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I wrapped my arms around her torso as she rested her head against my arm.

Gently, I began to stroke her abdomen protectively.

I heard a sigh of contentment escape her lips before she spoke.

"I'm carrying your child, aren't I?"

Bella POV

"Paul?" I asked again, a little more firmly this time.

He continued to stroke my belly softly as he nuzzled his face into my neck.

"I'm going to take that as a yes" I whispered.

I knew something was up. Of course Pauls absense had a physical effect on me anyway. I was sick to death with worry. I just didn't pick up on my lack of periods and the chronic sickness that I'd endured. Now it all made sense. I was immediately filled with an immense amount of happiness.

If you'd told me two weeks ago that I'd be sitting here, Paul's arms around me, pregnant with his child...well, I'd have laughed at you. Or given the state of my emotions back then, slapped you for having the audacity to even suggest it.

"I can hear it Bella. The heartbeat. It's so beautiful." He mumbled in my ear.

My own heartbeat fluttered at hearing that but then the panic of how I'd been treating my body in the last few weeks caught up with me.

I shifted forward and pulled myself out of pauls grasp.

"Is it okay? The baby? Does it sound okay? Oh Paul, I've barely been eating. I've lost so much weight. Oh god, how could I do this to myself? And the baby?" I sobbed.

Paul sat up on his knees and took my face softly between the palms of his hands, gently pulling my gaze up to meet his.

"Hey, its okay. Our pup sounds like she's doing fine. I promise. We'll go to the medical centre tomorrow and get you checked out thoroughly though. See how far along you are...when she's due" He reassure me.

"She, huh?" I giggled, wiping my tears away with the backs of my hands.

"Yeah, she. I'm sure of it. Now, lets get you dressed. You're freezing your little ass off in here." He nudged, pulling me up from the floor and wrapping me in a towel.

I leant into his embrace as he dried me off with another towel, resting my head on his chest. It still hadn't sunk in that he was back here with me. My Paul. I would never let him go again.

After I'd finally managed to pull myself away from him for five minutes, I went back to the bedroom and pulled on a loose fitting tank top and a pair of simple leggings. Towel drying my hair, I picked up Pauls basketball shorts and threw them to him in the bathroom.

"Hey, Meraz! That beard has GOT to go. Put those on and I'll be in to fix your face up" I yelled, laughing to myself at how normal things seemed to be so quickly after his return.

I quickly ran a comb through my hair and pulled a plain black cardigan over my shoulders.

"Right, I hope you're decent!" I laughed, walking into the bathroom.

Pushing the door open, I found him staring into the mirror. He looked like he was miles away.

In this light I could finally see some of his injuries. Setting my eyes upon his shoulders, I saw the bite marks. Dozens and dozens of them. All tainting his beautiful, golden skin. My heart was heavy just looking at them. I couldn't even begin to imagine what he'd been through for me. For his friends. For everyone.

"Oh my god" I thought out loud.

He snapped out of his trance and spun round to face me. I could see so much pain in his eyes. It broke my heart in a second. Rushing over to him, I pulled him into my small arms.

"We need to talk about what happened, honey." I urged him softly, pushing him down onto the toilet seat.

He looked up at me and nodded. He looked completely defeated.

Turning back to the sink, I took a razor out of the cabinet and the shaving gel from the shelf next to the towel rack. I filled the sink up with warm water and squirted some gel into the palm of my hand.

Lathering it up, I smothered it on his chin all the way up along his jawline.

"So baby, can we talk about what happened?" I asked him cautiously.

"Ask me what you will and I'll try to answer it if I...well, if I can" he shrugged.

I took the blade to his face and began to swiftly stroke it against his face.

"What did they do..to you?" I gulped, not entirely knowing that I wanted to hear the answer.

I continued shaving him as he took a few deep breaths.

"I...They wanted to make me hurt. The first time, I thought I was dying. Almost wished I was. Knowing that I could never come back to you was soul destroying in itself. I kept on waking up, I think she wanted it that way. Everytime I woke, she would bit me once more. I couldn't do anything to stop her. Nothing..."

My hands were shaking as I continued to groom him. Dipping the razor into the sink to wash off the excess, I turned back to him and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

"When did Edward come?" I asked, not knowing how to feel about Edward being a part of the situation. What had gone on between the two of them in that hell hole?

"I don't know how long I'd been down there when he appeared. I can't lie to you Bella. When I saw him, I just wanted to tear his pretty fucking head off. He'd insisted from the second he got there that he wanted to help me out of her. Made it clear of course that it was for your benefit. Not mine. It took me a long time to actually believe that disgusting leech. He told me that he had a plan. That he wanted to gain the redheads trust before he made his move. Said that his family were coming to help. I still didn't believe him." He explained, evidently feeling more comfortable talking about this than his own personal torture.

"What made you trust him?" I asked, finishing the shave and grabbing a hand towel from the rack behind me.

"We have one thing in common, Bella. You. We both love you. God, it makes me sick to think that he still wants you...but we both want whats best for you."

I nodded, shivering at the thought of Edward wanting me back. I could never leave Paul. Whether it was for Edward or not. I would never.

I wiped all of the excess shaving cream from his face before splashing a small amount of cold water on his cheeks.

"Hey! Watch it! I'll get you back for that" He winked playfully.

He had gone from a feral wolf to being my man all in the space of a couple of hours. I guess somehow I had done that?

"I don't want to keep nagging you but...what happened after that? How did you get out?" I asked, sitting myself down in his lap. Pulling me close to him as he nuzzled his face in my hair, he began to explain.

"It felt like I'd been trapped down there forever before his family did as he'd promised. Edward had been...entertaining the redhead for a few hours. How he could ever bring himself to stick it in that bitch is beyond me. Anyway, I was starting to give up hope. Becoming certain that I'd never see you again. Thats when he came. Jasper. Gotta say Bella, I kinda like him..." He trailed off, smiling to himself.

"What?" I nudged, biting his shoulder softly.

"He told me that you two had always been close...that he never thought you and Edward were right for eachother. The kid can fight too. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have made it out of there. He carried me through that cave on his back while fighting off a dozen leeches. If I'd been in any state, I'd have high fived him"

"Kid? Honey, he's over one hundred years older than you" I winked.

"Alright shorty! No need to make a man feel inadequate" He joked.

I settled back into his arms as he finished the final part of his tale.

"When we finally got out...I was incontrollable. I didn't know what I was doing. It had been so long since my wolf had been able to get out. We hunted together. I guess you could say we bonded in a weird way. I really need to thank him for what he did back there. Then we came back...and thats when I saw you with Sam"

I could feel his skin trembling and a low growl erupted from his throat.

"Okay. Thats enough. Lets not go into it. Are you hungry? I could make you something? You know, the guys would really like to see you. I could see they were pretty bummed when you asked them to leave" I suggested.

I hopped up out of his lap and washed my hands at the basin. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, I could see he felt slight guilt.

"They're still outside. They're worried I'll hurt you. I'm sure they think I'm unstable or something. I can't blame them. Hey, why don't you whip up whatever you can with whats in the house. I'm certain Jared hasn't bothered with groceries. He never did. I'll go on out and invite them in."

I nodded happily as I made my way out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.

"Oh and babe?" He called out behind me.

"Yeah?" I answered, spinning around on my heel.

"You're going to make an incredible mother" I beamed at that.

"And you my man, will make a badass father" I winked.

With that, I skipped into the kitchen to try and create a feast fit for a king. Because afterall, my wolf was my king.

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