The Sandaime Hokage was doing paperwork in his office when an ANBU in a cat mask appeared in his office and said in a female voice "Hokage-sama, I'm afraid there's been an...incident."

Hiruzen frowned and said "What kind of incident Neko."

Neko shifted nervously and said quitely "Damn short straw." before clearing her throat and said louder "It appears that a double murder suicide has happened Hokage-sama."

The Sandaime blinked and said "Who are the victims."

Neko said "Homaru-sama, Koharu-sana, and Danzo-sama."

The Sandaime's eyes widen and he said "This better not be a prank Neko."

Neko said "It's not sir. It appears that Danzo walked in Koharu and Homaru being...intimate. I don't know how sir but somehow Danzo got his hands on some of Orochimaru mokuton experiments and had an arm with the mokuton ability grafted to his also appears that it had several Sharingan implanted in it and Danzo used the Mokuton ability to kill Homaru and Koharu and then used it on himself."

Hiruzen frowned and said "Are you sure he used it on himself of could it be that he lost control of this arm and it destroyed him."

Neko said "Either possibility is possible at this moment Hokage-sama but Ibiki-sama hadn't determined which when he sent me here to inform you."

Hiruzen sighed and said "Very well, leave me Neko and tell Ibiki to handle this matter...delicately. I need some time to decide on this matter."

Neko bowed and shushined away.

After Neko was gone Hiruzen frowned and thought "I thought Homaru was unable to have sex...and did you really kill them in a jelous rage Danzo or did you lose control of yourself...It's just another reminder that the world is passing me by."

As Neko appeared on the street where Ibiki was standing looking at the home of Koharu and Homaru a figure with greyish hair was sitting on a park bench playing a game of chess and said "Can you believe people these days Raven. Really, can't even control thier own bodies."

A woman now identified as Raven who was playing the man in the game of chess said "I can believe it Eric. It's seems that all it takes it to throw off a bodies natural signals with a little magnetism and they lose all control of themselves...better then having a heart attack at least."

Eric said "I suppose so, though a heart attack is less noticable. I wonder how far the noise bounces these days."

Raven said "As long as there is silence, noise will appear...check mate."

Eric said "So it's seems, so it seems. Shall we."

Raven nods and both got up and began to walk away.

2 months later Ibiki appeared in front of the Sandaime and said "Sir, we've recieved a report of something about the size of a house flying toward Konoha."

The Sandaime blinked and said "What exactly is it that is flying Ibiki."

Ibiki said "We are unsure sir. The reports said it looks like a gaint boulder sort of but it look metal like."

The Sandaime frowned and said "Which direction is it heading from."

Ibiki said "South Hokage-sama."

The Sandaime said "Very well, inform all ANBU and Jounin to be prepared on the south walls in case this is an attack of some sort. Have all Chunnin and gennin get ready to evacuate the civilians in case of an attack but do not make the civilians aware of this until we know for sure this is an attack. Go."

After Ibiki was gone the Sandaime thought "There are several ninja with the ability to fly but the last to use any sort of metal was the Sandaime Kazekage who had the iron sand bloodline...unless it's something similar to the air glider suits the hidden air village had." as he quickly got his battle uniform on and slipped on his Hokage robes over it and shushined to the south wall.

When he got there he saw over 3 dozen ninja on the walls and he said "Report." as he saw Ibiki appear next to him.

Ibiki said "Our reports say the object is slowing down which is how we were able to get information on it as quickly as we did. Estimates are that it will arrive within the next 5 minutes and...Sir look, there in the distance."

Hiruzen looked and in the distance could see a metalic looking object flying above the trees heading toward Konoha.

Suddenly the object flew high into the air as it got closer before decending quickly as it approached the walls.

Several shouts of fear or warning was heard as people jumped back from the front gate where the object looked like it was about to crash when it suddenly stopped even with the top of the wall and the metal began to ripple before running down itself like water causing all the ninja including the Sandaime to blink.

