"Scream for me baby" he whispered huskily into my ear, whilst biting down on my earlobe.

I couldn't believe I was doing this, I had only met this guy less than an hour ago and I was already on my hands and knees taking his full length inside of me.

"Oh god….Don't stop….Right there….Harder!" I cried as a clutched the sheets between my fingers.

He was a complete mystery. I knew exactly why I had been desperate to touch him in the bar. His golden skin and jet black hair were beyond beautiful, and his deep chocolate eyes called out to me like beacons in the distance. All I knew was, this was the best night of my life.

"Bella! Bella!" I heard Jessica screech.

As I lifted my head up off the kitchen table, I realised I must have dozed off. I looked up to find my room mate and best friend Jessica standing before me with her hand on her hip.

"What? Sorry, I fell asleep. I'm pretty tired Jess" I said, groggily.

She took a sharp intake of breath, and I knew it was coming.

"Bella" she whispered softly as she sat down in the chair opposite me.

"I know what your going to say Jess, and I don't want to hear it" I told her firmly as I stood up to make myself a cup of steaming hot coffee.

"Well tough, your going to get it anyway. You cant keep doing this Bella!" She whaled at me.

I rolled my eyes and knew exactly what she was talking about. Ever since that night with him, I had been a mess. I had been reckless and my behaviour was definitely not normal. I had been going out to clubs every night, most of the time meeting a different guy just to try and find someone to take my mind off of him. It was so fucked up that I didn't even know his name. Now that made me feel like a slut. We had spent hours pleasuring each other, but I hadn't even stopped to ask his name. When I woke up in the morning he was gone. It was almost as if he had never existed. Like I had dreamed it all up in my head.

"Bella, don't walk away from me. You cant ignore me forever! I know that I do my fair share of partying, but hell Bella! Your acting like a crazy girl!" Her voice was full of concern.

"Maybe if you loosened up a little, we could have fun together! Don't get me wrong I love Angela, but shes so uptight! I cant do anything without her reading me the riot act!" I howled back at her.

I heard a small chuckle come from her as I set down my coffee cup in the sink. I spun around to see her momentarily tense face now crippled with glee.

"Okay fine, I have the best idea!" she laughed.

"Whats that Jess?" I asked, my voice full of curiosity.

"Theres a bonfire down at La Push tonight, one of the girls from work invited us but I didn't know if you'd be in any state to go considering you didn't get in until 5am" she explained accusingly.

As I walked into the lounge, I laughed off her previous comment.

"Okay, I'm game. What time does it start?" I asked.

"Um, nine" she replied, looking down at her watch.

"And what time is it now?"

"Seven PM" she answered, with a look of distain on her face.

"Shit, well if we're going, we'd better get on and get ready hadn't we? Whats the right attire for a bonfire? I don't want to get cold, but then I don't want to go dressed as Scott of the Antartic either!" I laughed.

Before I knew it I was being dragged up the stairs by an excited Jessica. She pushed me down on my bed and darted over to my closet.

"Hmm…Not too cold….Not to frumpy" I heard her mumble to herself.

I wondered what kind of people would be at this bonfire. I knew a few of the girls from Jessicas work, but I knew nothing of the residents of La Push.

"Ah Hah!" She said, as I nearly jumped two feet off of the bed.

"Jesus Jess!" I said, catching my breath back.

"Sorry, but these are perfect!" She said excitedly.

I looked to the garments that she was now hanging in front of me. A pair of skin tight stonewash jeans and a scrunched up red top that came a few inches above the belly button and was held together by a few mere strings at the back.

"I like it" I approved.

"Great! Now get showered and put your face on and ill go do the same! God we havent been out together in so long! I cant wait Bells!" she squealed excitedly as she exited my room.

"Ready to go Bella!" I heard Jess shout from downstairs.

I took one last look in the mirror and smiled approvingly. My thick, chestnut brown hear hung over my shoulders in loose waves. My make up was minimal, as always. I grabbed my phone and my leather jacket and made my way downstairs.

"Looking good Bella" Jess smiled.

She was wearing a very short denim mini and a black, lightweight v-neck sweater. Her hair was poker straight and pulled away from her face with a light pink alice band.

"Your not so bad yourself missy" I returned the compliment and we walked out towards Jess' BMW convertible.

Ever since her family had moved away to Chicago, they had constantly showered her in expensive gifts and kept her bank balance up, which I definitely cant complain about. Me and Jess shared everything, money, clothes, you name it we shared it.

"So Jessica, you looking to bag yourself one of those hot La Push guys tonight?" I asked her.

"Oh definitely, have you seen them? They are gorgeous Bella! What about you? Oh wait, no, I already know the answer to that one" she replied, poking her tongue out at me.

"Oh please! Your just as bad as I am and you know it!"

