"I can't believe we're really going to do this," Natalie said as she put her clothes back on after her and Dean's-. Okay well she knew Dean would never call it making love. But, that was exactly what he had shown her and she knew ALL of Dean's moves. He was never that tender and intimate with her in the past.

Dean looked up at her as he tied his boots. "Believe what? This isn't going to be a chick flick moment is it? You know I don't do those."

Natalie gave Dean the stink eye. "Don't tell me we're back to where we started from. I thought we moved on from that crap."

"Would you just stop acting like a nagging wife for two seconds? We are not even married in the first place." Dean slipped his jacket on and stood up with a goofy grin on his face and walked over to her. "Not that I wouldn't mind marrying you one day."

Natalie punched him in his right shoulder hard. All Dean did was grunt in response as he held the spot where she had hit him.

"You know your tough macho act is going to get you into more trouble than you bargained for. From now on you can only pull that act in front of Sam or Bobby Singer. No one else."

Dean stomped his foot like a little kid not getting his way."Come on! The tough macho act is what I am!"

"No it's not," she replied, and licked her lips. "Saving people makes you who you are. Don't you ever forget that Batman."

Dean actually looked innocent at the moment. He always did love that nickname. "Of course I'm Batman. First thing first, Batman is starving after that workout." He said giving her his infamous wink.

Natalie laughed. She had to admit, Dean was still a kid at heart. "I'll order a couple of pizza's. I wonder how Laura and Sam are doing." She said as she found her cell phone and ordered the food.

Dean let out a snort. "Knowing Sam, he's probably mumbling like an idiot. Laura is way out of his league."


"We are going to do THAT again," Sam said trying to catch his breath. "How did you learn to get all bendy like that?"

Laura laughed. She loved how innocent Sam Winchester was and knew he was the kind of guy that was one in a million. Hard to find.

There were a lot of cheating dick's out in the world these days. Sam was one of the few that respected women and wouldn't take advantage of them. Laura lucked out big time with Sam.

She used her hand to brush some of her hair out of her face as they were laying side by side in her bed with just a sheet covering Sam just enough low on his perfect sculpted waist. Laura bit her lip seductively at just the thought of his perfect ass. And those hard tight muscles of his in all the right places...

"Your thinking about my sweet ass."

Laura looked at Sam in shock. "I am not!"

"Yes you are! You always bite your lip like that when you're thinking about me. One of the

few things I learned about you when we first met."

"Fine. I was thinking how I'd like to ride that body of yours again."

"You never answered my question."

"What question?"

"Where did you learn to be all bendy like that?"

Laura rolled on her side facing him on her elbow. "I could ask you the same question yourself."

"I'm tall. It's easy for me to bend. You are a midget though." He teased.

"I am not that short!"

"Yes you are. It's easier when I'm on my back with you."

"I am not that short of a midget Sam Winchester. You were able to fit your dick into me didn't you?"

Sam nodded his head. "I did. Not without working you open first."

Laura giggled. "If your brother could hear your dirty talk right now. He'd never believe it."

As if on cue Sam's cell phone went off. They both groaned. Lazily, Sam reached over Laura to grab is phone and saw it was Dean calling him. "Speak of the devil." Sam said and answered. "What's up, Dean?"


"Ew, what?"

Laura pressed a pillow over face to cover her laugh at Dean's reaction. She knew they were caught.

Don't act innocent Sam. You had sex! I can tell by the tone of your voice!

Laura couldn't take it anymore. The pillow fell from her face from her laughing so hard.

Quit laughing Laura! This isn't funny!

"Dean, you can't tell that by the sound of my voice." Sam told him.

Yes I can! You don't have that grumpy tone that you usually would have from not getting any!

Laura continued cracking up. Her face was already read from laughing so hard. She had tears coming out of her eyes.

Tell her to stop laughing!

"What did you want Dean?" Sam asked trying very hard not to laugh.

Nat ordered food. Get your asses over here.

"Roger that." Sam started laughing as well after he ended the call. "You know we are never going to hear the end of this."

"I don't care." Laura said wiping her eyes with her hands. "Judging by the tone of Dean's voice it was so worth it!"


"Are Sam and Laura coming?" asked Natalie as she came out of the kitchen carrying dinner plates.

"They're coming alright. Don't be surprised if you find all the food gone."

