A/N: And this marks the final chapter of this story. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much I did writing it. This story is kind of special, because this is very much how 2 people I know got together. Some parts are embellished and added a bit, but a lot of things in the story actually happened. So its been fun to think back on and write about. I really hope you enjoyed it. Thanks guys!

The panic sets in the next morning.

Once she showers and gets ready for the day, the realization finally hits her.

Noah Puckerman is in love with her.

Ever since she met him almost 7 years ago, she didn't think she would have this chance. He said no.

He said no to dating her 3 times.

Mercedes comes out of her room, getting some cereal and milk while Rachel sits at the table still thinking. Her mind is in a far place, thinking of what she's even going to say to Noah tonight. But Mercedes interrupts her thoughts.

"Was I…was I dreaming or did Puck basically profess his love for you earlier?"

Rachel looks up in surprise. "You heard all that?"

Mercedes shrugs. "I heard it while I was sleeping. So really…did that happen because…that's crazy Rachel."

She bites her lip. "I know…I know it is. And he's supposed to come over tonight to talk and I just…Mercedes I don't know what to do!" she cries.

She picks up her phone frantically and dials the 3 in her speed dial. That used to be Jesse but once he completely messed up Tina took that spot.

"Hey Rachel!" her best friend greets.

"Where are you?" Rachel asks quickly.

"Um…why?" Tina responds confused.

"I just…I need to talk to you."

"What's wrong? You never ask me where I am. Do I need to come up to New York? I can. I can get on a bus right now and come to New York. I don't have class tomorrow so I can stay overnight just tell me what to do," Tina worriedly says.

Rachel smiles and bites her lip harder to keep the tears from coming out. "Tina you'd really come? Because I could really use you right now. You wouldn't believe what's happened."

"I'm getting a ticket right now and the bus leaves in a half hour. I'll see you soon ok? Don't worry," her friend assures her.

She says ok and that she'll see Tina soon.

Her friend might be the only one that understands.

x 0 x 0 x

Grace bursts into the room 15 minutes later full of tears and apologies that Rachel can't understand or begin to care about.

So she shuts her up by telling her about Noah.

"What?" the girl shouts. "You and Puck…you…and Puck?"

"Don't make it sound so strange, they've known each other since middle school you know," Mercedes retorts.

"But…you hooked up with his friend last night and-"

"Oh that was nothing," Rachel waves off. "Finn…I dated Finn my freshman year of high school and it was just not a good idea. Last night was a one time thing."

"Are you sure?" Grace asks unconvinced.

"Yes," Rachel begins firmly. "Finn and I have always had a more physical aspect to our relationship. It was never deep. And the physical part was never that good. I mean…last night all he could talk about was how hot I was. But Noah? He said I was beautiful. Even when I had my terribly awkward haircut."

"I've seen that haircut. It was pretty unfortunate," Mercedes agrees.

Grace sits there in wonder. "I just never thought about you two together before. He's been with Brittany and you had Jesse and then Matt and…I don't know."

"I've never actually thought about us together either. And that's the problem," Rachel groans.

"You know Rachel…you need a movie made on your life. Cause really girl? You have too many ridiculous things happen to you," Mercedes comments with a smirk.

"Yeah we need to make friends with a film major. We could make so much money off of telling your story," Grace agrees with laughter.

Rachel cracks a smile. They're probably right. With everything that's happened, her life has turned into a romantic comedy.

And hopefully complete with a cliché happy ending.

x 0 x 0 x

When Tina arrives, Rachel hugs her friend for about 5 minutes and then proceeds to tell her of last night's events.

By the end her jaw is dropped.

"What?" her best friend breathes.

Rachel simply nods solemnly. "He's in love with me."

"Rachel…do you understands what this means?"

"Besides the fact that our middle school years weren't completely pathetic?"

"It means…Noah Puckerman being in love with you means…" Tina trails off.

"See! I can't even comprehend this Tina! What am I supposed to do?" Rachel cries.

"What are you talking about dummy? You meet him tonight, tell him you love him too and then make out with him."

"I'm surprised you didn't tell me to have sex with him," Rachel jokes.

"Well don't do that because then he'll have to spend the night and I'm the one spending the night here," Tina says as if it's obvious.

The two laugh a little as they drink their coffee.

"But really Rach…what's the problem with all of this?" Tina asks seriously.

