my neck tightened at this and he pressed me deeper on his cock. So deep, I gagged and bit him slightly.

"!" he screamed out of pure ecstasy and his dick twitched deep in my mouth, signaling that he was close.

But no, he couldn't, not yet. I hadn't gotten all my fun yet.

So, without a moments hesitation, I withdrew, a line of saliva still connecting me to his huge member.

He groaned in disappointment, throwing his head back, "I was so – "

"Shut up and fuck me," I growled, my narrowed eyes daring him.

I could see his Adam's apple bob with a gulp as his eyes widened, hands immediately running down my chest and grabbing on to my ass. Though it was hard, I managed to suppress the groan that threatened to spill from my lips.

For a split second, mischief flashed in his eyes and a sudden, searing pain shot through my left ass cheek.

"!" I screamed, having never been hit in such a way before.

He had slapped me.

Even as a red, hand print formed on my ass, I couldn't believe it.

"I'm your master now," he growled, and cruelly slammed me down on his cock – no stretching, no lube, no preparations, only my saliva serving as an aid.

Another scream ripped from my lips as I fell against his chest, my eyes tearing up. But there was no time to relax or adjust, because before I knew it, he was pounding into me. His hands were planted firmly on my ass, using me as leverage – pulling me up as he pulled out and slamming me down as he came up to meet me.

There was so much pain, I couldn't bare it, but at the same time, each stroke hit me in that one spot that made me see white. My whole body was on fire, the tears running down my face feeling like ice and I held tightly onto his shoulders like my life depended on it.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! my mind screamed as I bit down on his shoulder to keep myself from screaming out loud. But, as he removed on hand from my ass to pump my cock in rhythm with his thrusts, I could no longer keep quiet.

"Kakashi!" I screamed, feeling that build up of ecstasy fill my body to the brim like hot steam.

"Sasuke…" he groaned, throwing his head back as a small scream left his perfect, pink lips. I could feel his explosion into me. I could feel the ropes and ropes of cum filling me up until they began to spill out.

It was all too much.

Before I knew it, I had shot my hot, white cum all over his stomach and chest, falling off of him in sweet exhaustion.

We were both panting, our chest rising and falling quickly and out of rhythm. For every breath I took, I could feel my heart beat one hundred times. I squeezed my eyes shut, not coming down from my euphoric high. I gulped hard, trying to calm myself.

Strong arms wrapped themselves around my and I was pulled in to my caretaker. He murmured something into my hair and hummed quietly before pressing a kiss on top of my head.

Oh, I thought, so he's one of those.

I forcefully pushed him away and glared. Something in his expression darkened.

"Go take a shower," I growled, getting up and heading for my own bathroom and slamming the door.


Once I was showered and dressed, I checked up on him. He was showered as well – thankfully the scent of my cum had been washed off. Yet, he still looked like he just had the hottest sex of his life.

Which was probably true…. Or so I hoped…

His tux was wrinkled and the white collared shirt he was wearing was missing a few buttons.

The sound of a car approaching made his head snap up and a look of worry cross his face. I leaned against the wall, watching him as he hurriedly pulled on his shoes. I could hear the engine of the car turn off. There were footsteps. He tucked in as much of his shirt as he could, but I didn't fail to notice the small piece he had overlooked. A key turned in the door and it was suddenly opened.

Itachi stepped in, looking extremely tired after his twelve hour shift. What could possible exhaust him so, I'd never understand.

I turned to him, a smug smile placed on my lips.

Red eyes met mine for a moment before confusion shone in them. The eyes flickered suddenly to Kakashi, who was quickly moving toward the opened door. As he glided past, Itachi eyed him with a bewildered look. Taking in his messy, wet hair, his crooked tie, missing buttons, and the way part of his shirt hung out from his pants.

Kakashi blew passed him, closing the door on his way out. It took a moment before Itachi turned back to me.

"You didn't – "

I shrugged, the smile still on my face, and pushed off the wall to hop back to my room.

Itachi groaned as he face palmed, his back hitting the door and sliding down until he was sitting.

"Not again, he growled.

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