Kaizoku no Ko!
One Piece (c) Oda-sensei!


"Are you sure this is going to work….?"

"Of course! Mugiwara-boy do you underestimate my abilities?"

"God just do it already!"

"Quiet swordsman-boy! I'm concentrating. Three.. Two.. One! Emporio Onna Hormone!"


- 9 months later; April 17th-

"A-a boy! Shishishi!"

"A new member of our crew huh? Zoro! Don't think I'm lowering your dept because of this!"

"God damn women."

"Ahahaha the stupid marimo is a father! A father!"

"Shut up curly brow."

"Oi… Guys don't fight you'll scare the baby…"

"Shut up long nose."



"Yeah, Luffy?"

"His name is going to be Roronoa D. Katsu! Okay?"

"Yeah. That name is nice."

- An hour later -

"Hahah congradulations Mugiwara boy-… girl!"

"Iva-san! Turn me back now. I can't be a pirate queen!"

"Okay okay! Emporio Oto Hormone!"

"Shishishishi! Yosha! I'm back to normal!"

- 17 years later; April 17th -

A young man leaned against the railing, looking down into the blue clear waters below. He watched small fish swim around and splash. He smiled down at them and sighed out of boredom. He looked up at the sky and frowned. When was an adventure going to be revealed to him?

All they did was lounge around in the 'most dangerous' sea in the world. The teen wondered if his straw hat wearing Papa would come and play a game with him. Or maybe one of his uncles! While he was deep in thought, he was touched on the shoulder by someone aboard the ship.

The young man turned around to be greeted by his Father. He smiled up idiotically at the green haired swordsman. The man put his hand on the boy's head and smirked lightly back down at him.

"What's so interesting about the water eh Katsu?" Zoro asked his son. Katsu continued his smile and snickered.

"Noothing! I'm just super oober bored since you guys won't bring me on any of the islands! It isn't fair Father! I'm totally as strong as you or Papa now! Promise!" He said to his father.

All Katsu got in a response was a smirk and a nod of the head. That basically meant 'Hell no. You ain't coming with us till your older.' in Zoro language. Katsu crossed his arms and preformed his famed pout.

Zoro just gave him a small smile and went off to sleep or something like that.

Katsu was left there all bored like and miserable. He decided to go and bother someone else... maybe he'd find Papa or someone fun.

Katsu scratched his cheek as he thought where his Papa would be. Usually the straw hat wearing pirate would be out on deck, playing or screwing around with Usopp and Chopper. Katsu set off to find his Papa and see if he could play with him.

He walked into the kitchen to almost get hit with a frying pan to the face. He held him hands above his head and let a shriek. Sanji, the ship's lady loving cook, had pulled away the frying pan to see little Katsu all afraid that he'd get hit. "Oh, sorry 'bout that Katsu-kun." The blond said to the young pirate. Katsu nodded his head and smiled hesitantly. He slowly backed out of the kitchen and ran off to the lounge area.

Unfortunately for Katsu, he was often mistaken for his Papa because of his body structure and hair. Katsu had green eyes like his Father, so there was a difference between Luffy and his son.

The door creaked as Katsu opened it to the lounge. He found Uncles Usopp, Chopper, and Franky.

Katsu was about to leave when he heard something crash to the ground with a thump and a straw hat roll across the floor. He picked up the fragile hat and walked around the poll that blocked him from seeing the man he expected. There on the floor laid Monkey D. Luffy, looking as idiotic and fun - loving as ever.

Katsu smiled brightly at his Papa and knelt down so he was level with his Papa's face.

"Oi! Papa! Ooooi! You alive?" He said with a cheery voice as held onto the hat tightly. Luffy sat up straight and smiled hugely at his son. "Yo Katsu!" He said in his average excited voice. Katsu smiled back at his father.

Katsu was about to say something about playing with him, when a huge blast was heard in the water outside. The guys in the lounge immediately shot up and started to run out the stopped at the door and pointed at Katsu.

"Don't go outside!" He shouted at his son before disappearing out the door with the rest. Katsu booed at him and crossed his arms in pouting again.

"Damn it! You guys always take the best parts! I'm going to fight for myself today!" He shouted to no one in particular. Katsu then stood up and ran after them.

He then saw there was a marine ship attacking them and his Papa was currently fending off many marines at once. Katsu looked around and found his Father only using his favorite white handled smiled and ran straight up to his Father and slipped out the two other swords.

"Wha- Oi! Katsu!" Zoro shouted after his son.

Katsu had learned how to steal from Auntie Nami and how to read from Auntie was pretty well rounded in all of the ship's aspects. He even learned how to play the flute from Uncle Brook!

However, his fighting skills came straight from his Papa and Father. Father taught him how to use swords and Papa taught him how to fight empty handed. Katsu was going to own them all with these two swords!


As Katsu was going to attack the marines, he fell right off of the edge of the boat and into the deep water. Katsu was never taught how to swim and he started to sink in the water. The last thing Katsu heard was a splash and his Father screaming his name.

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