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Telltale quote: "Every network system in the area crashed simultaneously and then aliens destroyed all of the computers."-Jono

Remy Lebeau closed his faded brown knapsack and swung it over his shoulder. He opened the door of his room and started down the hall, hoping not to run into anyone.

He opened the front doors to find a young man already standing there, one arm raised to knock.

"Desole," Remy muttered, moving past him and jumping down the three front stairs.


Remy scowled; he wasn't very fond of telepaths.

"Oui?" He said curtly, turning around.

He saw the look in the younger man's eyes –the lost, confused expression –and softened up a bit.

/I'm supposed ter … I'm Chamber –from Gen X, and Emma sent me ter join the X Men…/ Chamber's brow furrowed, and Remy realized that the reason he was speaking telepathically was because everything from his nose under was covered with bandages.

"Xavier's office is de second floor on de left, all de way down. Can't miss it." Remy said.

Chamber blinked and Remy was surprised by the self-hate and sadness that suddenly radiated off of the other man.

/Thanks,/ Chamber muttered, casting his eyes down to his feet and going inside.

Remy stared at the door for a moment after Chamber had closed it. He was cute, really. All dress up in black and chains and bandages. Yet he seemed very dark and brooding; a loner, maybe? His socials skills had seemed rather inept and underused, after all.

"Lost already?" Remy huffed, stopping behind the newcomer.

Chamber whirled around, startled. /I thought y' were on yer way out./ he said.

Remy shrugged, "Someone's got t' help y' get settled in," He said, sticking out his hand "Name's Gambit,"

/Call me Jono./ Chamber -Jono said, taking the outstretched hand and shaking it.

"Den call me Remy,"/ Remy replied.

/Right./ Jono said, staring at him.

Remy stared back, wondering why there was a distinct wave of lust rolling off Jono and then chiding himself for not giving the other man's emotions some privacy. He also wondered why he admiring Jono's dark brown eyes, which were lined with eyeliner to match his Gothic style.

They were still standing there in the front hall, staring at each other, hands still clasped together, when Jean and Xavier approached them.

"Ah, I see you've already met Gambit," Xavier said,

They blinked and stepped back.

/Yer Professor Xavier?/ Jono said.

Xavier nodded, smiling pleasantly, "And this is Jean Grey, one of my first students."

She smiled and leaned in to shake Jono's hand after Xavier.

As he spoke with Jono, Remy turned and started off down the hall.

Jean followed him and tapped his shoulder lightly, "I think Jono would appreciate a friend out of you." She said, tilting her head and smiling, "Stay?"

Remy shifted his knapsack uneasily.

Now that he was no longer staring into Jono's eyes and out of close range of his emotions, Remy was ready to leave once more.

Jean looked at him expectantly.

Remy looked over at Jono, who was listening to Xavier talk, but who kept glancing over at Remy.

He gulped, "Oui," He said finally, nodding his head.

Jean grinned, "Excellent!"

She took his arm and dragged him back over to Jono and Xavier.

"…And I'm sure Jean will be glad to give you a tour-"

"Actually, Charles, I have a few things I need to take of soon. Why don't we have Remy show Jono around?"

Xavier and Jono looked at Remy.

He shrugged, "Won't be a problem," he agreed, looking at Jono.

The younger man nodded.

"Excellent," Xavier stated, echoing Jean's earlier exclamation, "Gambit, Jono's room is going to be the empty room next to yours. Please take him there first."

Remy gestured to Jono to follow him and started down the hall.

As Jono followed him, Remy tested the emotions around him.

Lust was still there, but he was surprised by the little bit of relief and satisfaction that Jono felt. There was something else, too…


Mon dieu, Remy thought to himself, De newcomer already likes me. But will he still feel dat way after he finds out was happened in Antarctica?

He tested the emotions in the air again.

Yep; Lots and lots of lust still there.

Remy stopped at the Jono's new room and opened the door.

Jono walked inside, dropped his backpack on the bed and then turned, ready to go again.

So Remy took him through the mansion, he introduced Jono to Hank in the Med Lab first and then took Jono to meet Scott (who was in the Danger Room). Remy waited until very last to take Jono to the Recreation Room, where he knew everyone would be hanging out.

No one besides Jean was really comfortable around him these days (and come on, Jean is just… Jean, so she shouldn't even count) so he wasn't looking forward to being in a room full of them and plus, he sort of wanted to keep Jono all to himself for little while more.

Everyone looked up as Remy and Jono entered the room.

'Everyone' included Logan, Rogue, Joseph, Bobby, Jubilee, and Storm; most of the X Men.

"And dis is de Recreation Room," Remy told Jono, "F' relaxin'." He gulped and turned to the others, "Everyone, dis is Chamber –He's from Gen X. Gonna be on de team from now on an' Gambit was jus' showin' him 'round de mansion." He looked at Jono, "Dis is de rest o' de team dat's stayin' in de mansion right now. Over dere is Storm –Ororo –an' den Bobby, Logan, Jubilee –who y' already know –Joseph an' R-Rogue." Gambit stammered out the last name and then looked down carefully.

"Hey, Jono! I didn't know you were joining! How come you didn't call me or something?" Jubilee grinned from her place on the couch next to Logan.

/I lost yer number./ Jono said flatly giving everyone an unenthusiastic wave.

"Well you could have emailed me!" Jubilee said cheerfully.

/Every network system in the area crashed simultaneously and then aliens destroyed all of the computers./ Jono replied dryly.

Jubilee made a face and stuck out her tongue before turning back to the TV.

"Hi Jono," Bobby grinned, "I can call you that, right? I mean, Jubes says you don't like Jonothan, and we only ever call Storm by her codename."

/Jono's fine./ He said, shifting uneasily around so much people

Everyone else said their various hellos.

Remy could feel Rogue glaring at him even though he was staring at the floor.

She and Joseph were taking a vacation and leaving the following day, so Remy felt a little relieved. If he was going to stay at the mansion for a little longer, at least Rogue would be gone.

A little longer.

How long would that be? He agreed to stay and be a friend for the newcomer, but soon Jono would have new friends among the X Men, and he wouldn't want to be around Remy once someone filled him in on all the details of his part in the Morlock Massacre…

Suddenly, Jono announced, /I'm tired. Hope yer don't mind, but I'm going ter turn in a bit early. Still got ter unpack, too.../

Jubilee and Bobby teasingly complained that Jono didn't like them, but Storm spoke up, "Of course, I'm sure you must be rather tired after everything." She said.

Jono nodded and turned, /I'm not sure if I remember where…/ He said.

Remy shrugged, /S' okay, homme. De mansion's pretty big. Come on./ he lead Jono out of the room and through the mansion, back to his newly assigned room.

/Thanks./ Jono said. He looked around just as he was about to step inside, /Who else lives in this hall./

"Jus' y' an' me, homme. Everyone else … has rooms on de floor above or de ones below us."

Jono eyed the doors along the hall, /Then what are the rooms for?/

"Jus' empty bedrooms," Remy tried saying nonchalantly.

It was obvious Jono wanted to know why no one else was roomed nearby, but he didn't ask and instead, bid Remy good night and went into his room, locking the door behind him.

That night, Jono found out why no one else lived on the third floor of the mansion.

Remy had nightmares. And they were loud.


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