Full Summary:

Ginny meets a girl who's been living in the forest her whole life. Who is she? And why doesn't she go to the school?

Not So Normal Girl:

Chantra lived in the forest with the other mythical beings. She was known only as Chantra, a name given to her by her parents. She looks only to be about fourteen years old and does not go to the school. She knows much about magic and practices it daily. Her friends run with her as she exercises around the lake. She watches the Quiditch games from her invisible perch above the teacher's area. Her favorite place to swing is in the branches of the Whomping Willow, her best friend. And yet she is lonely.

The Whomping Willow is a tree, her mythical being friends are mostly animals. She has no human friends. The Centaurs are only half human; sometimes she wishes she could go to the school like a normal child. Yet everytime she gets near the edge of the forest, she is forced back by an invisible line that lets her know that she is not welcome at the school. She can watch the Quiditch games but she can not go anywhere near the school or its students.

Dumbledore had come to her a few times and that is how she learned of er magical powers. But in order to learn more about her powers, she had to remain within the forest, never to see anyone of the students or interact with any of them. Those were the rules and sometimes she hated them. She had the ability to go invisible at any given time and mostly did that when a teacher wanted to talk to her. They seemed to think she was fascinating yet all she wanted to be was a normal girl, not the witch freak.

Chantra knew only of the forest and how to survive in it. She had her own home built within the forest, it was her own hut. There was room for a twin sized bed, a table to eat at and do her studies with the books Dumbledore or another teacher brought her, a small cupboard to keep her food and dishes in, a small sink to wash her face and brush her teeth and a medium sized dresser to keep all of her clothes in. She pushed her shoes under the bed when she wasn't wearing them.

Her hut contained a fireplace to keep warm with and under her bed were plastic tubs to keep the extra blankets she didn't use in the summer time. Her shower consisted of a trip to the lake and a few laps around. She normally washed her hair and body during those laps and sometimes found that if she dove down, she could see the mermaid kingdom at the bottom of the lake. The merpeople seemed interested in her and she them. Some even became friends with her when they realized that she was all alone in the forest and had no other friends 'sides the teachers.

But even though she had all these animal, mythical and plant friends, Chantra yearned to have a human friend. She didn't realize it that night as she went to bed that her wish for a human friend was about to come true in the sense that one would literally walk into her as she walked to the lake the next day…