Settling In:

Dewey began doing an investigation of his own once I was given a locker where I could keep my stuff. Mikita was laying downstairs watching the others moving around doing what they normally did when not on call. He was upstairs with me at the moment sniffing me and sniffing at my stuff. Mikita knew enough not to attack anyone seeing as she had been raised by a human herself.

As I came downstairs with a bag of her treats, shaking them as I came, she stood up and wandered over to me. Dewey had heard the shaking and sat next to Mikita as I took out one of her treats and gave it to her. Shane looked over at Dewey and seeing him start to beg, came over and started talking to me. He made sure that I was looking at his face and his lips before he started talking, as not to be rude and start sputtering off about how it wasn't fair.

"You know, if you give Mikita a treat, Dewey is going to want one as well. You might as well give him one too."

"Does your dog like dried dog?" his mouth dropped open at that statement and he seemed to think about what he was going to say.

"I'm just joking with you Shane. These treats were specially made for Mikita from a friend of mine at the zoo, where I adopted Mikita. They are made out of processed seal food and processed penguin food. She has a tendency to be a picky eater but it calms her down after an eventful day."

"How'd you end up adopting her from the zoo? I've never heard of anyone adopting any animals from a zoo before?"

"It's a long story and one I'm not too keen on sharing. But what I will tell you is that Mikita was the runt of the litter she as born into and the zookeepers couldn't get her to eat. That was until my parents took me to the zoo and she slipped into my arms and relaxed. I guess she sensed that I needed her and she knew that she needed me as well. So, do I even get to venture at what's for dinner?"

"Whatever Joe is making, but I think my dad ordered Pizza."

"Yum, pizza!" I said hesitantly.

"Pizza not to your liking?" Pip asked coming up.

"Just not a big fan that's all."

"What'd you used to eat at your old firehouse?"

"That would depend on what I decided to cook that night. If there was anything that my former co-workers like about me, it was my cooking. I took a cooking class in college before transferring professions because of the fact that I wouldn't be able to hear my colleagues talk to me in the kitchen and Mikita wasn't allowed in the kitchen either due to what the Health Department would have had to say about the situation."

"Well, maybe you can Joe to move over so that you can cook something decent then, though it is his kitchen so maybe not." Lionel said.

"Maybe I could give him some cooking classes."

"You are a funny one. You'll fit in right at home here. Shane, your dad wants you."

"Alright, talk to you later Michaelle."

"Yeah." I said waving at him from the side.

My attention had turned back to Mikita who was lounging on one of the chairs like she was going to get away with it or something. I walked up to her, crossed my arms and looked down at her. The others had seen what I was doing. Dewey just plain and hopped up on any and all furniture just because he thought he could. It seemed that Mikita wasn't allowed on the furniture. I looked down at Mikita whose eyes drifted up to me as if asking: what did I do wrong this time mom? She knew what she had done. She also knew that if she wasn't off the chair by the time my foot tapped three, she was going to be in trouble. My foot had already tapped twice and before I could tap the third time, she was out of the chair and slinky away. She knew not to get on my bad side.

Instead of going after her as I watched her settle in the corner next to the TV, I sat in the chair she had been in and smiled. We were like two peas in a pod. We both knew each other feelings and she knew when not to get on my bad side. I also knew when she was in a bad mood or a good mood. Bad mood she would sulk all day; good mood, she would get on the furniture. It had always been her way of telling me that she was in a good mood. It was either that or a playful mood. I slapped my hand on my thigh a few times to get her attention and as the others watched Mikita trotted up to me and put her front paws on my legs and then laid her head on her paws.

Settling in had was going fine so far. I just needed to keep them from finding out the real reason as to why I was transferred and why someone wanted me dead. But could I do it?