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He didn't even know how he'd gotten here in the first place anymore.

Shizuo was two drinks short of plastered. He hadn't even wanted the first one, but a half-drunken Kyohei had slid the drink toward him and told him it was the best thing he'd ever experience in the entire fucking world. From all the flashing and changing lights around them, Shizuo hadn't been able to tell what color the drink was. He knew it wasn't beer, at least, because he hated beer.

One drink wouldn't hurt, right?

Ten minutes later that question turned into a statement and the "one" became a "two", and a "three", and hell, how many had he had? A near-empty cosmo was sitting in his hand right now. The pulsing music rang in his ears like a heartbeat and he couldn't get a good grip on the floor. A very hammered and thoroughly convinced Togusa and Walker were dancing against one another in the crowd while Erika cheered them on, a strawberry daiquiri dangling limply from her fingers and a cell phone capturing photos in the other. Shizuo was finding it increasingly difficult to clear his head.

How had he gotten himself into this situation again?

"Shizuo!" Kyohei drawled, throwing an arm around his shoulders and practically falling on it. "Duuude! Is this the best birthday ever or is this the best birthday ever?" He patted him on the back. "How's it feel to be twenty-five?"

…Oh yeah.

Shizuo tried to mumble something in response but his words slurred, and Kyohei wasn't paying attention anyway. He wondered if the red, green and blue lights would be enough to give someone a seizure, and if anyone would care.

Suddenly there was a loud cheer from the stage, and all the lights turned to focus on the pole at its center. There had been a few dancers flouncing their curvy bodies and smooth skin for a while, but it looked like now was the main attraction. A speaker whined as it was turned on, and then a voice – Shizuo couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman with how much the music pounded alcohol into his ears – silenced the men who had gathered at the edge of the stage.

"Gentlemen… Ladies…"

"I put in a good word for you!" Kyohei shouted in his ear over the music. But Shizuo didn't bother stringing together those words until they made sense, and found himself hanging on the announcer's words. He really was curious, all of a sudden.

"Now for the star of the night! The one you've all been waiting for…"

The stage lights faded, and he could dimly see a figure prance up to the pole, hips swaying. A striped leg curled around the base and raised, showing off the back thigh's pale flawless skin.

"The one… the only… Kanra!"

A spotlight crashed down to reveal the drop-dead gorgeous beauty. Brilliant red eyes behind a lace mask scanned the crowd before they settled on Shizuo. Shizuo hadn't realized that his jaw had dropped until he closed his mouth. Cherry lips pulled into a seductive smirk, and that thin leg kicked out to show off black heels and a ribbon around the ankle.

Synthesized music began to build through the speakers. It pulsed through the crowd and made its way to Kanra's body as she swung herself around the pole, arching her back and reaching a gloved arm out to the crowd. Each man she pointed at looked like they might faint with pure infatuation. She pinned her back to the pole and slid down, showing off just enough succulent skin underneath the skirt, then undulated her hips as she slid back up. Her mouth dropped open while her expression was enough to make most of the men feel like they were already at their limit. Kanra slid down the pole again, running a hand through the back of her short black hair, and thrusted her leg out and up. Several customers leaned over to get a better look.

Kanra stepped back from the pole and turned away from the enraptured audience. It was then that she bent over, and it was like the entire world could see up her skirt to reveal red and black panties. Her fingers crawled through her thighs to pull her legs apart, and they slithered down to her knees. Kanra gave the men a smile through her legs, swaying her hips invitingly.

Shizuo was surprised that no one had jumped onstage and taken her already.

Kanra's eyes flitted to him, and her smile grew bigger. She stood seductively, using one finger to press the mask back onto her face, and began to step toward him. Cheers and whistles sounded from the other men, none of them wondering what Heiwajima Shizuo was doing here. He glanced at Kyohei, who gave him a thumbs up with the hand that was holding his beer.

"Are you the birthday boy?" Kanra mouthed with those glistening cerise lips he could claim right now, they were so close that he almost forgot to nod. She came down to the stage floor on her knees, opening her legs wide. The catcalls grew louder but Shizuo suddenly couldn't hear them. Kanra leaned over the edge on her hands and knees and he automatically pulled himself closer. He was starting to feel dizzy from a combination of alcohol and arousal, and her words were his only support. She tilted forward until her lips almost brushed his ear. Shizuo shivered with anticipation, body frozen.

Over her shoulder, Shizuo saw the beautiful curve of her back and the supple ripples in her shoulders. There was an adorable mole on her neck and what he wouldn't give to completely ravish it right now.An intoxicating aroma of jasmine had his head spinning.

"Come backstage after the show," Kanra purred into his ear. "Room 243, don't be late~" Her voice turned his legs to jelly. She backed away, her lips ghosted over but never touched his, and she smiled. Eyes glazed over, he leaned, following her lips, as she fell away. She stood and placed her heel on his shoulder. All she had to do was press lightly, and Shizuo dropped into the chair beneath him. Kanra smirked at the stunned expression on his face and blew him a kiss as she danced to disappear behind the curtain.