Full Summary:

Ariolla and her people survived an alien enemy known only as the Harvesters. Ariolla's planet was in the Pegasus Galaxy; years after the ones called the Ancients lost the war to wraith, and before the wraith knew how to completely control the galaxy. When the wraith found out about Ariolla and her people, at first they wanted to destroy them, but when they got to the planet, they found out the truth as to why they really were the last of their kind. Now, that threat has come to Earth, and the only hope for our survival lies in the hands of those survivors that fled to Earth after surviving the Harvesters. Their ships mimicked those of the Ancients, invisible and the ability to fight the only thing that stood between death and freedom. What happens when all the wraith head to Atlantis with the rest of Ariolla's people, who had escaped to the stars with the help of the wraith as their allies? Will the wraith, the rest of Ariolla's people plus their ships, the people of Atlantis and the military be able to get to Earth before the invasion begins?


6,000 Light-Years From Earth:

Ariolla had been eight when the invasion of her planet from the Harvesters had begun. Those that were able to get away from the monsters went underground until they got word from their allies. Two months after the invasion that took her parents and one of their lead scientists along with three fourths of the population of her people, the wraith gave the signal that it was alright to come above ground.

When Ariolla, her brother and the rest of their people came above ground, the wraith hive ships had settled on the planet and the wraith were coming the ground, helping people up out of the underground shelters that had been built in preparations for such an invasion. Two things were known, the monsters were afraid of water and fire. Water burned there skin and they shriveled up and died and fire; well fire just burned the monsters into a crisp form and it blinded them so that they could neither see nor smell there victims.

With the wraith ships on the ground and the cruisers in orbit to keep an eye out just to make sure the Harvesters didn't come back, the wraith queens ordered their soldiers to help the survivors pack up all that they could and get onto the ships, then they would relocate them anywhere they wished to go. Ariolla knew that some of her people would head to Earth, to a place they had come from long ago before ever knowing of the Pegasus Galaxy. JonJin, Ariolla's brother, on the other hand said that they would take to space, keeping one step ahead of the Harvesters, making sure that no other planets were affected by them.

The wraith ships took those that wanted to go to Earth to Earth and then retreated back to the Pegasus Galaxy. They purposely lost the coordinates to Earth so that they would never have to feed upon their allies. They never thought that they would need the coordinates to return to Earth and save those refugees once again. A Peace Agreement was signed between Ariolla's people and the wraith. No matter what happened, if the Harvesters came to Earth, the wraith along with all the allies of JonJin and the rest of the people that took to the skies would journey to Earth and protect it from a far worse enemy then the wraith.

The Harvesters didn't care if the brains they took were of the human kind or of the alien kind, a brain was a brain, didn't matter where they took it from. And by signing the Peace Pact, the wraith only took from the Pegasus Galaxy what they could live on and nothing more. Though, Ariolla and JonJin knew nothing of the war between the new people of Atlantis and the Wraith, the Wraith still kept the honor of the Peace Agreement close to them, knowing that when the time came, they would need to sacrifice the right to ever feed from Earth's people in order to save Earth as well as there friends who had journeyed there nearly twenty years ago.

Los Angeles Field Office:

Ariolla had taken the last name Johnson when she and the other refugees had come to Earth. They knew that they would need ID's to become citizen's of the US and that they would need to acquire social security numbers and would do so by taking the numbers of dead people and using them. They had had the technology to make the numbers say that they were the people who were actually dead. When Ariolla had graduated high school, she went to the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia to become what she knew to be a leader for her people. Acquiring the skills of an FBI agent would help her with protecting this planet from the Harvesters when and if they ever showed up.

She was new to Agent Eppes' team. They didn't really trust her because she had just gotten there and had only been out of the Academy for two years before coming to them. She had originally worked in DC but then had been transferred to LA when she was told that someone within the FBI wanted her there. She didn't understand who it was that wanted her there until she actually went up to meet the Director of that particular office. And that's when she knew, that no matter how far you try to hide your past, someone always knows that you are not who you say you are. Ariolla came face to face with one of the refugees, an older man who had come with them twenty years ago after the siege on there planet, had climbed the ladder and become a very important person in LA, Mayor of the City to be exact. He had had her transferred knowing that she was the only one that possessed one of their invisible ships.

So after she got as settled as she felt necessary, she started her first day at work. At the age of twenty-eight, Ariolla had known the hardships of losing her family to a War that was most likely going to be coming to Earth one day. The Mayor, a man known to her people as Shoalin, had taken the name Michael Roberts. She had looked up to him while she was growing up, since being separated from her brother and her parents no longer alive. The only person to ever survive being captured by the Harvesters was a scientist named Coarlyn, his brain had been put into one of their monsters and he had fought against it until her one it back. But he still had the body of the monsters, which was why he was going to come in handy. We could strap a camera to him and make sure the whole invasion was documented. The military and government wasn't going to be able to keep it quiet at all.

Coarlyn was with the wraith, aboard one of the Hives that had stayed just out of orbit of a planet some three million miles from Earth, just on the other side of Pluto. A camera had been implanted into his head, so that the other monsters wouldn't be able to realize that they were being videotaped and it was the easiest way to access the information from the camera. Every one of the ships that Ariolla and her people had (almost 2,000 on Earth alone) could hold up to 2,000 people each and all were accessible by the refugees who lived in the cities near them. Coarlyn only had to sound an alarm alerting the pilots of the ships to get everyone and anyone into the ships and start evacuating them to the Hive Ship. The wraith darts would also be deployed to pick up any and all humans that needed to be picked up.

With Coarlyn and the wraith just outside orbit of Pluto, the 2,000 ships on Earth, the darts and the weapons that Ariolla and her people had manufactured on the ships on Earth, the battle that was about to come to Earth would be in full swing and people that were being evacuated by both Ariolla and her people and the wraith at the same time would be able to get many people to safety before the Harvesters had any idea what was going on.

Ariolla walked onto the Violent Crimes Unit Floor for the first day, knowing that a war was coming to Earth and not letting on to anyone what she really knew. Don and the team seemed not to like her since the only reason she got the job was because the Mayor had requested that she be transferred from DC to LA. He seemed to know her or something like that. To Don and the team, the girl looked younger then she really was, but older in a way they couldn't put there fingers on it. Ariolla noted that the team seemed to regard her as an agent that they didn't need, but ignored it seeing as the real reason she was there was to save the people of LA before the Harvesters decided to show there ugly heads.

For the first three weeks, Ariolla mainly did desk work since none of the agents would go out into the field with her. For Ariolla, it was a common thing. People simply just didn't trust her and she didn't care. She was a better fighter and warrior then anyone on Earth, including the soldiers here. This planet was about to get a rude awakening. Nobody would forget it and Ariolla and her people would have a lot of explaining to do when it was over and the Harvesters were destroyed once and for all.

Ariolla woke up on the fourth week of her being in LA to an alarm sounding from the ship. She was up and in the garage within a matter of seconds. The invasion was about to begin. She packed all of her belongings into the ship, pulled the cover off of it and started it up. Being invisible to the naked human eye, the ship would be useful to get everyone that was flightless off the planet (which meant every human they could find) no matter what the consequences were. The first thing Ariolla did, was head up to the Hive Ship that had started orbiting Earth and docked, moving all of her belongings into one of the cells on board. Then she took control of the wraith and people that had stayed on board to keep Earth safe when the time came.

Will Ariolla and her people be able to get the rest of the people to safety as the Harvesters move in to make there first strike against Earth?...