Ten minutes later, we arrived at the beach. I took one last look in the passenger side mirror and stepped out of the car. I could see a fire blazing in the middle of the beach and dozens of people crowded around. Most where quite clearly drunk already. I held out my hand to Jessica and we headed towards the crowd.

"Jess! Bella!" I heard a voice call out to us. It was one of the girls Jess worked with, Leah Clearwater.

"Hi" I smiled.

She handed us both a red plastic cup filled with what looked to be vodka and lemonade.

"Thanks, bottoms up!" I said, pouring the liquid down my throat like I hadn't had a drink in months.

"Whoa there Bella" I heard Leah say, laughing at the same time.

"Come on, come over here. We've got some stuff that your definitely going to want to try. Its grade A stuff. You'll love it" Leah told us, leading us over to a small group of girls sitting around a smaller campfire a few dozen metres away from the main one.

We were greeted by more of Jess' workmates. They were all friendly and welcoming. Leah patted the ground next to her and I sat down with my legs outstretched in front of me.

"So Bella, Jess tells me you've been partying pretty hard lately?" Leah questioned as she reached into her bag for a clear baggie filled with a white powdery substance.

"Not you too, Leah!" I exhaled.

"Hey, I'm not saying anything. I can hardly talk, besides, your young. Enjoy it. That's what I say. I mean, have you seen some of the guys here. I can barely keep my tongue in when I see them walking by" she said, laughing.

She tipped the powder out onto what looked to be an old cd case and split it up into perfect lines with her credit card. She rolled up a dollar bill and bent down to snort the subtance. Cocaine I could only guess.

"God that stuff is amazing. Here Bella!" she squealed at me.

I took the cd case from her and rolled the note up tighter. I bent down and snorted the substance. I immediately felt a buzz surging through my veins. My head felt ten pounds lighter and my heartbeat quickened. I felt amazing.

"Wow. Where did you get that stuff, Leah?" I asked her, giggling.

"Oh just this guy Jared, hes one of those yummies over there" she replied, as I handed the cd case to Jess.

She took it willingly, and followed suit by snorting up her line. She flung her head back in what looked like ecstasy.

"Whoa, fuck" she smiled as she looked over at us.

"Yeah, we'll definitely be needing some more of that" I told them.

"Well, why don't you two girlies come over there with me now? Ive caught them checking us out more than a few times since we've been sat here. Come on" Leah squealed as she pulled me and Jess up to our feet.

As we made our way over to the group of guys standing by the bonfire, I could feel the eyes on us.

As I looked them up and down I took in every detail of their perfectly formed bodies. Muscle upon muscle. I had never seen such a gorgeous looking group of boys in my entire existence.

"Hey boys" Leah said, greeting them with a hug.

"These are my lovely lady friends, Jess and Bella"

"Hey" they all said in what seemed like unison.

I looked over them one by one, there was no doubt about it. They were like something out of a dream.

Then it hit me. They were. They looked just like mystery man. Not anywhere near as beautiful, but still, they were a definite reminder.

"Bella…..Hello….Earth to Bella!" I heard Leah say as I snapped out of it.

"Sorry, I let my mind wander. That stuff is really strong" I replied, my eyes still fixed on the four strking men in front of me.

"Come back for more have we?" The tallest one asked me, I could only guess that this was Jared.

I turned to him and studied his face. His dark locks falling softly over his face.

"Of course. How much have you got?" I asked him.

He chuckled lightly and leaned forward to pull the hair out of my eyes.

"How much do you want? Ill do my very best to sort you out" he told me, his eyes piercing into mine.

"Um…Uh…I don't know. Ive got 50 dollars in my pocket. Give me what you can" I replied, finally tearing my eyes away from his.

I watched as he pulled out two clear plastic baggies from his pocket and handed them over to me.

"Seeing as your pretty, I'll let you have it for free" he told me with a massive smile on his face.

"Thanks Jared. Anyway Bella, this is Embry, Quil and Jacob" she told me, pointing to each one individually.

"Oh, hey guys!" I welcomed them, hugging each one individually.

"Hey Bella" they all said in unison.

I shuffled from side to side nervously. I didn't know why. Usually drink and drugs made me confident, but I was certainly out of my confidence zone.

"So guys, wheres Paul?" Leah asked, nonchalantly.

"He'll be here later, he's with Emily" Embry told her.

"Sams Emily? No way" Leah looked genuinely shocked. I could only guess that this Emily that they were talking about must have been Sams girlfriend.

"Yeah, we know. We promised not to say anything, you know how difficult it is to hide anything from Sam" Jacob answered.

"Jake, not now" Leah scolded him.

What was that about? Some things in life I just didn't understand, and I wasn't about to try now.

"Hey Paul!" I heard Embry shout.

I looked over to where this Paul was coming from and my felt like I had been knocked on my ass.

There he was. My mystery man.

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