I'm so sorry to everyone who was following this story, but I'll be re-editing it and therefore deleting most of the chapters. Because my writing has changed over the past three years, I've decided to rewrite "Borrowed Life." It'll still be under the same name and the story line will be similar, but the writing will be much less childish and a little more developed. I really hope those of you who like this story will take the time to give me some criticism, I look forward to reading your reviews!

This place is so beautiful, how could it be an abandoned town? she silently thought to herself as she strolled along the empty streets of Mater. Walking at a leisurely pace, she took in the design of the streets and architecture, admiring the wonderful view on a quiet afternoon. Her aunt had once warned her that this place was haunted, but she still couldn't help but feel drawn to it for some reason.

"Akira! Don't you dare get any ideas about going to that haunted city; it's been abandoned for thousands of year already."

"Yes Auntie."

"There's even rumors about a devil that roams the street, killing anything it sees!"

"Yes Auntie."

"Do NOT go there, or I swear I'll murder you before the devil does."

"Yes Auntie."

Even though she assured her aunt that she wouldn't be a hundred feet within the city, but who cares? Rules were made to be broken. She whistled a small tune while prancing along the streets wondering about the lives of those who used to live there.

They were probably loaded from the looks of the buildings. Even though it's been years since anyone's lived here, the marble towers and the paved roads definitely were done by some amazing civilization.

She turned down a narrow street to see what lay behind the little two-story buildings. She was amazed at how skillfully planned out everything was.

Up until this moment, she had not seen one living creature, not even an insect. The sun was high in the sky, blazing down on her pale skin. But she couldn't help but feel an eerie chill crawl up her spine when she a crumbled building wall with a hole the size of three people.

What could've caused that?

There were pieces of bricks lying all around the place and the gravel was engraved with cracks. She couldn't possibly have known that the accident she witnessed was caused by people, so instead she blamed it on how old the city was.

Probably just some strong wind.

Turning down another wide road, she arrived at a stage with circular pillars supporting the audience stand. Each pillar stood ten-stories high with some of them broken in half and others smashed through.

This is huge! She thought with a grin on her face.

There must have been stunning performances here since there's such a large audience seating. Maybe princes from foreign countries even came here!

Circling the stage, she was simply awed at how detailed everything was. Even the marble steps had intricate designs carved on them, she had never seen anything like this. It wasn't until she stepped in puddle did she snap out of here trance. Looking down at her feet, she startled at what stained her shoes.

"AH!" She exclaimed. She stumbled backwards a few steps before noticing the figure lying only a few feet away from her. Her heart beat faster and her breath became shorter. Maybe her aunt was actually right, maybe there really was a devil who lived here. She ran stepped through the pool of blood, coming closer and closer to the body. When she finally got close enough, she inhaled sharply from what she saw. The sight before her was nauseating.

A boy of similar to age was her was sitting in the pool of blood. He had such a serene look on his face that if it were in any other setting, he would only have been sleeping. He had such a beautiful complexion, as his skin was porcelain colored. His face was breathtakingly beautiful, but oddly it was chipped and broken as well as the rest of his body. Covered in tattered rags, his whole body was striped with black lines which originated from the spot on his chest, right where his heart would be. The lines were curved and long, so long that it covered almost his whole body. As his head was bowed down, his hip-length hair glinted a deep blue under the sunlight with the ends floating in the pool of blood around him. She moved forwards a few more steps to touch the man, just to see if he was still alive. Slowly, she reached out and touched his cheek, only to find that his skin was icy cold; the temperature of a dead person. Her hands were shaking, and so was her body. She put her hands to her mouth as realization struck her.

He's dead.

She didn't know if it was because of fear or sadness, but she started crying. The droplets from her eyes landed in the blood, causing little ripples of the liquid to spread out. The boy reminded her of the death of her mother. A memory that was still too fresh in her mind.

She was lying on her bed like every day, staring out the window like she was waiting for someone to come, someone she longed for from the look in her eyes. It was already too late for her, the doctor said. All we could do now was to hope for a peaceful passage. As I saw her struggling to sit upright, it hit me just how vulnerable she was.

"Akira, please be healthy when I'm gone alright? Don't fret over something like death, it's inevitable, it'll happen to everyone. Even when I'm gone I won't really leave your side. Remember that I love you okay?"

"Mom don't leave me please? I don't want to live alone."

"Akira, don't cry." She reached behind her neck for the clasp of the necklace.

"Whenever you're lonely or sad, just look at this and you'll know you're not alone. Same with the fans your father made for you, they can protect you from evil."

She took off her necklace and tried to put it on me. I turned around for her to clasp it, and when she did, she slowly let go.

"It's beautiful." She whispered.

Those were her last words.

I thought she was still admiring the beauty of the necklace because she didn't tell me to turn around. But I knew she was gone from the bottom of my heart. I knew I was alone.

Snapping out of her memory, a sword flew from the side of the boy into midair. A strange rust began covering the blade until the whole weapon looked as if it hadn't been touched in a few millennium. Hovering up and down, it suddenly rose even higher to the point where she could no longer see it anymore. Sighing gently, she looked down at her necklace. The green crystal glittered gently in her palm, and she made her decision. Unclasping her necklace, she knelt down on the floor and encircled the silver chain around his neck.

They're both so beautiful. Only someone with his beauty could possibly outshine the jewel itself.

Standing back up, she sloshed away from the boy, leaving a trail of blood behind her.