I don't own Naruto, X-men, or anything else, this is the final installment of my xmen trilogy, Naruto and the Xmen, X-2 Weapons, and Echoes Trinity.

A 15 year old Naruto was walking toward the Hokage tower with his gennin team, team 7, consisting of a 14 year old Sakura Haruno, a 14 year old Sasuke Uchiha and thier Jounin instructor Hatake Kakashi.

As they were walking Naruto had a smile on his face and thought "I am really tired of this place. Ever since I got my alternate future memories from Reload I have lived in this village somewhat...They really have no idea who or what I REALLY am...though there are times even I don't know who I am...I feel...tired." as his smile slipped off his face for a moment.

As the group entered the Hokage office Naruto forced the smile back on his face and glanced at the Sandaime and thought "You by far, are one of my greatest disappointments. Honestly believing my act of being a happy go lucky idiot with all the crap I had to moderately deal with...unfortinately the idiots here don't know that I have memories of a lot worse then they can do from people who actually had something to hate me for and that was being a mutant...also it's unfortinate for them that I'm an Omega level mutant...Maybe soon I'll show them who they are REALLY messing with."

Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sandaime Hokage of Konoha said "Ah, team 7, how can I help you today."

Kakashi said "We are here to get a mission Hokage-sama." as he continued to read his Icha Icha Paradise book without looking up.

Hiruzen said "Very well...Hmm, here we go, a D-rank mission...It seems that Tora, the Fire Lords wife's cat has escaped from his master again and the Fire Lords wife is offering a reward for her safe return. Here is a scroll with the mission details in them."

Naruto thought "Great, I hate that cat. I know that cat isn't what it appears to be."

Kakashi took the scroll and said "Come on team, let's go."

2 hours later

Naruto was glaring at the cat in his hands and thought "I hate you. I could so easily drain you of your life force and kill you."

Tora thought back "Bite me, you can't touch me or else the fire lords cat would order you killed or without revealing your true self."

Naruto frowned and thought "So how did you do it this time."

Tora thought "I hid in the trash bags as they were being taken out...so when is the great Echo going to show the world who he really is."

Naruto was quite a moment and thought "I don't know...strange how everyone here can't figue out I'm not who I appear to be but you have."

Tora thought back "I only know because I saw your bingo book entry and saw enough about you to link the 2 together...damn it, you distracted me you bastard." as he turned around and sliced Naruto in the face who screamed "Damn you stupid cat." as he held Tora by the scruff of his neck and rubbed his face with his free hand.

A scream of "My poor baby." was heard making Naruto and Tora wince as Tora was grabbed from Naruto hands by the Fire Lords wife who proceeded to hug the poor cat to death.

Naruto smirked and thought "Until next time...Old friend."

Tora thought back as he was squeezed "Go fuck Sasuke you bastard."

As the Fire Lords wife began to leave a board she stepped on suddenly came flying up and would have hit her right in the face had poor Tora not been in her arms being hugged...unfortinately for Tora he got hit right across the nose by the board.

The fire lords wife said "Oh my poor Tora, are you alright." in worry before she turned to glare at the Sandaime and said "Look what has happened to my poor Tora. You should use that money I just paid and have the nails in this office renailed." as Tora moaned in pain and glared at Naruto who was trying to hide his smirk.

The Fire Lords wife heard Sasuke voice say "It wasn't the nails, it was your fat ass that broke the board."

The Fire Lords wife's eyes widen and she turned to Sasuke and said "Well I never. You should teach this peasant proper respect for a beautiful woman like myself." confusing almost everyone in the office as she stomped out of the office.

Sasuke said in a confused voice "What's her problem." and Naruto thought "Suckers."

The Sandaime shook his head and said "Anyways, your next mission is..."

Naruto having read the Sandaime's thoughts said "No, I don't want any babysitting missions, or weeding any more gardens, or painting any fences. I want a real mission...and don't start with me Iruka-sensei, I know what your going to say as I remember all your boring speeches back at the accademy and I know how important D-rank missions are but if you really wanted to give experience you would have accademy students do them to teach them to be better at team work so that way we would have more then 9 people who graduate every year. Now give us a better mission, even if it's just a simple body guard mission."

The Sandaime said "Kakashi, do you think your team is ready for a C-rank mission."

Kakashi said "Hmm...you say something...Yes, I believe that a C-rank mission would do them some good." not looking up from his book.

Hiruzen nods and grab a scroll and pushed chakra into a seal and said "Send him in."

The side door opened and a drunk looking older male walked in and the Sandaime said "This man is Tazuna, a bridge builder from the land of Waves. Your mission is to protect him until he get's back to his country and guard him until he finishes his bridge."

Tazuna looked at Team 7 and said "What is this, I paid good money for a bunch of brats." and thought "I'm going to be responsible for the deaths of children...But I have no choice, if I die then Gato will kill everyone in my country."

Naruto eye twitched and said "You know, for a man who is suppose to need protection, you show lousy respect for the people who are assigned to protect you. Maybe you should tell us what your afraid of before risking the lives of brat's."

Tazuna frowned and said "Just bandits and thieves." and thought "And who ever else Gato can pay to kill me."

Kakashi closed his book and said "Don't badger the client Naruto. Tazuna, is there any other business you need to take care of before your ready to go."

Tazuna shook his head no and Kakashi said "Alright then, Team 7, meet at the front gates in 1 hour and bring anything you feel you will need. Tazuna, if you would wait for us there in 1 hour we will be ready to get you back home."

Tazuna nods and Kakashi left in a swirl of leaves and the 3 gennins of team 7 quickly left.

An hour later Naruto walked up to the gates of Konoha where Sasuke and Sakura were already standing and Sakura said "Where's your supplies baka, sensei told us to get everything we need.."

Kakashi who came walking up with Tazuna at that moment interupted Sakura rant and said "Is everyone ready to go."

Sakura said "Baka here doesn't have his..."

Naruto said "Sealing scrolls Sakura-chan." stopping Sakura rant.

Sakura blinked and said "What."

Naruto pulled out a scroll from his pocket and said "I bought sealing scrolls so that way I wouldn't have to have a big pack that would get in my way if we got attacked or something." causing Sasuke to grunt and think "Why didn't I think of that." while Sakura frowned and thought "Oh no, the baka made me look like an idiot in front of Sasuke-kun."

Kakashi eye smiled and said "That was very smart of you Naruto...Now is everyone ready to go."

Seeing everyone nod Kakashi said "Well then let's get going."