One Year.

Its been one year since David had gone missing in action. He had been on a mission with his sqaud when behind enemy lines something went wrong and he and all the others in the group went missing. At least that was all the military officals would tell him at the time and still to this day.

Kurt sighed as he looked to the river and rubbed his arms from the chilly breeze. He had forgotten to grab a jacket before he had left the house because his thoughts had been pre-occupied. After a year, Kurt had hoped he wouldn't still be waiting around for David to come home. He had hoped by now he woukd have moved on with his life like he had promised David he would, if anything were to happen to him.

But no. He still lived in the house that he and David had bought a year after dating. He still went to the same mechanic store since it was his father's shop. He still had roast beef Tuesdays, sandwich night Thursday, and pizza night Friday. He still had his gold diamond studded ring on his finger from when he and David had gotten married six years ago. He was still hoping. He took in a deep breath when he felt two little hands on his legs, and glanced down to see Penelope attempting to stand.

Before David had gone missing, they had found a woman whom wanted to have her baby adopted by a gay couple, and then a month before she birthed Penelope, David went missing. Kurt didn't know what to do, to keep her and move on from there or to say he was sorry and that he couldn't. However he decided to keep her, and in a month, she would be a year old.

In a month, it would be christmas time... Oh god. Kurt knelt down and lifted her into his arms and smiled at her. It was all he could do to keep from crying. She cooed and mummbled her baby talk while cuddling close to him and Kurt sighed as he turned from the river and headed up the trail to the place where his car was.

He looked both ways once he was at the highway passing and then ran across before any cars could come and pulled his keys out and unlocked the car. He opened the door to his Camary and then buckled Penelope in her carseat and got in. They were suppose to be on the way to grandpa's house but Kurt wanted to stop here first.

There were memories here. First date... last date... summer... proposal. Kurt bit his lip and took a deep breath before continuing down the strip of asphalt. He flipped his slightly longer hair and glanced in his rear view mirror to Penelope, whom was happily babbling to the giraffe that David had bought to give her before he left out to war.

He never thought the child could act like David as she had never met him in person. He blinked quickly to prevent from crying and looked back to the road. He stopped at a red light and then turned into the neighborhood he lived in as a child. Things never changed did they? He thought looking at the cookie cutter houses that hadn't changed. It was like a musem...


A series of screams, rose from the rubble and shots went off in a mocking way of a fire cracker celebrating independence, Independence my ass, Thought David as he wiped the blood off his jaw and looked around to figure out where he was. Somewhere in Iran... or... maybe Pakistan... He wasn't quiet sure. All he knew was: he was out of amo... he lost his group... and he was done. Ready to go home for sure now and possibly never come back.

He heard two woman speaking in Persian in a painiced tone as he hide on the side of a house near by. He looked around and then in his best way ran to the house across the dirt street. Shit... he thought as he turned and saw an American soldier with a M16A2 rifel to his head.

" State your name and your rank." the soldier said in a gruff tone and David couldn't help but smirk. This guy was obviously a new shipped out soldier.

" Karofsky, David-" he began when the gun was lowered and the guy looked at him in shock.

" Oh god! Yo-Your alive?" he said and then shook his head and pulled out his radio and fummbled with it for a moment until David took it away.

" Whose on the other line?" he asked and the kid stammered, " Michael Kelbold."

" Kelbold, Kelbold, Kelbold this is Karofsky, over." David stated and looked at the kid then away to look for a sign or something. " Hey kid where are we?" he asked.

" Iran... in Golestan..." he whispered.

" Kelbold. Send Over." said a thick heavily laced voice and David smiled.

" This is Officer Karofsky. I went missing in action and I need cordinates. Over."

" Karofsky?" David rolled his eyes. Why couldn't it be someone high ranked?

" Yes, I need cordinates! Over!" he said irratated.

The soldier stammered the lad. and lon. for him quickly before David knew where he was. "Come on. Were getting out of here." he stated and the star struck soldier nodded. " Sir,yes sir!"

David rolled his eyes and took one of his guns before leading him down a narrow ally. I'm coming home baby... he thought. I'm coming home.