Rachel takes a deep breathe and begins to speak. "Tina…he just got out of a relationship. A very long-term relationship. He was with Brittany for about 4 years. That's a long time to be with someone…so what if I'm just a rebound? Maybe he does have feelings for me, but I need him to figure this whole thing out with Brittany first. I don't want to get hurt again Tina...especially by Noah."

"Rachel, Puck wouldn't hurt you like that," Tina tells her quietly.

"I'd like to think that Tina but you and I both know that nobody is perfect. No one."

x 0 x 0 x

Rachel spends the rest of the day with Tina and Mercedes, doing homework and cleaning around the apartment.

She gets a text from Noah sometime after dinner, telling her that he'll be over there in 20 minutes. Tina and Mercedes know by the look on her face that "the talk" is coming soon enough.

"Do you want us to leave? We can leave. We can go to Grace's room," Mercedes asks.

Rachel furrows her brows. "No. I have my own room here and I think that'll be enough privacy."

Tina smirks. "Are you sure that's enough privacy because the walls are pretty thin so-"

"Tina!" Rachel gasps. "You know that's not going to happen."

"You sure Rachel? Cause Puck looks like he could get it. Anytime, anywhere," Mercedes jokes.

Her two friends continue to laugh at her expense while Rachel blushes and hides into herself. As nice as that sounds, she doesn't think she'll do anything like that with Noah tonight. This isn't about that. Tonight is about figuring things out…sober.

The girls leave her bedroom and head over to Mercedes bedroom to hide out until Noah leaves. Rachel putters around her room while she waits, straightening things out, making sure her hair isn't in her face and that any food isn't in her teeth.

And what of it if she brushes her teeth. She had garlic bread for dinner!

She just finishes brushing her teeth when she hears a knock on the door. She straightens out her clothes before going over to the door and opening it.

And there he is. Noah leans against the doorway with a warm smile on his face.

"Hey B," he greets her.

"Hi Noah," she breathes. Seeing him face to face, knowing what she knows makes the entire situation more real and palpable. He moves past her to get into the apartment and heads into her room. She comes out of her daze and follows him, scolding herself for getting distracted by his good looks.

He takes off his jacket and she bites her lip when she sees he's wearing a tight black t-shirt that shows off his best assets. He hangs the jacket on her desk chair like he usually does when he comes in here, and sits on her bed waiting for her expectantly.

She looks around the room nervously, fiddling with her hands and wondering where she should sit. He looks at her curiously, waiting for her to sit next to him. Soon she begins pacing the room and Noah raises a brow.

"Uh…are you going to sit down Rachel?"

She stops her pacing and looks at him. "Noah do you still have feelings for Brittany?"

His mouth gapes open a little at this question. "Um…well yeah but-"

"See this is just what I thought. You still have feelings for her but you say you have feelings for me but I think you're just confused and if we actually get into a relationship it'll end up badly and we'll end up like Jake and Grace," Rachel rambles.

"What are you talking about? Rachel of course I have feelings for Brittany. I was with her for 4 years. But I'm not in love with her anymore. I haven't been for awhile. Is that why you're freaking out so much?"

Rachel bites her lip. "Maybe," she mumbles.

Noah holds out his hand to her and tilts his head. "C'mere. Please?"

She relents and takes his hand, making a move to sit next to him on the bed. She settles next to him and resists jumping when he puts his hand on her thigh.

"You're not…you're not a rebound Rach. I wouldn't do that to you," he assures her.

"How do I know that?" Rachel counters.

"Because I'm in love with you. And I know Jesse messed you up but that doesn't mean every guy will do the same thing. I want a chance with you Rachel, on your terms. However you want."

Rachel looks into his eyes and sees the sincerity and warmth that he's trying to convey. Despite her best efforts, she manages to smile when he nudges her with his shoulder.

She stays silent, looking down at her lap even though she feels his eyes on her. When she finally makes a decision, she look at him with a serious look on her face.

"We have to go slow Noah. I mean…I like you too but I don't want us to mess this up."

"Ok," he nods.

"And you have to talk to Brittany. From what I gather you guys are on a break…not necessarily broken up. I know how that can be so you need to settle it. You need to tell her you don't intend on being with her again."

He nods again in agreement. "You're right. The break was her idea but we do have to talk. I don't know why she wanted it because it came out of nowhere but yeah. She needs to know we're not going to happen again. You're the one I want Rachel."

Rachel blushes and turns her head away from Noah shyly. He chuckles lightly and squeezes her thigh.