"That's what food is for Dean. Eating." She said giving him a weird look.

"Let's just say that when they get here Sam might be looking a little bit happier than usual."

Natalie sat the plates down on the kitchen table and placed them where they belonged.

"Does it really matter how happy Sam is?"

"When you call your little brother on his phone right after he had sex, yes it does." Dean shuddered.

Natalie looked at Dean. Her mouth was opened in a 'O' form before she closed it. "Little Sammy Winchester. Good for him." She playfully patted Dean on the cheek before going back in the kitchen to get forks and knifes.

Dean followed her into the kitchen. "Good for him? What about me? I'm deeply, deeply scarred here."

Natalie rolled her eyes as she got the silver wear out of one of the drawers. "It's not like he's a kid Dean. Sam's an adult. I don't get why this is upsetting for you when you've been the one hounding him for years to get some after Jessica's death. God rest her soul."

Dean ignored the God remark. He still wasn't a believer on that.

"You just don't know because you don't have any younger siblings to get grossed out by the fact that you called them right after they had sex. No offense."

"True." She said going back to the kitchen table and repeating what she did with the plates to the silver wear. "Just a word of advice."


"Don't tease your brother when they get here. Laura will smack the shit out of you."

Dean a little taken aback by that statement actually looked scared.

"That girl may be short but she can definitely hold her own."

"You got that right Winchester," Laura said as her and Sam walked in through the back door. Sam who was all smiles, couldn't stop smiling.

Sam closed the back door behind her as she cracked her knuckles.

Laura and Natalie started 'girl talk' and Dean rolled his eyes motioning for Sam to follow him in the living room.

"I swear Sam if you smile any bigger your face will come off."'

"Shut up, Dean. Don't act like you didn't get any."

Dean grinned at Sam at his choice of words. "Look at you with the big boy words."


"Bitch. I got to tell you Sammy, Laura is going to eat you alive."

"Yeah. She sort of already did, Dean."

For the first time in his life, Dean Winchester was actually speechless.


"I can see you and Dean have worked out your problems," Laura said with a smirk to Natalie in the kitchen.

Natalie looked at her best friend and blushed. "Yes. Dean and I worked out our differences."

"I could tell by the look on his face when I first came in. Told you he would come around. It just takes guys longer because of their tiny brains that they never use."

"What about you? You seem to have difficult walking." Natalie replied with a wink.

Laura licked her lips and smiled big. "Sam has many brilliant talents."

"Just don't let Dean hear you say that about his brother."

They both laughed.

"What do you think they're doing out there?"

"Probably the same thing that we're doing except in 'guy code'." Natalie said.

Laura peeked her head out into the living room at the two brothers talking. She wanted to laugh at the look on Dean's face.

"Yep. I can tell because Dean looks like he wants to barf at something Sam said." Laura said making Natalie chuckle.


"I got to tell you man. Never thought I'd be alive to see this day."

"What day?"

"The almighty Dean Winchester settles down with one woman. One who is NOT the Impala."

"Shut it. I could say the same for you, Sam."

"What can I say? Laura has that affect on me."

"I just hope we're not cursing them into a early grave by being associated with a Winchester."

"They're still alive and unharmed. I think we're doing good so far."

Dean looked at his brother. "So, we're really going to do this? Settle down. The whole nine yards?"

Sam slowly nodded. "I think that's what mom would have wanted for us. Even dad."

Both brothers still ached the loss of both parents. Sam knew just the mention of the famous John Winchester was pain for his older brother. Father and younger son may have been too stubborn and more alike than they both had realized, Dean was the one who had worshiped their father. It took John's death for Sam to really understand just how difficult it was for John to raise two young sons on his own.

"Enough of this chick flick shit. Don't need the girls catching us in a moment. We'd never hear the end of it."

"You mean you wouldn't hear the end of it." Sam corrected him.

Dean just rolled his eyes. He always thought the world would end first before he ever thought he could have the apple pie life. Now the joke was on him. The universe paid him back in full and he couldn't be happier. Of course, he would never really tell anyone that.

Next was going to be the hard part. Telling his 'baby' that she wasn't the only woman in his life now.


A/N: I just want to thank those who still stuck with this story. It had been a long time coming for it to come to an end. Mad at myself at the terrible updates that I did. I hope the last chapter was worth the wait. I think we can all guess who 'baby' is.