Takes place after four years TDTESS(2008) please be patient with me this has been a while since I have written and just saw the movie recently. A little AU cause electricity isn't out like the movie ended. This is a Klaatu/ Helen fic so enjoy

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12 signs

Chapter 1: Introduction

Dr Helen Benson switched between documenting her findings on the pc and looking at the microscope with great interest the molecules were reacting well to the solution in the slide. The artificial light illuminating her pale features as she continued to recorded her findings. Her fellow colleagues passed carrying more slides comfortable silence was suddenly lifted as a young intern came running from a separate lab.

" Dr. Benson there is call from your son he says its important he is on line two." She sighed "Thank you Ms. Simon can you have Dr. Meckson to come look at this when he comes in later and please clear my station for me."The young intern smiled sweetly at her supervisor her brown hair tied in a bun her gray eyes warm and friendly " Yes Doctor, just let me place these folders in the Dr Yamanka's drop box and I'll get to it. See you tomorrow" Helen nodded a farewell at her, she slipped off her plastic gloves in a trash can near her work station she placed her goggles in the decontamination shelf as she made her way to the door.

After washing her hands she looked at her watch it read 6:23 she groaned tiredly ' Jacob is gonna kill me' rubbing her eyes exiting to the hall way decoration like tinsel and Christmas lighs hangint from the walls as she briskly walked down some nameless corridors to where her personal office was nodded greetings at other workers along the way.

Shutting the stainless steal door the sounds of the outside shut out her office was quite peaceful she longed to sit on the futon sofa that was lined up on far right wall and rest. Her office was fairly large with gray walls , random items and plants dropped around the area adding her person touch to it.

A picture of her friend Professor Barnhardt standing together as she was presented with her own noble prize she was the second youngest person in her field to receive the prestigious award.

Another one of herself holding on too her 11 year old son Jacob smiling his dark eyes looking so joyful nothing from the little 9 year old that was angry a few years back.

She walked around to her desk to her personal phone " Hello mom took you long enough" a baritone voice said she could make out a young boys laughter in the background. Sam must be over again' "Hi Sweetie sorry I am late ill be there in 20 minutes I am just leaving the office now." She looked down at the clutter on her desk and she tried to remember where she placed her purse and keys.

Another chorus of laughing eruppted the sound of someone shuffling, rough housing was definitely taking place. She smiled when she heard the winded sound of her son reply "Yeah mom love you be careful the forecast just came on that there is some early snow fall on the highway".

Helen smiled alittle "Alright just try not to break anything before I get there I would hate to make a trip to the hospital on Christmas Eve that place is busy enough at this time of year as it is .And Jac tell Sam to remember to call his mother and tell her he is over again."

Sam was her next door neighbors son, his single parent Jane was an RN was working double shift again. Since the recent death of her husband a couple of months back Jane had to work a lot to make ends meet. Helen didn't mind Sam he was a sweet kid same age as Jacob and she understood how hard it was to be single mom herself.

"Alright mom see you soon bye" the line went dead.

She rubbed her eyes and reached into the bottom d draw grabbing her purse opening the pocket in it and retrieved her keys.

Helen walked towards the door slipped out of lab coat placing onto the hook and continued make her way to the employee exit her id card in one hand.

She swiped her id card in the door lock swooshed allowing her to push open, the door swinging out as she walked in the parking lot down the row of park cars to her silver car.

The same one she made her escapes in with a certain dark handsome alien who will remain nameless …


Her mind supplied her with a name in an instant she groaned again at her minds train of thoughts that went along with said name.

Images, memories of that time it felt like so long ago flashed in front of her eyes.

**** Flash back****

Klaatu in his black business suit sitting in a crowded police station looking out of place in the chaos

Klaatu looking back before running into the locus haze like creature

Klaatu in the forest his hand reaching out to touch the sphere sending a pulse in the blue ball a blinding light at its ascent

Klaatu laying unconscious in a medical bed after surgery

Klaatu hand reaching out for hers as they both met the first time her body covered in bio hazard suit his blue eyes shining out before closing as he was shot he fell unconscious in her arms after calling off GORT she assumed in his native tongue.

**** End of flash back****

Her seat belt light blinked in annoyance calling her back to the real world she ran her hands through her hair taking it down from her bun , her brown hair fell down too the middle of her back .

She looked into her review mirror her own blue eyes staring back at her. Nothing about her had really changed except the length of her hair and feeling that had continued to increase every since the day Klaatu left in a ship to where ever it was the alien lived she guessed.

She pushed her thoughts aside as the sound of her seatbelt clicking lock and turned the key her engine roaring to life she shifted gears and pulled out of the parking lot making her way home.

(End of chapter)

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