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Summary: Sesshomaru is the youngest son of Inutashio. He has finally come of age and many demons would like to court him, considering he was a born submissive. His older brother, Inuyasha, wants his brother for himself but his father won't allow it. He is using Sesshomaru to join one of the countries with his.

Warning: Yaoi, Mpreg, oc, incest, slight ooc characters.


My Brother's Keeper

Wait For Him


"My lord?" Sesshomaru turned his head slightly to regard the person calling him. It had been 5 years. 5 long years that he'd been waiting for him. 5 long dreadful years that he'd silently cry himself to sleep at night. 5 years of not eating right. 5 years of no social contact. 5 very long years. "My lord...You should come and eat..."

"This Sesshomaru will eat when he wants." Sesshomaru remarked coldly.

"My lord! He wouldn't want you to starve yourself! Inu-"

"You speak his name and I'll crush your throat!" Sesshomaru hissed. He had turned around, his eyes bleeding red and his claws glowing green and dripping with acid.

"I-I'm sorry my lord..." The servant left. Sesshomaru looked back out the window. He perked up a bit when he saw soldiers returning into the gate. With as much dignity as he could muster, he half sprinted out the room and down to greet the soldiers.


"My lord Sesshomaru!" One of the guards greeted and bowed. Sesshomaru nodded to him. He'd become much taller than the guards that once looked over him. Now it seemed he looked over them. He sighed lightly.

"Where is-" Sesshomaru froze. There he was. Body bloody and lifeless. What happened? He said that he was invincible! Why was he dead? No longer amber eyes stared at him with such a passion that rivaled the sun. Now they were dull and lifeless. Tanned skin no longer tan but the sickly pale, gray color corpses took on. His hair was no longer the finely white with threads of silver. It was just dull and messy.

"W-What happened to him? How did this happen?" Sesshomaru asked weakly. The guards frowned as the lord began to tremble.

"He did leave something behind. Actually two..." One of the guards said. "One is for you."

Sesshomaru barely heard what the guard said. He was too busy staring at Him. His protector, his provider, his rock. He was dead now. Stone cold dead. Sesshomaru's trembles increased as a small sob was released from his throat. He felt strong arms wrap around his waist from behind. He turned and buried his face into the neck of the person holding him. "How can he be dead? Its impossible!"

"Calm down, Sessh...Don't cry please..."

"Chichui-sama!" Sesshomaru keened. Inuyasha looked at the dead body of his father then looked away.

"We'll have a funeral later today." Inuyasha whispered to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru nodded.

"Inutashio has left his two swords, made from his very own fangs at death, to his sons." Inuyasha nodded. He held Sesshomaru's hand and squeezed it. "He leaves Inuyasha with Tetsusaiga! He leaves Sesshomaru with Tenseiga." Sesshomaru drowned out the person reading the will. He could never imagine life without his chichui-sama. Now he had no choice. Sesshomaru stared ahead at nothing as he remembered what his father's body looked like dead. What was it all for? To protect a human. Sesshomaru knew...Sesshomaru knew he was supposed to be born first. He looked at Inuyasha and felt an overwhelming amount of anger and resentment towards him. Sesshomaru was supposed to born first. Inuyasha was not supposed to be born at all.

Inuyasha was the result of an affair that Inutashio was having behind his mother's back. He'd hid her for 50 years. Until Sesshomaru's birth, no one knew about neither Inuyasha or Izaoyi. No one even knew that Inutashio had mated with the human which lengthened her life. That was the real reason Inutashio had went out. To protect his mistress. Died trying to save something that should have never existed. Sesshomaru growled lowly.

"You okay, Sessh?" Inuyasha asked with a frown. Sesshomaru looked up (When did he look down?) and noticed that everyone was staring at him in concern.

"I'm fine..." Sesshomaru grumbled. He shook Inuyasha's hand away and stood up and left the room.


As he stood outside, he took a calming breath. He couldn't be mad at Inuyasha for what Inutashio had done. It was in the past and it was nothing he could do about it. That did not stop him from hating humans in general now. Sesshomaru felt arms wrap around his waist and he sighed. He leaned back against his mate and looked up at him slightly. He looked back out at the setting sun. "Want one?" Sesshomaru looked at what Inuyasha was offering him. A sweet stick. Sesshomaru grabbed it and looked at Inuyasha with a frown. "You're not a baby anymore." Inuyasha said with a smile. Sesshomaru placed the stick in his mouth and stared back out at the sky.

"Thanks..." He guessed he could be content with just one Lord. Sesshomaru smiled lightly. He placed a hand on his stomach. And a pup too. He felt Inuyasha's hand cover his own.

"Did you think of some names yet?" Inuyasha asked.

"Amato?" Sesshomaru asked. Inuyasha chuckled.

"Is that because it was raining when you conceived?" Sesshomaru shrugged.

"I don't know...I like it..."

"Me too..." Inuyasha placed his chin on Sesshomaru's shoulder and sighed. "I love you Sessh."

"I love you too, Inuyasha..." Sesshomaru whispered.

Sorry guys! No lemons this last chapter. I wanted to leave an opening for what happens in the sequel. Thank you guys for reading! And thanks for all the support! :D

Ama = Rain

To = Male

Yeah...I couldn't find any names for males that meant rain or water so I kinda meshed these two together to make it work. Hehe.

By the way in the earlier chapter, since I forgot, A Runko Stick is a sweet stick with green sweet jelly that I made up on the spot because I couldn't think of a name of something sweet that would have been already created during this time period. o-o