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Summary: Sesshomaru is the youngest son of Inutashio. He has finally come of age and many demons would like to court him, considering he was a born submissive. His older brother, Inuyasha, wants his brother for himself but his father won't allow it. He is using Sesshomaru to join one of the countries with his.

Warning: Yaoi, mild rape, Mpreg, oc, incest, slight ooc characters.


My Brother's Keeper

First Stage: Meeting Them


"Inuyasha-, give that back!" Sesshomaru yelled as he ran down the hall chasing his older sibling. The older dog demon laughed and turned a corner. Sesshomaru skidded across the floor to make the sharp turn his brother made. "Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru growled.

"What do you need it for anyway?" Inuyasha skidded to a stop when he almost ran straight into his father. "Oh!" Sesshomaru, however, didn't stop in time and ended up running smack into Inuyasha and falling backwards with a grunt.

"Inuyasha, Why- Oh! Chichui-sama!" Sesshomaru gasped silently as he noticed his father's presence through his irritation with his brother.

"Inuyasha, why must you constantly tease your brother..." Inutashio grumbled, massaging the bridge of his nose. Inuyasha grinned slightly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Uuhhh! Well-Um...I was just playing around with him!" Inuyasha grinned Inutashio glared at him.

"You should ruffle him so on his special day. I've planned a special breakfast today in honor of it." Inutashio walked past Inuyasha to help Sesshomaru up to his feet.

"What's so special about today?" Inuyasha frowned with a raised eyebrow. Sesshomaru's face flushed with anger.

"It's my birthday, you asshole!" Sesshomaru yelled. He yelped lightly when Inutashio plucked him on the nose. He brought both hands to his nose and looked down.

"Watch your language," Inutashio grumbled, not at all that angry. Inutashio looked at Inuyasha.

"I know its his birthday, but still! Why is this one so different from the others?" Inuyasha frowned.

"Sesshomaru, prepare yourself for this morning's breakfast." Inutashio ordered without looking back at his son. Sesshomaru bowed slightly.

"Yes, Chichui-sama!" And with that, he hurried off down the hall.

"Today marks your brother's 50th birthday." Inutashio turned and walked down the hall with Inuyasha following him. "I've arranged this breakfast to have Sesshomaru meet his potential suitors."

"Oh..." Inutashio looked over his shoulder briefly at the disappointed tone his son took.


"What if I want to mate with him?" Inuyasha asked. Inutashio stopped walking. Inuyasha stopped as well.

"You cannot mate with him. This is an opportune time to forge a close alliance with one of the other three grand kingdoms. Although, we don't need it, it'd be...helpful?" Inutashio continued to walk. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes.

"But what if Sesshomaru doesn't wanna mate with any of the guys that come here? Does Sesshomaru even know whats going on?" Inuyasha growled. Inutashio stopped and looked over his shoulder briefly.

"It does not matter what he wants, it is his duty. It is also my duty to find a mate for him that will care for him and protect him properly. He does not know."

"I can do all that for him!" Inuyasha growled.

"This, I believe. But, it is not your choice either." Inutashio continued to walk. "You could tell him for me. Be useful today..."

Inuyasha growled at his father's back.

Inuyasha walked into his brother's room to find the young dog demon in front of his vanity mirror with a brush in hand. He looked briefly to the servant that was standing next to him. "What are you doing?" Inuyasha asked the servant girl. The woman jumped slightly and looked at Inuyasha.

"Ah, Inuyasha-sama! I was instructed to help Sesshomaru-sama get ready for this morning's breakfast! He has refuse to allow me to fix his hair up." The servant bowed.

"You're dismissed." Inuyasha mumbled. The servant hesitated before leaving. Inuyasha walked over and stood behind Sesshomaru as the younger brushed out his hair. "Always giving the servants trouble, huh?"

"I refuse to allow that thing to touch my hair." Sesshomaru grumbled. Inuyasha snatched the brush from Sesshomaru's hand. "Hey! Inuyasha-"

"Oh shut up." Inuyasha grumbled, brushing out the younger's hair. Sesshomaru stayed silent as he enjoyed his brother running the brush – and occasionally his fingers – through his silvery hair. "Do you know what this breakfast is for?"

