9. Drive

She was his determination. His sole reason for his actions. And he didn't regret a thing he did, as it was all for her.

So he didn't regret the words that left his lips.

"Suzaku… kill me."

"And why should I?" his former friend's eyes narrowed, not trusting him at all.

"I'm planning to become a tyrant; to become the one thing that everyone hates. And then you, as Zero, will kill me, ridding the world of the one thing they hate most, and put Zero back up to the graces. Then you and Nunnally can rule your world peacefully." He closed his eyes, envisioning the happiness and peace that Nunnally, as Empress would bring. But before he could control himself; she popped up in his head. Lelouch felt his eyes prickle, and opened his to meet Suzaku's.

"Do you promise then… if I do this, you won't back out last minute? No tricks?"

"No… I would never dream of it. The world needs this, Suzaku. They need it dearly… they need peace."

"Then I'll do it. I will become your knight; the Knight of Zero."

Lelouch smiled. If this works out… then I'll create the new world that Nunnally can live in, and live in with peace.

"Lelouch," Suzaku said, "Tell me. Did you kill-"

He instantly flashed back to that day, the day that Shirley Fenette left the world. He fought it back, trying to remain in the present.

"No, that was Rolo."

"Rolo?" he asked in disbelief, "Why would Rolo want to kill Shirley?"

"Somehow… Shirley's Geass had been cancelled. So she remembered. She remembered everything..."

Ever since my memories have come back, I've been feeling so very afraid. A Teacher who wasn't a teacher… Friends who don't have memories to share… Everyone… was just lying. It felt as though the whole world was spying on me.

"She knew?" he asked, surprised.

"Yes, she knew. About me being Zero."

Lulu… I love you. Even knowing that you caught my father into all of this, I simply couldn't hate you. Even though you made me forget everything, I still fell in love with you. Even though my memories were tampered with, I kept falling in love… with you all over again…

"So did you tell her?"

"No... she found out, by other means..."

Lelou... die. We'll atone for our sins! We have to! I'll die with you!

"Is that why you're doing this Lelouch? Because she died? As yet another escape route that you can use to get out of this situation?" Suzaku's eyes narrowed, with bitterness in his voice.

"No... think of it as a side benefit," he smiled humorlessly.

"And Euphy..."

Lelouch shook his head. That would be for another time; he had enough of reliving memories for one day.

"So what do we do know, Emperor Lelouch?" Suzaku asked, bowing down.

He was surprised that Suzaku would change the subject like that; or that he even believed him at all.

"Well first, I guess we'll have to eliminate the knights of the round." he said thoughtfully, "And I need to Geass everyone in the Pendragon... but before that I need to make my grand appearance as Emperor."

"Should I get ready for that then?"

"Yes... you should."

Suzaku walked away swiftly, his face stony. Lelouch sank into Charles' throne, closing his eyes. Soon, he would be with her. Soon...

A/N: I have no words for this one. But yes, this wasn't a shippy chapter. It wasn't supposed to. And it's not... angsty either. I don't know, it's almost like a serene calm was laced all over these words. At least, that's how I feel about it. The next one will be a fun student council trip though, so I can't wait to write that ;D