"You have to know that by now right? That I pretty much want to punch any guy that's ever come near you. I want you to myself," he murmurs in her ear. He lifts his hand from her thigh to turn her head to face him.

She breathes sharply, seeing that their faces are so close together. She can feel his breath on her cheek and she reminds herself to take normal breaths so that she doesn't hyperventilate like a crazy person.

"Would kissing you be too fast B?" he whispers against her cheek.

"N-no," she answers shakily.

He tilts her head slightly more before leaning in and pressing his mouth against hers. His lips are softer than she would think. She kisses him back softly, putting her hand to the back of his head to bring him closer. He nips at her lips a little bit, making her giggle and lean into him more.

They stare at each other with warm smiles on their faces.

"Would it be embarrassing for me to say that was better than I ever imagined it to be?" Rachel giggles.

Noah smirks. "You dream about me baby?"

Rachel merely shrugs with a coy smile.

She reminds herself to take a breath while Noah kisses her cheek goodbye later that night.

x 0 x 0 x

Even though she's starting something with Noah, her life doesn't get any easier.

This week starts the final week before the musical opens which means hell week. As much as she would love to spend time with Noah, she can't since she has to be at rehearsal every single night.

She's walking home from her vocal lesson Tuesday afternoon when she gets a rare call from her daddy. She smiles and answers the phone happily.

Her dads don't call her that often. For the most part they give her the space she needs and she appreciates that. They know that if it's actually an emergency, she'll call them.

"Hi daddy!" she greets as she sits down on a bench.

"Rachel! How are you honey? How are classes? I know it's a busy week with the musical coming this weekend."

"Yeah it's a lot. They call it hell week. We have rehearsal every day but thankfully it's not affecting my work too much. It's just limiting my social life I guess."

"Don't forget to tell Mercedes to record everything for us! I want to see your debut," he reminds her.

She laughs. "Sure daddy I won't forget."

"So what else is going on? Anything interesting…and when I say interesting I mean any boys?" her daddy pries.

Rachel giggles and shakes her head. Her daddy is usually the gossip. She never minds telling him about any of her relationships. Sometimes he actually gives good advice.

"Well," she drawls. "There is a boy. A boy you know very well."

There's a pause on the other line.

"A boy I know? Well I know it's not that Jake boy and…is it…no…it's not Noah is it?"

"Well…it is actually," she confirms sheepishly.

She expects 2 extreme reactions. Complete happiness because it's Noah or complete horror because as far as anyone else knows Noah and Brittany are happy and together.

"Honey that's so strange because I was talking about Noah to someone at work today," her daddy says in amazement. "I was telling them about how he's a music major and writes his own songs since the man I was talking to knows a producer. That's really great Rachel," he finishes happily.

"It's not official or anything but we're definitely talking," she says shyly.

"Honey that's so great. I remember you had such a crush on him in middle school! And then he kept saying no and I kept thinking he was kind of an idiot. Seems like he wised up now."


"What! It's true!"

"He's not a stupid boy. And I don't know where this is going but we're just talking and seeing where it goes. Taking it slow."

"Are you taking it slow because you think that's smart? Or because you're scared?" her father asks knowingly.

"It's not that I'm scared dad! It's just…he just broke up with Brittany and I just don't want this to be a rebound. I need to know this is real."

"Oh baby…you've been hurt so badly that you're holding yourself back," her daddy tuts sympathetically.

"What-what are you talking about?" Rachel says defensively.

"Honey, I think we both know that Noah is very different from Jesse. You've known him since you were in middle school. You've been good friends since getting to NYU. Do you really think he would hurt you the way Jesse did and go back to Brittany? I can't find a reason for him to break up with Brittany and get together with you other than he must really like you."

"She broke up with him dad. And that's just it! Apparently they've been having problems for the past few months and decided to take a break. And while I know he has some kind of feelings for me, I don't know if they're as strong as he says they are. Not after 4 years with Brittany. So yes I am scared because I don't want to be hurt by someone I've thought so highly of for all these years," she explains fiercely.

"I understand that. But…just trust him a little ok? Before you miss out on something great."

"I will dad. I have to go but I'll call you again soon ok?"

"Ok. I love you Rachel," he tells her sincerely.

"I love you too daddy," she replies before hanging up.

She continues her walk home and feels the vibration of a text message. She looks at the screen and sees it's Noah.

Have time for a coffee break before rehearsal?

She frowns a little bit and quickly sends a text message back.

Can't. I have a few things to do before rehearsal. Sorry.