The Sandaime blinked again as he notice several people he recognised and said "Tsunade, Kakashi...what's going on, what is that...thing your in." as the metal formed a long walkway that connected with the wall and Tsunade said "Hello sensei. We need to talk, privately." as he glanced at the ninja on the wall.

Hiruzen said "Why is a gennin from team Gai with you Kakashi and who are the other individuals with you that I don't recognise."

Kakashi who was reading his book said "Hm, you say something...Sorry Hokage-sama but I think that all questions would be better off talked to you in private."

Hiruzen said "I see...then meet me in my office. ANBU, escort our guest here to my office." as he took one more glance at the group before shushining away.

10 minutes later the door to the Sandaime's office opened and Hiruzen saw all the individuals who were in the metal cacoon walk in and he said "Now would someone explain to me what is going on here."

Tsunade stepped forward and said "The question you should be asking sensei is do I want myself and my family disgraced for the crimes I have commited."

Hiruzen frowned and said "What are you talking about Tsu...what is that." as he saw Tsunade holding up a scroll."

Tsunade said "In this scroll is copy of proof that Minato Namikaze was in fact the son of Nawaki Senju. That he was born with sperm taken from my brothers dead body on your orders and performed by Orochimaru which is where he also got the samples for his experimentation on the people of Konoha that created ANBU Dragon. I also have here copies of your orders for Itachi about the Uchiha massacre. The originals are hidden in a trusted allies hands and will go public unless I give the all clear message."

Hiruzen paled as he looked at Tsunade and looked at the other people in the room and Naruto said "I wouldn't do it. The seal under your desk won't work because it's already been changed while you were distracted at the village walls so the only person that will be knocked out is you."

Hiruzen frowned and said "That was a distraction to draw me out of my office."

Naruto said "And for a few of our allies to sneak into the village another way and prepare for our extraction if we have to fight our way out."

Hiruzen pursed his lips and said "What do you want."

Tsunade said "You will step down as Hokage and take up the position of elder after handing the title of Hokage to me, after all, we did have to pull a few strings to take care of those 3 triators for you."

Hiruzen eyes widen and said "You were responsible for the elders and Danzo death."

Naruto said "After what they have been doing behind your back I think you should be thanking us...after all." as he extended his wrist blades and said "How do you think the people of Konoha would react to learning the son of the Yondaime Hokage along with other children had been experimented on by grafting several bloodlines that were stolen from others who had been kidnap from their families so they could become lab rats. Especially after they find out about your involvement in my fathers birth with your favorite student Orochimaru whose still was being supported by the elders even after you let him get away. You notice the girl here who looks like that girl on team 9. This is her twin sister who was kidnap for such an experimentation so they could see if she had her grandfathers bloodline and when it turned out she didn't they used her for other experiments."

Hiruzen eyes widen as he now notice the differences between cache and Tenten and said in a sadder tone "I see...So you want to take over as Hokage Tsunade. Why."

Tsunade said "I'm not doing it for you or for the people of Konoha. I am doing it for my family and the unfortinate victims of Konoha treachery I have found. I plan to bring the survivors here to Konoha where they will be allowed to start a new life as well as reveal the fact the Kyuubi is dead now. I am going to fix the village the way it should have been had you not betrayed my families teachings and started treating the people as pawns to be used for power instead of family. You are going to agree with the changes I make or I will reveal everything I have discovered you and the elders have doen which will disgrace yours and thier family so bad that they will be treated worst then my great nephew here has been. Do you understand me sensei."

Hiruzen frowned and said "What choice do I have."

Tsunade said "None. If you try to attack us, arrest us, or try and betray us our allies who are outside of the village will learn within a short amount of time and will instantly spread the word across the elemental nation where Konoha will look even worse then the bloody mist and you and your family will be seen as monsters worse then Orochimaru who could be said was only following orders like a good ninja."

