Full Summary:

There's a new firefighter in the house. Why does Shane not trust her? And more importantly, who wants her dead? Can Shane & J.J. figure out what she's hiding?

Michaelle Shahlavi:

My last firehouse was attacked nearly three months after I was assigned to work there. My co-workers didn't seem to realize that the only reason that firehouse was attacked was because of me. My ex-boyfriend tried to kill me when I was fourteen and because of that, I believe that I am the only deaf firefighter and part-time paramedic. And because I couldn't hear anything, my parents had taken me to the local shelter, but no animals said that I could trust them. When my parents and I went to the zoo, I had headed straight for the tiger cage. My parents watched as a tiger cub ventured up from the floor of the cage to the visitor's section and started sniffing at the fence. The zookeepers were trying to figure out what the cub was doing. But most of all the adult tigers were starting to get a little agitated. They had started moving towards the visiting area.

I guess the cub could sense that there was something different with me because it was sniffing at my hands as if I needed him to help me. The adult tigers stood still as the cub slipped into my arms and started to relax. Turns out, the cub was the runt of the litter and none of the zookeepers had been able to get him to eat. It also turns out that he was actually a she. The cub-whom I later got a permit for and the zoo let me keep, was named Mikita- soon learned the responsibility of being a service animal. Mikita grew into a beautiful female Siberian Tiger. She was a peach color and she knew how to get what she wanted, from other people of course. She knew better then to beg for something from me.

My former co-workers didn't seem to mind that I had a pet tiger, especially since it was a service animal. But when my last firehouse was attacked, they decided to transfer me, apparently something that had been on everybody's mind for some time. Apparently, I wasn't much liked because of the fact that I was deaf. And apparently they thought they could get away with talking behind my back, except about my cooking. I had taken a cooking class in college before transferring my profession to something more hands on. I wouldn't be able to hear my fellow chefs if they asked me something and Mikita wasn't allowed within the kitchen because of what the Health Department would've said.

So here I was, at Dogpatch Fire Station, looking at my new job. It was raining and I assumed everybody was inside. But would they like me for who I was? Or would I be turned away because I was hearing impaired? And what would they think about Mikita? Would they let her stay in the firehouse, come on calls and other things? Would she even be allowed to stay in the Firehouse? All those questions were running through my head as I took my first steps inside my new Department. I took a deep breath, looked down at Mikita, who looked back up at me as if saying "You can do this. This is what we were trained for. This is what we were made to do. This is why God let you live when your ex tried to kill you. You can do this and you know what, I'll even be right beside you the whole way". She even had a smile on her face that made me laugh.