Roused Story Trailer

Prince Phillip, his face stubbled, his plate armor dirty and dented, lit by firelight. "The fairies kept Aurora hidden from Maleficent for 16 years and I get lead straight to her following my own boots."

Phillip and Briar Rose dancing, her forest friends tangled in his clothes to one side.

Aurora speaking as we see her trying to get her hand free of Phillip. "He was the prince from my dreams. I was so confused."

King Leonard of Corona. "But something went wrong."

Flora the Fairy drags Aurora, in the blue fairy dress, out of her cottage bedroom "Come, we must get you to the castle before your young man arrives. Oh, this is terrible. Why did you ever speak to him?".

The cottage windows and door slam shut on the blue birthday cake with the candles burned down.

"They want you to come." King Leonard of Corona says to Rapunzel.

Overfly the forest.

"She was supposed to be safe with the fairies. She faced Maleficent in her own bedroom. It wasn't supposed to be like this." Queen Leah pleads sitting on a small bed in a candlelit room.

Queen Leah has Aurora's head, who is lying down, taking a massive breath, between her hands and yells "Aurora! You're home! You're safe! I love you!"

"It was so hard to keep you alive." Merryweather the Fairy pleads.

Aurora weeping into Rapunzel's bosom. "Fairies took everything from me. You know Pain. Help me. Please."

Overfly King Stefan's castle.

Aurora speaking harshly, "I wanted to touch the spindle, impale myself on it, hoping it might kill me and make all the pain go away."

Queen Rebecca of Corona is holding herself up on a table as Queen Leah sits nearby, "We are all still alive. There is still hope. And we will get through even this."

"But how?" asks Queen Leah.

"Because they are our daughters and we are their mothers. And I'll be damned if I let something like this take my daughter away from me!"

Flyover the Forbidden Mountain, there are goons everywhere.

"Wait!" Queen Rebecca calls.

"No! I waited 16 years for her to come home, not knowing where she was, trying to keep a curse at bay. I know where she is now and I am going to bring her home!" Queen Leah states fiercely, in a fancy red dress. The castle behind her.

Aurora and Rapunzel run through the forest as animals and birds surrounding them.

"How dare you endanger the girl." Aunt Fauna focused and angry, her sleeves rolled up.

"She feeds and she breeds." The goon hisses.

A massive sphere of green magic emanates from the Forbidden Mountain.

Aurora's Vocalization to call her forest friends.

Author's Note: Maleficent and the Broken Princess was a story holder. A knife in the ground to anchor myself as I was finishing Rapunzel Goes Home. A way to not forget about Briar Rose and the terrible, horrifying things that happened to her in Sleeping Beauty.

You can't see this stuff as a child. As an adult why would you even look. Sleeping Beauty is a happy little princess movie, it doesn't need any brain power expended on it, at the end the prince and the princess are together with her parents in her castle, everything is good, right?


The Princess Aurora was hurt in unimaginable ways in Sleeping Beauty. How could she have a happy ending after what happened to her?

The princess needs saving and I must do that, and I couldn't do it alone. Belle couldn't do it, the pain of losing her true love was awful, but not terrible enough. Aurora needs Rapunzel, the only other princess who lived inside a lie. A Sleeping Beauty and Tangled crossover is needed.

Go read: Roused.