Hiruzen sighed and said "That won't be necessary Tsunade...I'll agree to what ever you want...just don't hurt my family."

Tsunade said "I protect yours, you protect mine."

Hiruzen nods and looked at Naruto who said "Your a good man Jiji, you just made a bunch of bad decisions. The needs of the many may outweight the needs of the few...but as Hokage you were responsible for EVERYONE. Not just the majority but the minority as well."

Hiruzen said "When did you become so wise Naruto."

Naruto said "When the seals holding my memories locked away were released as well as the seals that were made to make me weakers were removed. Tsunade spent most of the last couple of months helping me to recover as well as a few other things on top of helping us with our mission that became an A-rank."

Hiruzen eyes widen and Tsunade said "Since I'm taking over and was there, you don't have to worry about a debriefing."

Hiruzen frowned and said "I'm still Hokage Tsunade."

Tsunade said "Not after you wake back up." before she punched Hiruzen right in the face causing him to fly back and him the wall knocked out.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and Tsunade said "Damn, that felt good."

Naruto said "So you got to punch him now and basically told him your the top dog...what now."

Tsunade smirked and said "I am so glad Cache told us how to keep you out of our heads. As for now, I need you to become sensei and have ANBU call a village meeting. Shizune, take sensei to the side room along with the others."

Naruto walked over and put his hand on Hiruzen head and a few moments later his looks changed to looked exactly like Hiruzen.

Shizune and Rogue walked over and picked up Hiruzen and took him out of the room and 'Hiruzen' said "Ready."

Tsunade nods and the next moment a pair of ANBU appeared from the seal 'Hiruzen' just activated under the desk and Hiruzen said "I have an important announcement to make to the village. I want everyone assembled in front of the tower in 20 minutes. No exceptions."

The ANBU quickly left and Tsunade said "I guess all we can do is wait now."

Hiruzen pulled out a pipe and a pink book and Tsunade said "Move either of those closer to you face and I'll break what makes you a man. After all you could always have children as a woman."

Both the pipe and the book went into the trash can and Hiruzen said "HELL. NO."

20 minutes later, Hiruzen and Tsunade both walked out on the balcony over looking the people of Konoha and 'Hiruzen' said "People of Konoha, I have called you all here today for several reasons...the first reason is that after many years of service, I feel it is time that I pass the torch for my 2nd and final time."

Many eyes widen and Hiruzen said "I have chosen my successor as your Godaime Hokage to be none other then Tsunade Senju."

Tsunade stepped forward and said "As your Godaime Hokage I will continue the legacy that my grandfather and grand uncle started as well as the one my nephew, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage continued."

Everyone's eyes widen with several gasp and Tsunade saw this and said "That's right, Minato Namikaze was in fact the son of my younger brother Nawaki Senju but was given his mothers name to protect him. Sensei here hid who he really was because durring the time of his birth, my family was being targetted trying to weaken Konoha. It was felt that for his safety that his real identity would be hidden from everyone but those who needed to know...just like Minato's 2 children were given thier mother's name since any enemies Minato had like Iwa would have target them if they knew who they really were...but there is also something else that was hidden...sensei, if you would."

Hiruzen stepped forward and said "15 years ago, I created a series of lies to protect the village due to the fact Konoha was weakened at that time...the first lie was the Kyuubi did not appear randomly as you were led to believe. You see, each of the bijuu were originally sealed away by the Shodaime Hokage of Konoha and in order to bring peace he gave 8 of them away to other villages so they could be used as weapons to protect thier villages. The other villages instead wanted to use them as weapons of war called Jinchuuriki...and unfortinately 15 years ago a set of traitors to Konona released the Kyuubi from where it was sealed here in Konoha in order to force the Yondaime Hokage who was also our greatest sealmaster to create a Jinchuuriki they had hoped to be able to manipulate into becoming the ultimate weapon...Thier plan almost worked except Minato was able to seal the Kyuubi away in a new location which only I have known all these years...but I had to make it appear the traitors plan worked and told everyone that the Kyuubi was sealed into the Yondaime's son in order to draw out the triators even though it was a lie. A decision that I have regretted ever since that day. That's right, Naruto Uzumaki is in fact the son of the Yondaime Hokage but is not the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi."

