NaruHina alternate universe story, not sure if I'll finish it but let's see where it goes. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Hinata was tired, she was exhausted and hungry but her day wasn't even close to done. She still had a deposition to write, and one more meeting with one of her father partners, and she was already an hour behind her lunch break. Some days, like today she asked herself it was really worth it to be an intern in her father's company. She was next in line to be CEO, but was it really worth all this? She didn't twice the work, or at least it felt like it, but reaped none of the benefits. Unless you counted the whispers in the break room any benefit, but she really didn't. Hinata usually didn't bother to correct anyone either, she was never one to really go out and correct anyone on anything, especially if someone was off the clock. Really she let them talk all they wanted because the reality was she was going to be the boss, someday soon, hopefully not too soon though. It was in her blood to take over this company, it was in her name to uphold it just as her father, and his father before him but between Hinata and no one else, she could wait another ten years or so before that had to be official.

"Hinata," Her intercom said and she sighed.


"A woman representing Kona-International is here to see you."

Hinata thought for a moment. She didn't remember making an appointment with anyone from Kona-International. Did her father know about this?

"I'm sorry I don't have any memory of making any appointment with anyone from Kona."

"It was set since last week ma'am."

Hinata cursed. She had to get a handle on all this, or at least get a better assistant.

"Send them in." She said and did her best to tie up her hair in a neater bun then before. Using her web cam she made sure her eye liner and lip stick was set in place. Quickly she tried to remember what kind of business her father' company would want with Kona-International. There was a knock her corner office door and she stood up as soon as the door handle moved.

"Hyuga Hinata?" A woman with a skinny figure and light red hair smiled pleasantly at her. Hinata smiled back extending her hand.

"Yes, may I have your name?"

"Haruno Sakura with Kona-International."

"Yes, please have a seat." Hinata guided her to sit across from her large red oak desk, the backdrop of the Tokyo sky line behind her. "What can I do for you Miss Haruno?"

"Oh, please call me Sakura," The red head smiled. "I'm here on behalf of my boss; I would like to set up a meeting with your father."

"Why?" Hinata asked. Sakura's gaze was rock steady, never leaving her eyes, it was almost unnerving.

"I'm afraid I'm not allowed to release that information without Mr. Hyuga in the room."

"I see, well that's quite ominous Miss Haruno." Hinata crossed her legs and smiled. She hated the business side of things, especially shady business. "My understanding is Kona-International is number one in all areas of its business, that's quite impressive. I'm wondering why a company such as your would have interest in our private firm, and you refusal to tell me so won't exactly help your effort to set up a meeting with my father. Why didn't your boss call my father directly if it was so important?"

"Oh we tried, but he refused. My boss is not one to accept no for an answer so she asked me to speak to you in hope you can persuade your father."

"I don't feel I'm inclined to do so if I am not allowed to know the nature of business you want to talk to him about."

Sakura seemed to take her breath and her smile got pinched. Finally it dropped and she pulled out her cell phone from her pocket pressing several buttons on the key pad before putting it back in her pocket.


"Turning off the microphone." Sakura smiled and instantly Hinata was on edge. Her finger hovered on the emergency button under her desk. "My boss wishes to form an alliance with your father and your name. If it is shown we are in business with a family such as esteemed as yours, certain interests my boss is taking with overseas….people will cease."

"I see…" Hinata nodded. And she did, she hated this part of her father's business. But family was family and, money was money.

"What is it your boss is doing to cause unwanted attention?"

"I'm sorry but you must understand that is something I am not at liberty to say in the absence of my boss your father."


"Very well Miss Haruno I will be sure to pass on this information to my father. If he sees, or feels it will be to his benefit we will call you."


"Thank you again Miss Haruno," Hinata stood up indicating to Sakura it was time for her to go, and she was hungry. Very hungry. She saw her guest to the door and with business like professional courtesy she opened the door and closed it behind her.

She walked back to her desk and flopped down hard on her chair. She was almost tempted to take off her shoes and unbutton her jacket.

"Kiko…" She said pressing the intercom.

"Yes ma'am."

"Call my cousin; tell him to meet me for lunch in the hour at my uncle's restaurant."

"Yes ma'am."

This was not a call she could make on her own, but not something the family couldn't know about.

An hour later Hinata was sitting in the back of the building eating bread and drinking some white wine before her lunch came. She was wondering what was taking her cousin so long when she saw his car pull up and she saw him get out. Her cousin was like her, quiet, but where she blended in with the crowd her cousin demanded your attention and instant respect. The aura he gave off was someone of power, both mental and physical strength and not someone to cross. It was no coincidence that her cousin was in charge of security for both the family and the company, and compensated very well. Proof of which was the very expensive white business suite he wore today with thick main of black hair tied behind him. His sunglasses were expensive, she shoes were expensive, and he walked with the aura of money.

