The Powerpuff Girls copyright Craig McCracken

Green Lantern copyright DC Comics

Lantern's Light

Chapter 01: Love At First Fight

The City of hardly ever a quiet place.
aside from the occasional Crime Wave, the city also suffered Supervillain and Monster attacks.

though, the citizens never paid much mind.
as long as the superpowered, crime fighting vigilantes known as The Powerpuff Girls were around...

everyone were perfectly safe.

today, the city was being attacked by MOJO JOJO.
a Super-Intelligent Chimpanzee, who seeked to: 1. Take Over Townsville, and 2. Destroy the Powerpuff Girls.

and, he had yet to accomplish ANY of those tasks.

[Downtown Townsville]

a giant, Mecha rampaged through the city.
stomping, kicking, punching and firing at ANYTHING that was in range.

inside, a chimp with an oversized head and, wearing a blue costume with an overly large, flowing cape laughed sinisterly.

Flee Humans!, from the wrath of MOJO JOJO!" exclaimed Mojo

various people ran off in terror.
after a few minutes, three colored lights were seen streaking in the sky.

the lights stopped...revealing themselves to be three, teenaged girls in colored dresses.

"STOP RIGHT THERE, MOJO JOJO!" exclaimed Blossom, the Leader

Mojo glanced at the girls...then, grinned evily.

"ah...Powerpuff Girls.
your just in time...FOR YOUR FUNERALS, HA-HA-HA!"

Mojo pressed random buttons.
suddenly, several laser guns appeared and charged with energy.

"This outta cut your superpowered brats down to size.
and, when I say "cut down", I mean DESTROY YOU!

because, destroying is what shall happen when the laser hits you.
for I am, MOJO JOJO!, supreme mastermind and ruler of the world."

The lasers blasted beams in all directions.
the girls easily dodged the lasers using their super speed and flight.

however, the lasers were hitting everything else...and causing serious damage.

"GIRLS!, we have to get these people out of danger!" exclaimed Blossom

"no, duh." said Buttercup, sarcastic as usual

"I'll try and draw Mojo's two help these people."

Blossom flew off, leaving Buttercup and Bubbles behind.

"great...Crowd Control."

Buttercup and Bubbles flew off to the scared citizens.
Blossom flew up to Mojo`s window and looked at him.

she then smiled slyly.

"hey, MOJO..."

Blossom then began to sway her rear end at Mojo, mocking.

"Can`t get me!, can`t get me!

Mojo's green face turned red for a moment.
he also grinded his sharp teeth in anger.


Blossome responded by pulling down her eyelid and sticking out her tounge, blowing a rasberry as Mojo.


Mojo targeted Blossom and began firing.
the red head then flew in a zig-zag formation, easily dodging Mojo's attacks and mocking him as she did.

you getting sloppy in your "old age?"

as Mojo continued to miss the Girl in pink Blossom began to make "insulting" monkey gestures and noises.

Does the Monkey want a 'nanna?"

Mojo was now FURIOUS.


Meanwhile, Bubbles and Buttercup had THEIR hands full.
they were hovering near the ground, helping people get out of downtown.

"Come on...single file, everybody out." said Bubbles

after awhile, Buttercup sighed.

"this is STUPID!
I should be out there fighting Mojo, not down here on Crowd Control."

Buttercup crossed her arms.

"this stinks!
I think "Leader Girl" did this to us on purpose just to hog all the action."

"now, Buttercup.
every superhero job is important...including THIS ONE." said Bubbles

Buttercup scoffed.


just then, a stray laser beam fired.

that beam went right over my head!" exclaimed Bubbles

Buttercup just grinned.

"guess Leader Girl is in over HERS, too."

Bubbles then noticed the beam had hit a building...severely damaging it.
she ALSO saw a teenaged boy running near the building...apparently trying to get away.

that's when she saw a large chunk of the building breaking apart.

"oh, no...BUTTERCUP, LOOK!"

The Green Powerpuff looked and saw what Bubbles was excited about.

"aw, crud."

the boy suddenly paused, noticing a shadow casted over him.
he looked up and saw the large chuck of the building break off and fall towards him.


the boy was frozen in fear.
but, seconds before the chunk fell (which would of killed him instantly) he was scooped up by a Green light.

he looked and saw who had saved him.
a girl with Jet Black hair and Emerald Green Eyes.


"you alright?"

"Y-yeah...I guess."


Buttercup put him down, then flew off.
the boy just stood there, frozen in shock...then, a Love Sick look appeared on his face.

Buttercup and Bubbles soon returned to Blossom.

"you get everyone to safety?" asked Blossom

"yep." replied Bubbles

Blossom smiled.


both girl then flew at super speed together, leaving multi-colored light trails.
they began to hit Mojo's mecha, each hit critically damaging the machine.

soon, the giant robot fell apart.
Mojo furious tried to work the controls...but, they didn't respond.


The girls all hovered above the "head" of the mecha, grinning at Mojo.

"Time to go to jail, Mojo Jojo." said Blossom

"I think not, PowerPuff Girls!"

Mojo slammed on a red button.
the "head" where he was in suddenly detatched from the mecha and hovered via boosters.

"Jail is a waste of time.
and, when I say "waste", I mean: I could be doing other things...just not that.

Mojo rocketed off at full speed.

"RATS!, he got away..." cursed Buttercup

Blossom shrugged her shoulders.

"eh, who cares...
he'll just be back again next week." said Blossom

The Powerpuff Girls then flew off.
as other people went about their business...the young boy that Buttercup rescued earlier just watched them leave.

he smiled as his mind focused on one thing.