Gasp and looks of guilt and horror appeared on many peoples faces.

Tsunade stepped forward and said "All of the traitors involved in this conspiracy but 2 have been captured and executed thanks to the trap that my great nephew Naruto was used to help draw out and in doing so we found many unfortinate victims of experimentation where people with bloodlines all across the elemental nation had been kidnapped and had thier bloodlines studies, disected, or stolen...I hate to think how many victims we were unaware of because of these traitors. As my first act as Hokage I have offered the victims who were either locked away for future research by these victims or had been experimented on a chance to start a new life here in Konoha and many of them have accepted. I hope that the people of Konoha who mistreated my great nephew Naruto will learn from thier mistakes and not treat these people with such hate and disrespect...especially since I have been given the blessing of Sasuke Uchiha to allow these people to become Konoha police force so they may intergrate into our village and have an income to support themselves and he has graciously offered the Uchiha district for them to live in since it is more then one person can handle."

Hiruzen stepped forward and said "I am taking up the position of elder to help advice Tsunade and I have agreed with her on these decisions. The actions of a few traitors will not become a stain on Konoha honor. Anyone who tries to abuse these people or treat them with the ignorance that I allowed with Naruto in order to draw out the traitors in the past will be met with the same punishment as the traitors themself. This is my final decree as the Sandaime Hokage. It's time Konoha remembers the Will of Fire that made us strong and what it means to be citizens and ninja of Konoha. It is also time the council remembers that you are advisors to the Hokage and the only power you have is the power the Hokage allows you to have. This is a military dictatorship, not a democracy. You have a problem with that. Now that I don't have to pretend to be a weak old feeble minded idiot in order to draw out those traitors I'll show you exactly why I am consider the god of shinobi. A ninja doesn't reach my age by luck. I'll put a boot in your ass, the Shinobi way." as he unleashed some KI causing many to gasp and also causing them to respect the Sandaime more and remember exactly WHY he was Hokage.

Tsunade placed her hand on Hiruzen shoulder who stopped and Tsunade said "People can only grow with change. Without change the world becomes stagnent and decays. For Konoha to prosper even greater then it has ever before then we have to change and strive for greatness. As the Godaime Hokage I will see to it that Konoha changes for the better and the lives of our people will reach a level envied by the rest of the people in the elemental nation as they will look at us and see that we are the greatest ninja village. This is my pledge as the Godaime Hokage of Konoha to you."

People began to cheer hearing Tsunade words and both Hiruzen and her stepped back and Tsunade said "Put a boot in thier ass...really." as she raised an eyebrow.

Hiruzen said "What can I say, I have a flare for dramatics."

Tsunade shook her head and said "After placing a memory of what happened in sensei head I want you to head to the Uchiha district and start setting things up. The brotherhood and the X-men will be arriving."

Hiruzen said "By your command Tsunade-bachan."

The next moment, Hiruzen was flying through the air without chakra or powers.

Tsunade blinked and looked to her right and saw Naruto with his hand over his eyes and he was giving a low whistle and said "Damn, talk about distance."

Tsunade frowned and said "You replaced yourself with sensie at the last moment, didn't you."

Naruto said "Temperary amnesia is easier to explain the discrency he will have when we give him the fake memories."

Tsunade shook her head and said "Get the others and go. I got a massive headache coming from the council, I just know it."

Naruto changed into a magic 8 ball and Tsunade picked it up and read Certian is this causing Tsunade to throw the 8 ball as hard as she could as her eyebrow twitched.