She is mad.

I didn't deserve to die like that. I extended the offer of friendship, and she turned it down. I didn't realize just how mad she was. If I had known se was willing to kill for the Dark Lord – not even for his love, only for his bed – I would have given him to her, and gladly. He was not more important to me than my life.

She is mad, and she is evil.

I should have known her plan as soon as she made me swear the unbreakable vow. I blame dopamine. And stupidity.

But how was I to know what you would do for your Dark Lord?

The worst of it isn't that I'm dead – your precious Voldemort saved me, and I will be here as long as you. No, the worst is that I died in vain. Your Dark Lord won't love you any more now that I'm dead. He never loved you, he never will. Can't you see that, Bella?

Pardon me, Bellatrix.

Well, I hope you enjoy him, Bellatrix.

Mark my words, Bellatrix, you'll come to an end just as horrible as the one you inflicted on me, by the hands – just as for me – of the one you last expected. I can only hope we will die at the same time, so we can travel the same road to Hell.

I'll meet you there, Bellatrix.