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R.I.P Anna…

Epilogue: Somewhere Else

Loki held the child in his arms as he sat. Vali was nearly too heavy to tote around anymore, while his persistent questions ringing endlessly in his father's ears.

"How many worlds are there again, father?" Vali asked, his voice quite developed for a three year old, his vernacular without reproach.

"Nine," Loki mussed up his son's dark hair, gazing into Vali's wandering blue eyes, "Nine is our sacred number."

"What holds them up again, father?"

"The great tree, Yggdrassil."


"How do we travel to other worlds again, father?"

"Vali," Anna came sweeping into the little garden through one of the stone archways, "Don't talk your poor father's ears off."

Narvi's little hand rested in her slender white fingers as they made their way through her garden and towards the Asgardian prince. Loki's son's dark hair stuck out in little tufts of raven black, Narvi's eyes mirroring his father's deep emerald orbs. He was a quiet child, Narvi, but his sharp wit and silver tongue were already making their appearances as he grew. Vali leapt from Loki's lap and ran to his mother, burying his face in the pale green velvet of her dress.

Whispering something in his brother's ear, Vali clasped Narvi's hand in his and they scampered away. Their silver laughter echoed in the golden halls of Asgard.

"They're growing too fast," Loki observed, drawing his startled wife into his lap when she drew near, "Not nearly enough time to be young."

"That's what they get for being part human." Anna giggled lightly as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and groaned.

Sobering, Loki lay his head upon his wife's frail shoulder and sighed contentedly.

"They are perfect." He murmured. "Equal, in every way."

"Well," Anna smiled softly, "Twins do run in my family. It was bound to happen."

Loki smirked and held his little wife closer still. "My family-"

-This was where Loki would always wake.

Sitting up in his black silk sheets, Loki woke in a cold sweat. It had been this way since… since she had left him. The visions he had once foreseen when she was alive had become his never failing nightmare. A heavenly blessing in the dead of night, these visions of the life he would have led, became bitter poison upon his tongue at the first sign of morning. It was always the same: two sons, two perfect little princes of Asgard, and his little miracle of a wife at his side.

Sighing, he slid his metal helmet upon his head, horns gleaming satanically in dawn's faint light. Sif and the others had left him. He would send the Destroyer upon them this morning, as was his plan. He wanted to watch Thor suffer, wanted to watch his human plaything die on his accord. Thor would suffer the same pain and agony that he, Loki, had to suffer at the hands of his careless brother.

"He let her die…" Loki whispered fervently, his sacred chant. "He let them take her away… He let her die…"

Now, Thor would pay…

At The Bifrost's Broken Bridge…

"I could have done it!" Loki cried, his voice frail and quaking as he swung from Gungnir, from his brother's grasp, begging his eyes not to shed a tear. "For you! For all of us!"

Images of his sons, his wife flashing before him.

Loki gazed up into his father's passive face. Although unmoved, Odin's eyes betrayed his radiating disappointment however. Then, he spoke those two little words Loki had grown to despise over the events of the past year.

"No, Loki." Odin whispered.

No, Loki… Over and over in his head her voice rang out like an echoing bell… No, Loki… No, Loki… No, Loki… No, Loki… No, Loki… Again and again those words spun around in his wind, whirling and entwining themselves fiercely around the thin surface of his sanity, pressing down, down, down…

No, Loki…

"Loki-NO!" Thor's roar echoed in Loki's head as his fingers grew slack around the end of Gungnir.

To fall into oblivion, Loki thought, and land in the arms of my beloved…

He closed his eyes and smiled…


Loki seethed. He writhed. He spat and cursed and snapped and hexed the entirety of this bloody world. The only solace was the faint glow of the cosmic cube. That little glowing device, clear blue as her eyes. With its power he could do anything, create anything, destroy anything... even bring back the dead.

He could do it. It was so simple, he thought, mere child's play, really. He would bring her back, take back the life he would have had, the life he wanted, the life he deserved. But, of course, not before extracting a little revenge while he was at it. There was no harm in stirring a little chaos


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