In reality all she has to do is take a nap and eat dinner. She could do that with Noah.

But she's too scared to.

x 0 x 0 x

The next few days are a blur.

It's probably irrational but she's almost positive her professors conspired together to make every important thing for their classes the same week as the opening of the musical. She has to lead a discussion for astronomy, an exam in her Shakespeare theater class, and a monologue performance for her theater workshop.

This basically gives her really good excuses to avoid Noah.

She could spend time with him. She has little nooks and crannies in her day that could be spent with him, but the fact of the matter is she gets scared.

She expected to feel better after their talk Sunday night, and while everything was wonderful, she felt the doubt creep up as soon as he left. Now that she knows how good it feels to even be remotely close to him, she doesn't want that to be ripped away from her.

So she hides and runs away. She leaves her room early in the morning for class and comes home late at night after rehearsal. She feigns homework, class, and other excuses when Noah texts her.

It's not until Thursday that Mercedes is finally able to sit her down long enough to snap her out of it.

"So…how are things with Puck?" Mercedes asks curiously while they eat dinner.

"Oh well…I haven't had time to see him this week because of how busy it is," Rachel answers.

"Well…he could be eating dinner with us right now," Mercedes says with a raised brow, already onto Rachel.

"But this is you and me time," Rachel shrugs sheepishly.

"Girl I see you all the time stop the bullshit."

"Mercedes I don't know what you're getting at," Rachel sputters.

"What I'm getting at is that you're running away from him. You're finding excuses to not see him so that you don't have to face anything. Remember…I know you," Mercedes tells her sternly.

Rachel doesn't say anything and simply keeps looking down at her food and eating it quietly.

"Rach…have you thought about the fact that maybe this was all supposed to happen?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean…of all the places you both could apply to, you apply to NYU. And out of all the kids that apply here every year you both get in. Both of you! And then with that you get accepted into the same dorm. Scratch that you get placed across the hall from each other. Rachel these things don't happen accidentally."

Rachel looks down at her food forlornly, knowing Mercedes is right.

She kind of hates it when Mercedes is right and she's wrong.

"All I'm saying is, you can't fight fate Rachel. And everything happens for a reason. Every moment in our lives leads to something, and maybe everything between you and Puck has led to this. I know you're scared because of his past relationships and your past relationships, but have you ever thought that maybe those happened to make you two grow? You couldn't have been ready to be together when you were in 7th grade but you're older, wiser. And I think you're ready….you just have to believe it."

She fights back tears by biting her lip hard. She coughs a little bit and gets up to go throw away her food and clean up her plate. The room is silent, for Mercedes has nothing else to say and Rachel doesn't want to say anything.

When she's done cleaning, she goes into her room to grab her bag and make sure she has everything she needs.

Before she leaves, she turns to Mercedes and mutters a "thank you" before walking out the door.

x 0 x 0 x

On Friday, Noah is hardly a worry in her mind.

She's making her debut tonight.

Sure, it's a supporting role but she has to sing and act tonight. She has to do what she's been dreaming of. This is what she's meant for.

She spends her morning going over things with her vocal coach who wishes her the best of luck and demands she drinks plenty of tea with lemon and honey. She might as well give herself an I.V. of it.

She spends her afternoon running errands and relaxing in her favorite coffee shop going over lines and catching up on her celebrity gossip.

She doesn't hear from Noah all day besides a 'Good luck tonight.' She gets many of those from all of her friends, including Tina who is supposed to be coming for the weekend.

She heads to the theater around 4 to help everyone set things up. She knows how hard it is to be part of the backstage crew so she makes an effort to help them out when she has the time during rehearsal. She sets up her costume in her corner of the girl's dressing room, makes sure all her make up is in order, and sets up her hair in front of the mirror.

Before she knows it, it's curtain call.

x 0 x 0 x

When she gets off the stage the adrenaline high is amazing.

She's never felt so exhilarated in her life.

She's performed in front of audiences before but to be on a stage in NY and get the kind of response she got? It's absolutely amazing.

She could hear the laughter when she said her lines. Her character has more one liners and is a source of comedic relief, and she knows she did a good job by the fact that everyone laughed at her antics.

And then there was her solo.

Usually people don't clap at the end of someone's part in a group number unless they really liked it. And they loved hers.

She rushes backstage after taking a bow with the rest of the cast and goes to take off her make-up and change quickly. The rest of the girls trail in and everyone congratulates each other on a great show tonight. The lead, Darlene, comes up to Rachel and nudges her.

