Kaizoku No Ko!

One Piece (c) Oda-senseii


"Hahaha Aye. You lead Katsu-kun!"


Katsu's eyes grew fierce and his got back into his fighting position, facing all of the marines. He had a confident, yet still playful smile plastered on his face and a glint in his eyes that showed he was serious.

Katsu moved his head slowly as he watched the marines, as if to take out their weaknesses and strengths. His dark, dark green eyes scanned each man that was in direct sight, but he knew that there were a least fifty more hiding within the bushes.

With a single movement, Katsu launched into battle attacking the first man he saw.

The pirate child smashed the man down with a single punch and swung a heavy round house kick to another. He couldn't hear anything other than his heart racing and the blood pumping through his head. It was as if the world had stopped and went into slow motion as he fought.

Each person was easy to knock down and possibly , Katsu refrained from killing a single man, but instead injuring them quite severely.

He saw a blur, a single blur that whipped past him. The green eyed pirate froze and time seemed to catch up once more.

The pirate king's son then was struck on the back side of the head with a blunt weapon. Within a moment, he fell to the ground unconscious.

Sabo turned around after hearing a sickening sound. He tried to run to find the teen, but he was stopped by a sudden mob of marines attacking him from all ends. There was at least fifty marines surrounding him and tackling him to the ground. Some how he was open on his stomach and he was shot in the stomach, making him fall to the ground in pain.

"We have safely secured Roronoa D. Katsu, bounty of 200,000,000 berris and Sabo, bounty of -"

Before anymore was said, the blond fell into a dark void called unconsciousness.

He woke up to a pain throbbing in his neck, and his brain pounding in his skull. His blurry vision made out another older figure in the corner and… a prison cell? He sat up, wincing at the pain in every inch of his body.

His vision finally cleared and he looked at the blond man, huddled in the corner. Roronoa… D…. Katsu… that's right, that was his name. Memory loss? No way… would he never forget his papa or father or his newly found uncle Sabo, but he did forget how he ever got here. How he got chained up and what was this…?

Sea stone handcuffs?

But he didn't have a devil's fruit did he? Did he? Katsu squirmed over to Sabo and nudged the man.

"Um… Uncle….. Sabo?"

"Mmmmhm…. Leave me alone Luffy. I'm trying to sleep."

"I-it's… Katsu…"

"Go bother Ace…"

'Ace? Who's that?' Katsu thought.

"I'm Katsu! Luffy's SON!"He hissed sharply into Sabo's ear, causing him to jolt up and grimace in pain.

The pirate child looked at his uncle in panic and saw that he was bleeding badly. He bit his lip and closed his eyes for a moment. Okay… so what did Uncle Chopper tell him what to do?Aaaaaah~ He should've paid more attention while the reindeer was teaching him how to treat wounds when father got hurt.

It was… oh…. oh! Pressure on the wound! Yes, yes!

Katsu moved his hands and pressed down on Sabo's wound, causing him to wince in pain.

Katsu blinked and shook his head. No, this wound was already… healing! The green eyed pirate removed the cloth around the side of Sabo and saw that it was literally healing quicker than he thought.

"W-what the hell? How is your wound healing like this?"

"It wasn't earlier… It just started to heal… after you pressed on it…"


The pirate child looked dumbfounded as he sat there, trying to figure how the hell he did that. After he applied pressure? Was that all was needed?


That shouldn't be right though, since wounds take lots of time to heal and he just put pressure on it a few seconds ago.

The pirate child looked back at the wound to see he was completely healed. His eyes widened and he poked Sabo's side to see that his uncle didn't even wince or anything. He tilted his head in a confused manner and just stared down at the place where the wound once was.

"Katsu… You didn't know did you?"

"Know what?"

"Leave it to Luffy to not tell you… Katsu, you have something that no one else has."

"Like what?"

"How do I explain this…? Aha… It was about 10 years ago now… huh…"

-To be Continued-

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