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1. Red Light, Green Light

"Hey, I'm gonna go; I've gotta go pick up Grace." Danny explained as he leaned into Steve's office. Steve stopped writing a report, his face twisting into one of confusion. He squinted as he looked up, staring at Danny like he didn't know what to make of him.


"I said I'm gonna go pick up Grace. What, you deaf or somethin'?" Danny scoffed, immediately offended. Steve was unbothered by the obvious storm forming in his partner's head and put on a calm expression.

"No, you mumble. Maybe you should stop mumbling." he suggested, the vision of innocence lining his guise. It was probably killing Danny to see him so composed. Steve could already hear some story about apologizing when you tell someone they mumble. Then Danny would probably rant about it for another three centuries.

"Mumble? You think I mumble? Well, let me speak more clearly for you: I'm. Going. To. Pick. Up. Grace." Danny enunciated, pronouncing each vowel and consonant exactly. Steve tried his best not to smirk, but he couldn't help the small pull on the corner of his lips.

"Thank you. I appreciate it."

He peacefully went back to his work, a little surprised that the argument had died so quickly. Steve should've known better. He should've recognized there'd be more when his partner wandered further into his office with his arms ready for illustrating his point.

"At least I speak English and not some super SEAL secret code!" Danny continued. Steve paused for a moment, then dropped his pen and sat back in his chair to ride the rest of this dispute out. "Then people who aren't deaf—unlike you—know what I'm sayin'!" Now, this was just ridiculous. Steve didn't talk in some super SEAL code and he certainly wasn't deaf. He had passed all health exams with flying colors and his hearing was in no way impaired.

"I'm not deaf! You mumble!" Steve defended, now feeling victimized by Danny's verbal cruelty.

"Nobody ever had a problem with it before!" Danny countered, as if it was legitimate evidence of Steve's inability to hear. "You're the only person that has a problem with it."

Steve took a moment to compose himself, breathing deeply as he contemplated his next plan of action. Danny was a little touchy on a normal basis. Once they were in a fight like this, Danny was beyond sensitive. He'd even yelled at Steve for calling him sensitive.

"Probably because they knew how you'd react." he sighed, hoping Danny wasn't going to start into some new speech. Danny narrowed his eyes and pointed a firm finger at Steve.

"I do not mumble."

There was a short pause as Steve shook his head and returned to the paperwork one last time.

"Right, keep telling yourself that." he replied, prepared to ignore any and all complaints the blonde detective still had. Danny huffed and put his hands on his hips.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore." he growled. Steve glanced up at his partner, getting slightly irritated with him. After all, he was the one to start the argument in the first place. Now, he suddenly didn't want to talk about anymore? Not that Steve was going to complain.

"Good." he said in a low voice. Danny slowly turned away and walked out of the door.

"See you later." he grumbled.

"What was that?"

"See. You. Later!" Danny called back, another word monster threatening to burst from his vocal chords. It'd have to wait; he couldn't be late to pick up Grace.

He stomped down the hallway, already planning out his next argument for when the opportunity arose. Steve will regret the day he said the word 'mumble' or any synonym thereof.

Danny sighed as he got in the elevator. He definitely needed to calm down before he got to Grace's school; the private institution already irritated him. Every brick and stone of the building was evidence of Step Stan's existence, even more so than this awful island.

The blonde detective walked out of the elevator and made his way out of the palace, pushing the thoughts of Stan out of his mind. He stepped out of the palace, immediately squinting against the Hawaiian sun. Curse the brightness of this lump of sand. Hawaii just wasn't his place.

One foot dropped onto the asphalt of the parking lot, his half-blinded vision locked on his Camero. He hadn't taken two steps when he heard the squeal of tires to his right. Somebody was in a hurry.

A hurry in his direction.

Before he realized what was happening, an immense force barreled into his side and he was suddenly rolling onto the hood of a car. He could feel the windshield break under his weight, but his mind was jumbled and unorganized, unable to register what was going on. Before he could slide off the hood, the driver reversed abruptly, throwing him back to the asphalt with a skid.

I just got hit by a car.

His brain suddenly understood the situation and his nerve endings finally kicked in. Pain exploded across his body.

The part of him that collided with the car felt like one giant bruise being constantly poked and pressed and he had to have broken ribs on impact. He knew his forearm was broken as an ache shivered through the limb. His head was pounding as blood pumped against a tender spot on his skull, and some areas felt like they had been assaulted with slight road rash. He was too stunned to move, hoping this was just a nightmare. No, he couldn't be that lucky.

Through the heartbeats echoing in his ears, Danny could vaguely hear a car door opening as his mind automatically the possibility of a threat. It was probably from spending too much time with Steve; but help had never seemed so unlikely in that moment. Something in his gut was screaming at him to run.

Even as the black fingers of unconsciousness crept into his vision.

Steve didn't know what it was about Danny and their fights. If any other man had struck up an argument with Steve, he would have him in a chokehold. It must've been Danny's rejection of being intimidated. Nothing seemed to faze him; he was going to say what he wanted to say. Steve should've recognized that from day one. He tried to teach Danny a lesson with a twist of an arm, but the stubborn detective only responded with a right hook to Steve's face. Danny wasn't the type to be pushed into submission. That was probably why Steve felt like he could tease the blonde man; they seemed to be standing on the same level. One couldn't intimidate the other and vice versa.

Kono and Chin had already left to grab some lunch for the office. He hoped they would be back soon so he could put off writing this report for a little longer. Danny had always insisted that they go by the book, but couldn't they just cut out the paperwork?

His thoughts were interrupted by a screech of tires outside, a scowl plaguing his face from the irritating noise. Maybe Danny was running a little late. There was a yelp and another screech of tires, alerting the Navy man to a different situation. He bolted from his chair and took long strides to the window.

The sight sparked a rare fear in him.

Danny was sprawled on the asphalt, uncommonly still. It took Steve a few seconds to realize his partner was hit by a car. It took a few more to recognize that the driver was heading towards Danny with a hostile posture.

"Damn it." he growled and ran from the office towards the stairs. He flew down the steps as fast as he could, clearing the last several with a jump. He sprinted with everything he had, making it outside just as the car zoomed away.

"No, no, no!" he shouted, still desperately chasing after the vehicle. He only stopped when it finally swerved into a busy street and picked up speed. Steve pressed a stressed hand against his forehead, trying to catch his breath. Danny was gone.

He couldn't imagine how this could even be. Steve hadn't known about any recent threats against his partner, and he assumed that Danny would've been more cautious if there had been. Hopefully it wasn't somebody with a vendetta against Steve, since there was so many. But he couldn't think of any specific person. There was no time to waste; every minute that ticked by was a minute they lost in finding Danny.

He reached a shaky hand into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. After pressing a few buttons, he pressed the device to his ear, rubbing at his forehead with a furrowed brow.

"Hey, boss." Chin answered. "What's going on?"

"We've got a new case." Steve huffed, his tone serious.

"Alright, what's the case?"

Steve paused while he struggled against the final answer.


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