"Hey Rach, you were really good tonight. The crowd loved you. Keep it up and you could probably get a really great role in next years show," the girl tells her with a sincere smile.

With wide eyes, Rachel nods gratefully at the older girl. Unless she's asking for something, Darlene hardly ever talks to her. She walks away with a nod and Rachel continues getting ready in a daze.

When she comes up the stairs to the main lobby, she immediately spots her friends.

Tina immediately sees her and begins yelling about how fantastic she was in the middle of the lobby full of people. Rachel blushes profusely as she walks over to the group, knowing that everyone is staring at her. She accepts their hugs and kisses with a smile, grateful that her friends were able to see this moment. She knows they're not just being nice when they say she did a great job.

She looks up from her conversation with Grace though to look around the room.

There's one person she hasn't seen.

Mercedes recognizes the look on her face and puts a hand on her shoulder to alert her.

"He's outside," she tells her knowingly.

Rachel nods and excuses herself, walking quickly to the main entrance and going out the doors.

She finds him immediately, sitting on a bench with his head down and his leg shaking. He has a bouquet of roses sitting next to him.

She's such a stupid girl.

She walks over to the bench and picks up the roses so that she can sit next to him. She puts her hand on his shoulder gently to alert him of her presence and he looks at her with a grin.

"Hey there," she greets.

"You…you were really good Rachel," he compliments.

His approval seems to have the biggest effect on her, and she tries to hide the smile on her face by putting her head down and letting her hair shield her face.

Her efforts are thwarted however, when Noah reaches over to pull her hair behind her ear.

"I haven't seen you all week," he says quietly.

"Yeah I know. That's mostly my fault. I'm sorry," she apologizes.

"S'fine. If I had seen you I would have been able to tell you that I talked to Brittany."

This catches her attention and she looks at him surprised. "Really?"

"Yeah. Why do you look so surprised though? I told you I would talk to her," he reminds her.

Rachel shrugs. "I don't know I guess I didn't want to get my hopes up."

Noah sighs and reaches his arm over to wrap around Rachel's waist and bring her closer to him.

"I told her it was over. That there wasn't a chance of us getting back together because I have feelings for you and it wouldn't be fair to either of you to keep that going," he explains.

"What did she say to that?" she asks nervously.

Noah scoffs. "Well she wasn't really happy. She thought we just needed space and time to figure things out. I mean she's pissed and I'm sorry about that but there isn't much I can do."

Rachel nods in understanding and sighs. "I'm an idiot too you know."

"What are you talking about?"

"I've been avoiding you," she admits guiltily.

"Gee I didn't notice," he retorts.

"I'm so sorry. I've been so stupid and…scared. But I don't think I am anymore. I missed not hearing from you today you know."

"Really?" he smiles.

She nods and leans up to kiss him on his cheek. "Yeah," she breathes. He looks at her intently with a look in his eye Rachel doesn't recognize.

"I guess we'll be 2 idiots together huh," he comments before giving her a quick peck on her lips. She giggles and opens her mouth to say something else but is interrupted by the arrival of the rest of their friends.

"Yo lovebirds! What are we doing?" Jake calls out.

"Well my roommates are throwing a party tonight if you guys want to come over or whatever," Noah informs them. Everyone else agrees and starts to walk over.

Noah gets up and gestures for Rachel to hand him her bag. She smiles brightly as he puts it over his shoulder and takes her hand.

She spends most of the walk to his apartment holding his hand and smelling her roses.

x 0 x 0 x

The party is in full swing and Rachel can say she's never had this much fun.

Maybe it's the peace of knowing her life is in order, that things are going her way.

Or maybe it's the way Noah watches her from across the room.

She stands around drinking beer with Tina and Mercedes, laughing and dancing with her two best friends. Noah is on the other side of the room hanging out with his friends.

She shimmies against Mercedes playfully and laughs when Tina busts out a ridiculous move. She looks to Noah again and sees he's not even paying attention to what his friend is saying. He only has eyes for her.

She holds his gaze and grins shyly, contemplating whether or not she should tell him to come over. He makes the decision for her though and excuses himself from his conversation to make his way over to her.

When he reaches her, he stays behind her and lays his hands on her hips. The beat of the music is fast but she moves her hips slowly to the beat. His breath is on her neck and as she continues to dance his right hand wanders down to her thigh. She places her hands on top of his, letting him know she trusts him.