He simply nodded to the waitress who bowed at his presence. Hinata watched in amusement as all the patrons of the restaurant silently and some not so subtly followed him walk through the restaurant to meet his cousin, who by comparisons was beautiful.

Hinata didn't see herself as a beauty but there was a strong argument against that. Her hair was long and thick, as it was against her father's wishes to have it short after you reached woman hood. Her curves were obvious in everything she wore but her waist was small, her legs were shapely and athletic and her four inch heels only accented all her curve in every way. Her skin was white, an intense contrast to her black hair and gray eyes.

"Cousin." Neji said and sat across from her. Neji was never one to be sentimental.

"Are you hungry?" She asked when their waitress brought her lunch he nodded and the waitress was off quickly to get his usual.

"What's going on?" He asked taking a sip of his wine.

Hinata and Neji had a strange relationship. She trusted her cousin with her life but her cousin was hardly around, and when she did call him he knew it wasn't to catch up on family business. The truth of the matter was that her father trusted Neji as well, and even though Hinata was the face of the new head of the company Neji was behind the scenes. He knew everything, and so he had to know everything that happened in regards to the family. Everything.

"What do you know of Kona-International?" Hinata asked.

"They are a prosperous company, why?"

"A representative by the name of Haruno Sakura came by today asking for a meeting with father and her boss."

Taking off his sunglasses Neji gave her a 'why is this important to me' look.

"She said she turned off her microphone and proceeded to tell me her boss would greatly benefit for being in business with our name."

"I see."

"What do you know of Kona-International?" Hinata asked again, her voice lower her gaze narrowed.

"Guns, drugs, and a lot of money. Last I heard their boss; a woman was getting in too deep with some international smuggling. I don't doubt what that girl said isn't true but I don't think she turned off any microphone before speaking to you."

"I don't either; do you think she was who she said she was?"


"I told her…" The waitress interrupted them by putting a plate of food in front of Neji. They thanked her and Hinata continued in a quieter voice. "I told her I would run it by father, but the information she provided was too vague."

"An alliance could gain us an enemy." Neji said taking a mouthful of food.

"It could turn our profits an extra twenty percent." Hinata said and Neji nodded.

"I'll find out what I can, I'll call you. If I feel it is something to bring up to your father we will. I don't know much about Kona-International so give me time."

"Of course."

"Tokyo is a big city…" His voice was smooth but deathly cold. Uchiha Sauske was the new head of the Uchiha clan, a clan who was thin but powerful. Its numbers were growing slowly thanks to Uchiha's intimidation tactics and powerful business friends. Sasuke sat at his desk watching the busy city from his father's office. An office he inherited after his father's untimely death. It was a sad day when he heard of his father, and had to fly back from across the ocean. Had to rearrange his life, break up with his super model girlfriends, and leave his pent house apartment, but it was worth the trade to be put in charge of his father business. To have his time to do it his way, the right way. The Uchiha clan would only prosper now that Sasuke was in charge. They had hit rock bottom with his father's passive, and at time charity like deals, but now they were going to go up.

"Sometime too big." Said another voice in the room, his childhood friend and adopted brother Naruto stood next to his desk. The two men, now in their mid twenties were handsome though were Sasuke was dark, and cold Naruto was bright and at times loud. He was blond with thick shaggy hair, and unheard of deep blue eyes. He was charming and affectionate, but just as deadly when he needed to be. Being so close to the Uchiha clan made him the perfect candidate to be head of Uchiha security and Sasuke's personal body guard.

"No city is too big if you know how to take it down." Sasuke said.

"Any ideas?"

"We observe first. Observe the families, tell me who's in charge now, we need them on our side we need to infiltrate and then in time take over. I will restore the true honor to my father's name, my name. We played our role as the dogs, we should be on the top, and my father disgraced our family. He let us fall, we were once proud, we owned this city

"I remember." Naruto said lighting a cigarette.

"Start with the Hyuga's, if I've heard correctly Hiashi is getting ready to make his daughter the new head of the family."

"A woman?" Naruto laughed.

"I believe Hurano's family joined forces with Tsuande and her men to form Kona-International find out who they are and what they do. Find the rest of the families, I heard they formed alliances, find them. Tell me who they are and tell me who's in their own cold war and how we can help and what we can gain."

"Anything else?"

Sasuke was quiet for a short moment and then looked at his brother.

"For now Naruto, we are on business."

Naruto frowned.

"What's that supposed to mean brother?"

"Do what I asked, help rebuild our empire, leave your personal and selfish pleasures out of it for now?"


"You know what I'm talking about Naruto." Sasuke interrupted his voice fierce. "I don't want any women, or half dressed whores running around my house while we are supposed to getting our family back into power. Think of the bigger picture before your own personal needs."

