Normally, Shizuo would have zipped up his pants, grabbed his shirt off the floor and bolted, but his body felt too weak in the aftermath and after a few swimming thoughts he decided to succumb to sleep. Having released not once but twice was taxing enough.

He awoke to a pair of arms draped over him. The warm thin body beside him shifted and snuggled into his chest and moaned warmly in his sleep. Two extra legs entwined with his own, soft feet dragging against his calves. Unfortunately, Shizuo's memories took a little while to catch up with his consciousness. Shizuo sat up suddenly, and Izaya clung to him for a moment before falling back limply onto the couch. He buttoned up his pants and scoured the floor for his shirt, only to have his eyes drift back to Izaya as he frowned.

The flea snored.

Why the hell did it seem so endearing?

Izaya curled into the empty space and shivered. His only clothing was still the red and black panties, and he shivered without the comfort of another warm body. Shizuo flipped him over gently, grimaced at the dried seed across his abdomen, and wiped it all off with a few tissues. Izaya wriggled in the cushions, and one of his striped socks slipped to his ankle.

Shizuo fumbled to get his arms through the sleeves and, as he stood, felt the full effects of hangover. His head pounded, the world spun, and the whole thing made him wish for the entire world to end. Why the hell had he even agreed to go out?

Oh hey, he thought, I'm twenty-five now.

Shizuo finished the last of the buttons and made for the door when a breathy whisper behind him stopped the blond dead in his tracks.


He turned cautiously, anticipating Izaya's usual red-eyed gaze of amusement. But Izaya still lay asleep, head turned away to expose the large hickey he'd planted on his neck, and Shizuo watched his arm finally fall off the edge of the couch to brush the floor.


Izaya's eyes fluttered open as he felt unusually warm. He peeled himself from the couch and grasped his head. His ass totally hurt, but he'd been through worse. Shizu-chan hadn't been the most ruthless of his clients.

He rubbed his eyes, smudging eye makeup and mascara across his fingers. His lips felt swollen and sensitive, as he moved his mouth a little and winced when the skin started to peel and crack. Izaya swept his tongue across them, tasting both his own essence along with Shizuo's, nicotine with a hint of alcohol.

His hands dropped into his lap only to hit a mass of black. Fingers played with the tan fur fringe, and Izaya grinned to himself as he slipped it on over his bare torso.

Tom let Shizuo have the day off due to the previous night's escapades — choosing to avoid conversation if he brought up the fact that Shizuo smelled like sex and vodka. Shizuo went back to his apartment for aspirin, water and a shower to clear his headache and headed back out into the city.

It was Izaya's voice behind him that brought him back to reality.

"Flea…" he growled, turning slowly to face the informant. He wasn't in the mood to talk about last night, but did feel like he needed to get a good pounding out of his system. His clenched fist relaxed, however, as Izaya stood there wearing only his trademark jacket and black pants. Izaya shifted his jacket to the side a little to expose his bare chest littered with marks and flitted his fingers along the large one on the mole of his neck.

"Shizu-chan~" he chanted, though the tone held the faintest trace of a moan. Shizuo swallowed at the sound, mind bringing itself back to Izaya's seductive voice in his ear and the body that had writhed beneath him.

"What do you want?" Shizuo managed to choke out.

"I got your message, Shizu-chan. You could have covered me in Kanra's dress, but instead you rummaged for the jacket I tried so hard to hide. Is there something you'd like to tell me?~"

Shizuo lost it when his eyes traveled down to the waist of Izaya's pants, where Izaya's finger played with a flash of red lace panties underneath. He stepped forward and gripped his wrist, glaring with a grin into the informant's eyes that toyed with his own.

"Are you fucking with me?"

Izaya's smile only grew wider as he stretched up on his tiptoes and whispered into his ear, "That's the plan~"

Shizuo brought a finger to the red trace under the hem of his pants and returned the gesture. "Only if these come off."

They both knew their relationship could never go back to the way it was. But neither seemed to mind as Izaya took his hand and dragged him discreetly through the streets to a place where they could be as loud as they wished.