"To celebrate my birthday, of course!" Sesshomaru said without missing a beat.

"It's the first step in choosing you a mate!" Inuyasha snapped. Sesshomaru froze and his eyes widened.

"Wh-What do you mean? A mate?"

"Yes." Inuyasha grumbled. Inuyasha slowly brought up his brother's hair into a bun. He pointed to the pins on the vanity desk and Sesshomaru grabbed the two long pins and handed them to Inuyasha Inuyasha stuck the two pins through the bun to keep the hair together. Inuyasha stepped back as his brother stood. He looked over the young dog demon with a sigh. Sesshomaru was wearing a red silk kimono. The obi was a darker blood red with golden trim. The sleeves of the kimono were long and covered Sesshomaru's hands has he let his arms hand limply at his side. Inuyasha pulled the necklace from his pocket and he grinned when Sesshomaru glared at him.

"That's mine!" Sesshomaru growled. Inuyasha snickered.

"Turn around, I'll put it on for you!"

Inutashio looked up from where he was currently sitting in the dinning room. He smiled as his sons came into the room. Sesshomaru sat to his left and Inuyasha sat to his right. "Gentlemen," Inutashio said firmly and got the attention of all the men in the room. The men consisted of Knights, Dukes, Lords and the lord's sons. "I know you most of you have come a long way just for this occasion. I'd like to present to you all my son, Sesshomaru." Inutashio looked at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru stood silently and bowed. He sat back down and hung his head. Inuyasha watched him silently then turned his attention to his father. Inuyasha looked over the men in the room. Most of them were ugly demon lords who only wanted something pretty for people to look at besides their ugly faces. The few demons in here that were tolerable to look at reeked with so much arrogance, it was disgusting.

Inuyasha picked out the few he thought would probably make it. It was Ryuu, the son of the dragon daiyoukai Ryukotsusei and the lord of the east; Naraku, a duke from somewhere in the north; Jura, a mercenary he'd seen from time to time; Ryura, a warlord from the south; and Gōka, a knight from the north.

Everyone else was nothing compared to these ominous looking suitors.

"To determine which one of you I shall allow to court my son," Inutashio paused in thought. He looked briefly at his oldest son who was giving off a lot of angry energy and to his youngest son who had his head bowed and had an air of submission around him. "I'll allow my son to choice which of you he liked best," Sesshomaru's head shot up and he looked at his father in surprise. Even Inuyasha looked at him in surprise. Inutashio grinned and looked at all the men that were gathered to gauge their reactions. Some of them were not happy.

"What if he chooses wrong? I mean he is still a pup! He'll most likely go after the one who is the pretties but may be the weakest!" One of the less important dukes of the east said. Inutashio raised an eyebrow.

"You just said that because you know if he's choosing, he'd not pick someone who looks like you," Gōka snorted. The important lords – or what Inuyasha dubbed as the "Real potential suitors" - Snorted in agreement to what Gōka had said.

"Why, you have some NERVE, you little shit!" the duke growled.

"Gentlemen!" Inutashio snapped. "I wish not to have any violence or nasty language in front of my son! Especially at the table!"

"Can we eat yet?" Inuyasha grumbled uninterestedly. Inutashio shot him a look.

"Since you're so worried about my son picking someone incapable of protecting him, I'll start my son off. Ryuu, Naraku Jura Ryura, and Gōka. Those are my choices."

"What? That's hardly fair!" One of the knights yelled. Inutashio's eyes flashed as he glared at the man.


"You said you'd allow your son to choose!"

"I will. This is still my kingdom and with my rules, what I say goes. If I choose for my son and then allow him to choose, you'll just have to accept it." Inutashio hissed dangerously low. The knight swallowed audibly and stayed silent. "Everyone else that I did not choose can kindly leave." The ones who had not been called grumbled angrily and left the dinning hall.

"Chichui-sama?" Sesshomaru asked quietly. Inutashio looked at his son and then sighed. He looked back at the remaining ones.

"Congratulations, you've just past step one." Inutashio grumbled as the food was brought in.

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