Naruto was quiet but nodded. It was no secret that the blond's escapades had caused his brother and step father some headaches in the past. On one or two occasions it had costs a lot of money in lawyer fees and under the table 'hush' money. Women were hard to buy over, but everyone had a price in the end. But unlike Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto was not an Uchiha by name. On principle even though he was adopted into this family he was not allowed to take the name, which in the end suited him just find because he knew half the stuff he got away with was because he could deny his affiliation with the once crime syndicate over lord.

But he had to agree. For once he would agree, the needs of his father, and his fallen family had to come first. It was the honorable things to do after all.

"Anything else?"

"Find me a good restaurant, I need some good food."

Sakura opened the large heavy door to her boss's office. The tall, buxom blond at the other end of the desk looked at her but didn't smile. It wasn't in Tsunade's style to smile.

"Well?" She asked.

"Hyuga Hinata will relay the information to her father to determine weather or not a sit down meeting will be needed." Sakura said handing her a small sim card from her cell phone.

"Good, now we just wait."

"Wait?" Sakura asked. She was never told the full extent of Tsunade's plans but why would she want to wait? From her understanding they didn't exactly run the city anymore, they needed help and protection, and they needed it now.

"The Hyuga's are strong and prideful people. They will call a meeting when they believe it is in their best interest to form an alliance with us, they will make it their idea and we will agree."

"How are you so sure they will call for a meeting?"

"Because they are not powerful enough to refuse us. An alliance with us will only make us both stronger, and Hiashi is well aware of that but he will not be the first to ask. The invitation had to come from us, mark my words Sakura; we will receive an invitation before the week is out."

Sakura nodded, she followed the plan but was a little upset she hadn't been told of this before.

"How was Hinata?"

"She was…business."

"Perfect. Next time we see her make friends with her Sakura. As the next in line to that family she is the link we need."

Sakura nodded, and after getting Tsunade's dinner order she left. Her new assignment was clear, become friends with Hyuga Hinata.

Hinata combed her hair that night after her shower in her one bedroom apartment overlooking the city. Kona-International; she knew the basics but that was all. She didn't know how to really snoop on people, that wasn't her area of expertise. She knew how to run a company, she knew how to give orders and she knew how to make public statements when something went horribly wrong or was accidently leaked to the press. She knew how to put on the business professional smile, and she knew how to be professional before emotional.

She had faith in her cousin. If he felt Kona-International would be an asset, then she would follow suit. She was the face of the family, but he was the brains after all. After tying her hair in a braid she turned out the lights and went to bed. She was tired, and she still needed to do that damn deposition. She had an early start tomorrow and it was past midnight, it was time for bed.

Naruto lit his cigarette and took a long swig of his cold beer. The dancer on his table took a drink of his beer to be sexy and irritated he ordered another from the scantily clad waitress. Across from him someone laughed.

"Be nice to the girls my friend, they are nice to you."

"It's just business to them." Naruto said putting a twenty in the strippers G-string.

"It always is, isn't it?" This person had an eye patch, and looked like he had no sense of style, he looked prematurely old with his gray hair but he had not wrinkle in his young face. He was popular with the girls, and Naruto couldn't really complain of the company since it got them fast service and free dances.

"Speaking of which what can I do for you?"

"I need info Kakashi," Naruto said waving off the brunette and calling over a blonde.

"On what?"

"Everything. Sasuke is hell bent on making his name again, getting the Uchiha's out of the gutter and back into the control of things. I need info on everyone, I know you've been rouge for everyone and anything and I'm willing to pay for your secrecy and loyalty."

Kakashi smiled earning him a face full of breasts from his private dancer.

"The chance to work for the Uchiha's is an honor, and my secrecy and loyalty is always part of the package."

"So does mean you're willing to go cheaper?" Naruto asked hopefully. The less money he had to spend on this guy the better.

Kakashi put a hundred dollar bill in a pink thong and smiled.

"For you? You have always been the funny one Naruto," Kakashi smiled as the girls kissed his neck. "But no, I don't do discount and after all I do have a life style to maintain. The same is expected, you get me mine and I'll get you yours old friend."

Naruto nodded. Maybe it wasn't what Sasuke had in mind when he said find out about the families but there was no one else who knew more than Kakashi. He was rouge, he was hired and for the right price and the right connection Kakashi was valuable. They went way back, for a long time he worked for Uchiha Sr. and Kakashi taught him many things. Taught him to be a spy, to kill, to fight, and to woo the women folk. To manipulate and to always look out for himself because in the end, as Kakashi had learned so he taught, no one else looks for you in the end but yourself.

Not sure if I'm going to continue this but let me know what you think.