They dance for awhile longer, not saying anything and not noticing anyone around them. The song changes to one she knows she doesn't like, so she turns around and takes his hand, leading him off to a familiar hallway.

She doesn't know why she wants to do this. Maybe she wants to make a point or make it their space. Whatever the case, she just wants Noah around her.

She finds the door to his bedroom and leans against the wall next to it. He looks around the hallway, recognizing the significance and gives Rachel a smirk. He leans into her, boxing her in with his body.

"We don't have to do this you know," he tells her.

She nods. "I know…but I want to." She fiddles with the collar of his shirt and looks at him shyly. She pulls the collar of his shirt to bring his head down and raises herself on the tips of her toes to kiss him properly.

It's slow, shy, like all of their other kisses. They're hesitant to move beyond this phase, this more than friends stage they've always known. She pushes past his lips with her tongue in an effort to urge them along. She touches his chest, moving her hand slowly downward. He groans as she deepens the kiss, running his hand through her hair and tilting her head so he has better access.

They eventually separate with labored breath and Noah looks at her pleadingly. "Tell me if this is too fast."

"It's not. It's too slow."

He sighs against her lips and wraps his arms around her waist to press their bodies together. He kisses her lips quickly and looks at her intently again.

"Are you sure," he presses.

She nods with a glassy look in her eyes. "I'm going to stay here tonight Noah," she states firmly.

He mutters a 'fuck' under his breath before walking backward into his bedroom with her still attached to him.

She won't hold back anymore.

x 0 x 0 x

She wakes up the next morning nestled against him in one of his shirts with a content smile on her face.

The air in his room is on full blast, making the it shockingly cold. She burrows herself deeper into the bed, hiding her face in the warmth of his neck. He groans at her movement and opens his eyes blearily.

"God what time is it?" he rasps. She moves her eyes over to his alarm clock to see the time.

"10am," she mumbles.

"Fuck it's early," he groans.

She giggles. "What are you talking about? I'm showered and ready for the day by this time."

"That's because you're a morning person. You always were a morning person."

She grins at his remembrance. He remembers everything when it comes to her.

They lay in bed in silence, wrapping themselves around each other to escape the cold outside of the bed. He strokes her upper thigh while giving her a small kiss on her forehead, making her sigh happily.

"Let me take you out tonight," he whispers.

"I have the show tonight. Actually I have a matinee today too," she remembers.

"Let me take you out after. You deserve it. Just us and shit. I mean our friends are cool but they all don't really matter right now."

"Ok…can we go to that jazz club I told you about? I haven't been there in so long."

"Sure baby," he answers with a yawn. "Let's go back to sleep."

"Noah I can't sleep that much longer, I have 2 shows," she admonishes.

"Just another half hour," he pleads sleepily. His eyes are already closed.

She tilts her head up slightly to look at his face. He's made up of defined features and hardness, but when he sleeps she's reminded of that mischievous but still innocent boy she fell for in 7th grade.

"Ok…30 more minutes," she whispers before settling against him again.

x 0 x 0 x

They don't make things official for another 3 weeks.

"You do it," Rachel pleads with him.

"Why do I have to do it?" he says with hands up.

"I don't know. God why can't we just let it be the way it is," she groans.

"Because letting our facebook status say we're single would be a lie," he parrots back the words she said a few days earlier.

They sit at her desk with her laptop in front of them, fighting over which one will make their relationship official on facebook.

"Whatever I'll just do it," Noah says defeated. Rachel smiles gratefully while he clicks and types on her laptop for a few minutes.

The only way to describe her life right now is…happy.

The semester is ending out but she finally feels like she has a handle on everything now.

But she's never been this at peace. She's never felt like she's exactly where she's supposed to be. But in this moment, she is.

He pushes the computer towards her when he's done, and Rachel bites her lip with satisfaction at the words on her screen.

Rachel Berry is in a relationship with Noah Puckerman

"What do you think everyone from middle school will say?" she wonders.

"It's about time," he remarks.

She smacks him playfully with a gasp. "Why would they say something like that?"

"Oh please babe everyone knew you liked me in middle school," he scoffs.

"No they didn't!" she exclaims.

"Uh…yeah they did," he says seriously.

The two continue back and forth not noticing Mercedes giggling at them in the doorway. The girl watches her two friends argue back and forth until Noah begins tickling Rachel and picks her up to throw her on her bed.

Mercedes shakes her head, and walks away from the room to go back over to her own.

Everything happens for a reason, she ponders. Noah and Rachel ending up together happens to be a very good one.