Chapter One

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My name is Bree Collins and I am fabulous. I'm a 16 year old girl living the life everyone wants. I have long blond hair that reaches down my back and my body is to kill with sensuous curves. My friends envy what I have... hell, they want to be me, while the boys want to date me. My parents are the greatest in the world giving me everything that I need, but mostly everything I want.

My best friends are Lauren and Jessica. Lauren is tall, blond and beautiful; she also has the personality of a viper, she would never think twice to strike and sink her poisonous fangs in order to get what she wants. Not me though, I'm much more powerful than her and she knows it. Jessica is short and average. Her bubbly personality is what keeps her in this trio of ours. She's also the one who keeps us all together.

I sit down on my large bed and recline my body down, holding my weight with my elbows. I take a look around my room, amazed at the grandeur of it. My body relaxes as I close my eyes and let my head hang back. I faintly feel the brush of my long lustrous hair along my arms. I want to relax completely but something is holding me back. My body is thrumming, on the the verge of some climax. I feel my hips shift on my soft bed, making the thrumming that much stronger. I shift my hips again, only this time I grind down a bit.

I let my mind drift into a fantasy. I imagine Anthony come inside my room, his steps heavy and slow as he prolongs my wait; anticipation is everything. I let my elbows give way and finally lay down completely. The sound of clothes landing on my plush carpet is heavy. Soon, I feel the ghost of his fingertips, gingerly dancing around the edges of my skirt. His touch is soft, feathery light, almost ticklish as it skims by my inner thigh. He slowly starts to pull the spaghetti straps of my cami down my shoulders, slowly passing my breasts. My nipples instantly harden as the cold air blows on them.

The waiting is driving me crazy, and yet... I wait because I know that it'll be worth it. My panties are pulled down while soft fingers pull at my nipples. A slender finger runs the length of my slit from opening to clit. I shiver, writhing my body on the mattress. I'm soaking wet, dripping down on my egyptian cotton comforter. Without any warning, he slams his heavy cock inside, my gasp ringing loud in the otherwise quiet room. He pounds into in relentlessly; his movements are uncoordinated and jerky.

My release is almost there, not quite there, and then he finishes as the door to my room opens. Lauren stumbles her way inside the room, sitting down by my head and holds my hand in between both of hers. I don't say anything because I'm confused. I look up and see a flash of green pass through my still open door. I close my eyes as fatigue finally takes over.

After what seems like hours, I start to wake up. My body is cold, sore and just plain tired. I feel a finger making patterns on my stretched arm. I expect to see Lauren looking down at me when I finally open my eyes, but instead of finding Lauren's baby blues I see turquoise; I see Rosalie.

I open my mouth with a gasp as realization slowly starts to enter my mind. I'm not lying down on an egyptian cotton comforter, or even a bed for that matter. I'm lying down on an old cardboard box that has been spread flat to fit the size of my body. The once bright room filled in luxury has turned in to an old charred empty room. There is a pungent smell coming from the floor, I turn to see that it's vomit. I touch my mouth but I find it clean.

"It's mine," whispers Rosalie.

I don't reply back, I'm still confused. My body's aches start to make themselves more pronounced, specially between my legs. I trail a hand down my body; my cami has been pulled down to my waist where it's bunched up against the rest of my skirt, my panties are missing.

Rosalie helps me put myself together and I look at her confused. I feel my head pounding and I know that I'm missing something, I just can't remember what.

"They drugged you this time," she whispers. "When I came in... Edward was just finishing with you... you know..."

I don't know, but I can guess. My mind clears painting the real picture. My room... our room is not grandeur... I don't know where we are. Lauren does not exist, not really. Lauren is Rosalie, but Rosalie is nice, not a viper. Jessica doesn't exist either, she's Alice. Alice is not bubbly or nice; Alice is just... there, almost not existent. It's easier not to care, one always dies along the way.

My parents don't give me what I want either, I don't know where they are. My friends definitely don't envy me, I envy them. I envy the freedom they have, I envy everything they are. I touch my head, hoping to calm down the pounding. I'm met with multiple knots instead. My hair is not blond and beautiful, it's brown and limp. My sensuous curves are gone and replaced by a slim figure that has been the cause of bad nutrition.

The door opens and Alice is pushed in by one of them. He's one of the nicer ones, still... we don't trust them; he's Jasper, I think. Alice doesn't make a sound as her body falls to the floor. Instead she crawls over to where we are, huddled together by a corner furthest from the door. Jasper gives her one last look before finally closing the door.

I poke Alice on her leg, she doesn't respond, she never does. They always take her away to a room that we all know too well. I hate that room; they make us scream when we're in that room, specially Alice; they like to see how much they can make her scream.

I shake my head in denial.

How much longer? How much longer? I chant in my head. I want everything to go away, I want to go home.

My name is Isabella Swan and I am 17 years old. I am one of the few girls who goes missing around the world. I am one of the taken.

This is day 64.