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Warning: some mild cursing you have been warned.

Chapter 2 part 1

Helen dream:

She was dreaming she knew from the way her mind was at rest it felt like her whole body was incased in a liquid gel. Oddly enough it felt comforting she drifted for a while then there was a sudden shift she felt it, the liquid felt warm then became almost too hot to bear. A harsh vibration ran up her right arm she threw her head back to scream anything to communicate the pain maybe a sign to let it know that hurt. Then all of a sudden the pain stopped and the memory of it left just as quickly being replaced again with a warm feeling she relaxed.

End of dream

Wednesday New Year's Day

Helen eyes sprung open as the light crept into her spacious master bedroom her gray comforter hung lazy off the edge of her queen size bed as she stretched, her right arm felt oddly lax which was abnormal considering she was right handed and favored this arm with many mundane task.

A soft whoosh escaped her mouth when as her eyes found the alarm clocked posted in honorary spot on the nightstand near her. The red numbers read 9:28 recognizing the numbers together were important it told her what time it was. Helen hurriedly took a unsteady steps towards the restroom leaving a fair amount of destruction on her floor namely her wonderful cat, called Precious who believed was hurricane level 5 force winds which had sent her flying across the room onto a fluffy chair that was lined against the wall instead of her beloved owner.

If someone were to watch Helen Benson awaken they would notice that she was a creature of habit as she ran through the motions, an early morning routine instilled in her from a young childhood.

Relieve herself, brush her teeth, wash her face, her fingers gently scooped water to her face splashing herself and successfully awaking her unwilling groggy mind.

She wanted to smack herself when she her mind slowly caught up with her then she remembered the weeks before.

: Flashback:

The day of Thanksgiving had been hell for Helen Benson somewhere in the middle of the night alarms had gone off on all the cooling reactors in the lab. She had been notified as the head scientist in her division asking a few questions in hush tones to the head mechanic reciting what the scientist at the base shouted over the blaring noise of the alarms trying to save months and years of research.

She had hurriedly got dressed, awoke Jacob and Sam and ushered them into the back for her band new black Tahoe.

After making a phone call to Grandmother Lynn, as the older women preferred to be called and insisted on it when introduced; notifying her of the emergency at her work the old women polite accepted but only on the condition that she could make sure that they spend Thanksgiving at her house turkey dinner and all.

She halfheartedly protested making the older women cook in such short notice when she was already doing her a huge favor by watching the two prepubescent boys hardly seemed fair. To which Grandmother Lynn told in tone that left her no room to protest that she would do it and that Helen would come and eat with them for dinner and promptly hung up ending the discussion.

She sped up to the large lot across her own, down the gravel road she pass another set of gates that marked the entrance into the elder women's estate. A large southern style home that had a porch that wrapped around the entire house, the windows in the front area of the house gave a soft glow on the morning snow.

A tiny old women with gray hair came out covered in a fairly thick coat waved as Helen pulled up she quickly placed pecks on both boys cheeks, half mumbled Happy Thanksgiving and goodbyes, as they slid out of the back seats quickly walking up the front steps into the house into the cozy home, elder women a step behind them.

She reversed and quickly sped up as she exited the property taking a couple of quick left turns that led up to the ramp on highway 218(made up highway) which lead to her work a couple of miles away. If she hurried enough she would be there in 30 minutes and could do damage control before the entire long term projects stored there were too damaged to save.

The highway was empty not many people were up at four in the morning, some who had just got off of work probably heading back home but for the most part the highway was empty.

Helens mind wondered as it often did when driving.

She hoped the backup generators had kicked in, which lasted for a only a couple of hours hopefully by then the main power would be back online.

A radio host name Linda droned on in the background of her thoughts what Helen had just been informed of a couple of minutes ago. A couple of crucial power lines had been taking out due to the heavier the usual snow fall this past month which had led to a couple of lines failing causing a black out in half the city.

Damn all this snow thank goodness a large majority people had propane heating for emergency like this so there was nothing to be worried about.

Her mind continued on with this path of though trying to find ways to save the more important experiments that had taken years to get to the stage they were on categorize lesser importance maybe they could…..

Klaatu her mind whispered to her she groaned mentally not again a day had gone by before the alien name raced random in the middle of her thoughts.

She caught a good look at herself in the rearview mirror taking in her appearance she looked as well anyone had rolled out of bed and got dressed in less than 10 minutes..

And then at once a a lot things happened her forest green eyes turned into a eerie blue her breath caught in her throat when a familiar smooth voice rung out in her mind Helen.

Her vision blurred and all she knew faded into black.

A familiar presence fell before her orbs glowing like the spheres that touched down in new York there was a soft medley going back and forth in between them like whales singing to each other.

She walked up to one that was still and silent, pale blue she felt the need.

It grew till it almost suffocated her something shout, ran anything to make the light that was fading before her eyes.

Just before the orb pulsed its last one effort it glowed with life she was pushed back into her body.

Her hands fisted into bed sheets white everything in the room was white where was she?

A Nurse walked in when her heart monitor picked up she quickly rushed to the side of her bed to hit the alarm calling for a doctor.

" Dr Benson can you hear? You're in a hospital… Helen can you tell me what happened?"

More rushed movements unknown voices entered.

She faded back into darkness again.

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