1. Introduction

"Hi, I'm Shirley!" She says to him, with a noticeable blush on her face. He smiles before introducing himself to her.

2. Love

If someone had told her a year ago that she'd be in love with a terrorist, she'd laugh at them in their face.

3. Light

She was always his light; guiding him through the darkness.

4. Dark

Lelouch's atmosphere was always dark, when she wasn't around.

5. Seeking

Shirley didn't know what she was looking for, exactly. That is, until she met him.

6. Break Away

He could see the hurt in her eyes when he had let her down, again. But it was for the best; she didn't deserve a demon like him.

7. Heaven

Lelouch always swore to himself that he had found an angel; every time she appeared in that white night gown, that is.

8. Innocence

That was something that he had taken from her, and he hated himself for it.

9. Drive

She was his determination. His sole reason for his actions. And he didn't regret a thing he did, as it was all for her.

10. Breathe Again

"Lelou! Are you alright?" Shirley asked him worriedly, watching him cough up water, "You should've told me you can't swim!"

11. Memory

Sometimes they liked to just lie down on the grass, reminiscing about the past.

12. Insanity

People often worried why Lelouch hadn't gone mad yet, with all the bloodshed he had seen. He smiles, and gestures to the orange-haired girl beside him.

13. Misfortune

Was it his, for losing his mother? It was it hers, as she had lost her father to the man she loved? Either way... they had each other, and that's all that mattered.

14. Smile

If he had a dollar for every time Shirley's smile had brightened up his day, he'd be a billionaire.

15. Silence

He liked the quiet, most of the time. The only time he hated it was when the silence was between him and his loved one.

16. Questioning

"Mama, who was the first person that you fell in love with?" a young Joseph Lamperouge asks. Shirley smiles, and points at her husband, fast asleep on the recliner.

17. Blood

Red... that's all he sees. Her body, drenched in it. But that would mean...

18. Rainbow

He asks her why she's chosen to paint a rainbow, out of all things. He is dumbfounded when his loving wife tells him, "It reminds me of you."

19. 67%

"I can't believe I got a C+!" Shirley cried out in horror, staring at her test in disbelief. However, when Lelouch quietly offered to Geass the teacher, she quickly declined.

20. Fortitude

She had always commended him on his strength, to fight through everything. What she didn't know is without her, he wouldn't be sitting with her today.

21. Vacation

"Hey Lelouch, wanna go on a vacation with the student council? Shirley will be there," Milly asks. She knows she has him when she mentions his beloved's name.

22. Mother Nature

Lelouch always hated the outdoors; but he's willing to take the forces of nature, in exchange of being able to sleep in the same sleeping bag as Shirley.

23. Drowning

Lelouch had been drowning in his sins, his sadness, his anger. That is, until a certain orange haired-green eye'd angel decided to pull him back up.

24. No Time

Lelouch and Shirley barely get any time to themselves; as every time they sneak away from the group, or have a planned date, the rest of the student council is always a few feet away.

25. Trouble Lurking

Right from the moment she met him, Shirley had a feeling that he'd be the center of some major conflicts.

26. Tears

He wipes away her tears, whispers sweet nothings to her, but the only thing that really lights up Shirley's face is the engagement ring he presents to her.

27. Foreign

Lelouch smiles as he sees Shirley greet Suzaku; as she is the only one who does so on a daily basis.

28. Sorrow

Her sorrow, in his opinion, is the most tragic thing to exist on this earth.

29. Happiness

Her Happiness is what keeps him going, keeps him strong.

30. Under the Rain

He would never expect that his first kiss would be in the rain; nor would it ever be with the one he truly loves.

31. Flowers

She smiles at the latest bouquet that her beloved had sent to her; reminding her that he is thinking of her, even if he is in the Chinese Federation.

32. Night

She was always more tense when walking outside at night. The only thing that keeps her from running is the reassurance of Lelouch walking next to her.

33. Expectations

She never expected his love; he never expected a "yes".

34. Stars

She'd always drag him outside to watch the stars- even in the middle of winter.

35. Hold My Hand

When Shirley was frightened, it only took a certain hand to take her own in order to calm her down.

36. Precious Treasure

She was Lelouch's most precious treasure. Yes, even before Nunnally.

37. Eyes

She looked into his eyes, for she couldn't help it. The eyes that whispered secrets to her... the eyes that were so downcast, angry, and worried. The eyes of the one she loved. Then, she realized what he was planning to do.

38. Abandoned

He had been abandoned by his parents, left to fend for himself and his blinded and crippled sister. He never knew that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel… a light in the form of a woman.

39. Dreams

"You dream about him?" Milly shouted. "Shhh… he might hear." Shirley mumbled.

40. Deep in Thought

Lelouch was always deep in thought, staring out of the window. The only thing that could break his concentration is a peck on the cheek from Shirley.

41. Teamwork

Together, they could face anything. Even Suzaku's stange fermented cabbage.

42. Waiting

She'd always wait for him, no matter what. But the days always seemed too lifeless and boring, without him.

43. Dying

The only thing that Lelouch is truly afraid of is seeing her lifeless body on the floor.

44. I Can't

She repeats, but she quickly gives in, when he shows her what exactly he's blackmailing her with.

45. Illusion

She was so perfect that sometimes Lelouch thought that if he looked away for one moment, she'd just fade away.

46. Family

"Julia vi Britannia?" she repeats, uncertain. He smiles, and rubs his queen's growing stomach affectionately.

47. Fairy Tale

Shirley always wanted to meet the man of her dreams, and get her happily ever after. She would never expect to marry an actual prince though.

48. Sacrifice

She had sacrificed everything to be with him; her friends, her family, everything. Sometimes Lelouch wonders if it's worth it; she assures him it is.

49. Do Not Disturb

Not that Milly had ever cared to read signs anyway, as she jumps into seeing her two friends making out in an empty classroom.

50. Breaking the Rules

"Lelou… we can't. We're going to get killed by Milly if we do." Shirley muttered. Lelouch simply smirked, and handed a roll of toilet paper to her.