This is set in the book Four to Score.
This is my first fan fic, so please be gentle! More chapters to come :)

['Is this bounty hunter work?' Mary Elizabeth wanted to know. 'Are you hunting down a fugitive?'
'Sort of.'
'It sounds exciting.'
'It sounds like a sin against nature,' Grandma Bella said from the hallway, freshly risen from the guest bed. 'No kind of work from someone expecting.'
'Grandma Bella,' I said. 'I'm really not expecting.'
'A lot you know,' she said. 'I've been to the other side. I see these things. I got the eye.'] Page 181, Four to Score by Janet Evanovitch.

Crap. Crap crap crap! I'm definitely pregnant. I know Morelli used protection, but Grandma Bella knows these things! Joe and I were sitting at his dining room table the morning after dinner with his family, drinking coffee.

"Steph?" Morelli pulled me out of my trance. "Don't worry about what Bella said. She's crazy. You're not pregnant cupcake." I smiled at Morelli.

"I know. I'm just thinking about… my FTAs." I lied. I rested my elbows on the table, with my chin in my hands.

"Ok, well I have to run, I'm already late. Though, we could go up to the bedroom, and test the rest of the condoms…" He winked at me.

"No! Go to work already." Yeesh. Was that all he thought about? I looked at him, and saw that his sharp brown eyes were quickly turning into bedroom eyes. Yes. That really was all he thought about. He lent over the table and gave me a quick kiss.

"I'll see you tonight. Want me to bring pizza home?"

"From Pino's?"

"Of course. Where else?"

"Sure. See you then." He turned and headed out the door. "Don't forget beer!" I shouted. He waved his hand to let me know he heard me. I checked him out through the window as he got into his car, and again thanked God that the bad Morelli genes had passed him by. He would make a good father one day. Then I realized what I was thinking and shook my head. What Bella had said had really gotten to me. The condoms Joe had were top of the line, but still... they could be defective, couldn't they? I had to call someone who had experience in pregnancy scares.

Half an hour later my best friend Mary Lou Stankovic was sitting across from me at Joe's dining room table.

"You and Morelli have been in the making for your whole lives. So what if you're pregnant, just marry him!" Mary Lou was in one of her pro-family moods. I really couldn't take her advice when she was like this. But she was the best I had.

"We used protection and everything, but still. What Bella said has me freaking out. I'm not ready to be a mother! And what about Rex? He doesn't want a brother or sister!" Ok, so I was rambling a little, but really. I'm not exactly mother material at this point in my life. I'm chasing down murdering rapists every other week!

"Well, seeing as your pregnant Steph, you should probably give up chasing skips. Working for Vinnie was only meant to be temporary anyway." Mary Lou said in a matter of fact voice.

"Seeing as I'm pregnant? This is only based on what crazy Grandma Bella said! It's not fact!" I said desperately. Hearing Mary Lou talk in that voice made it sound so definite.

"Why don't I just get a pregnancy test and find out once and for all?" I suggested.

"Sounds good, but are you late yet?"

"Well, no, why?"

"The test won't work unless you're late. But if I were you, I would take Bella's vision as proof enough." Mary Lou said. She looked at her watch. "I have to go; I promised the girl who's babysitting the kids that I wouldn't be long. They've been a bit of a hand full lately." That would be an understatement. Mary Lou's kids were hell on babysitters.

"Sure. Thanks for coming over." I said.

"Anytime. When you decide on a name, let me know." She said as she breezed out the door. I shook my head, and mentally added up the days. I was due in a week, so I would know then if Bella was right, or if she was just insane.

Morelli bought the Pino's pizza and beer as promised, but when he tried to get me up to the bedroom, I declined, saying I was tired. I just couldn't, not knowing if I was carrying his child or not.