The Powerpuff Girls copyright Craig McCracken

Green Lantern copyright DC Comics

Lantern's Light
Chapter 13: "Nobody Talks About Fight Club."


Blossom shrieked as cold water splashed on her face.

"Goodie!, She's ALIVE!" exclaimed Bubbles

Blossom sat up..finding herself in a random alley.

"wa..What happened?"

Buttercup was standing over her, her arms crossed.

"Well..after we saw "Dorkster" take down those crooks you sorta fainted, and we had to wake you up after an hour or so."

Blossom groaned, holding her head.


Bunny frowned.

"it would seem that Dexter has found a new outlet for his grief."

Buttercup scoffed.

" that could get him killed, too."

Blossom stared blankly, her mind racing.

"i..i can't believe it.
h-how is this-, i mean..WHY!?"

"We'll have to put that "brain teaser" on hold for a moment.." began Buttercup

"it's been HOURS, and we still haven't found Eric."

"Eric?! (exclaiming) I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYONE!" exclaimes Bubbles

Blossom looked up.


Buttercup helped Blossom onto her feet.

"see for yourself, Leader Girl."

Blossom narrowed her eyes.
she then walked down the alley and into the street.

strangely, was EMPTY.
not a single person was in sight.

"i..i don't understand: WHERE IS EVERYBODY!?"

"got me.." said Buttercup

"but, wherever they all are..i bet ERIC is there, too."

Blossom looked at Buttercup.

"he is?"

i mean, where else could he be?!"

"At home..ASLEEP." said Bubbles

all eyes looked to Bubbles.

"WHAT!?..he Could Be, ya' know!"

"sorry, Bubbles..but, i think Buttercup may be right." began Blossom

"i AM?" said Buttercup, surprised

"Yes..we've came this far, haven't we?
and, if everyone IS gathering somewhere, it's worth taking a look."

Bubbles grimaced.

but, let's hurry this up and get home..this place is CREEPY."

Bubbles wasn't kidding: the streets were blanketed with dense fog.
and, the full moon and empty streets made the night feel like a horror movie.

Some time later, the girls eventually found what they were looking for.

Loud noise was emittnating from a nearby alleyway.

" think Eric is b-back THERE?!" stuttered Bubbles

"He'd BETTER be: This is the only place that ISN'T quiet!" said Buttercup

the four girls walked towards the alley.
and, felt the vibrations coming form a metal door.

the girls gulped hard as then approached the door.

"well.." began Buttercup

"go ahead, and KNOCK, Blossom."

Blossom eyed her sister.

"Me?..WHY ME!?"

"Because YOU are "The Leader."

Blossom grumbled to herself.

"darn it."

Blossom walked over to the door and quickly knocked on it.
almost immediatly, a "lookout window" slid open and a pair of eyes looked at her.

"YIKES!" exclaimed Blossom, shocked

"What's da' passwoid?!" said a man with a gruff accented voice

"p-p-password?" said Bunny, confused

"If you'z ain't got da' Passwoid, you AIN'T gettin in."

the man closed up the lookout window.
Blossom scowled, then knocked the door again.

sure enough, the lookout window opened once more.

"What's da' passwoid?"

Blossom took a moment to clear her throat.
with a very official look on her face, she spoke very clearly.


there was silence.

"ha. ha. ha, Veeeeery funny."

the man closed the lookout window.
Buttercup then slapped Blossom in the back of her head.


Blossom raised her hands, making a confused gesture.

"Well, it was worth a shot!"


Bubbles skipped over and knocked on the door.
the man slip the lookout window open again.


"Is it..(exclaiming) PONY PUFF PRINCESS FOREVER!?"

"beat it, kid."

the man slammed the window shut.
Bunny then knocked, prompting the window to open again.


"Is the password.."Please and Thank You?"

"no." said the man, closing the window again.

Buttercup was at the boiling point, now.
the green puff immediatly marched over to the door..and, knocked it HARD.

the window opened once again.

"Back for MORE, ladies?" said the man, sarcsasticly

"LOOK PAL!, either you let us in RIGHT. NOW.
or, so help me..(shouting) I'M GONNA KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF!"

there was silence.

"and, dat's da' passwoid."

the window closed..and, the door opened.

"come right in."

Buttercup stared blankly.

"wow..that actually worked?!"

Blossom shoved Buttercup inside.


Bubbles and Bunny followed.

as the man shut the door..the four girls took a moment to servey their surroundings.

the whole place looked like a bar of some kind.
dozens of men (and, some women) were crowding the limited space.

the scent of Tobacco Smoke and Liquor was STRONG in the air (and, with their super was hard for the girls to ignore)

those who weren't smoking and drinking were gathered as some makeshift arena far off from the bar.

all were yelling out as they watched a fight of some kind.

it seemed as though The Arena was the "Main Event" of the whole place.


(("ATTENTION FOLKS!")) began an announcer over a loudspeak


sure enough, crowds of people were rushing over to the arena.
the PPG were being pushed and shoved as they moved.

"OW!, my toes!" cried out Bubbles

"OW!, Hey, WATCH IT!" snapped Buttercup

Blossom thought real quick.

"girls..i think we'd better go with them."

"what?!, but what about Eric!?" exclaimed Buttercup

"we'll find him.
but, we can't risk being discovered right now.

for now, let's just P-Play Along.."

Buttercup groaned, exhaling.


the girls followed the crowd, and made their way to the arena.

it was square shaped, and boxed in deep into the ground with wooden boards.
the floor below looked to be made of concrete, and the arena was "caged in" with chainlink fences.

the girls sat at their seats and looked down into the arena.

aside from the faded blood stains on the walls and floor.
they certainly didn't like the looks of the guy at the "center ring."

he was awfully large and bulky.
his big arms and chest covered in tattoos that resembled "dirt."

his last oppoenent's broken, bleeding body was carted off.

"HA!, THAT WAS BARELY A CHALLENGE!" exclaimed the man

"Is there ANYONE whose got the guts to last ONE. WHOLE. MINUTE with MEEEEEEE!?"

Bunny grimaced.

"i..i don't like this place." said Bunny, quietly

Blossom was silent.

" neither." said the pink puff, finally


(("AND, NOW..THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!")) began the announcer over a loudspeaker



Buttercup crossed her arms, scoffing.

"toughest fighter?"
pssh!, yeah right.."

"SHH!" shushed Blossom

a door down in the arena opened.
it was too dark inside to see who was in there..but, it was somebody.

as the mystery person walked down the long, dark tunnel..the announcer spoke.


This got the girls attention.



"WHAT!?" exclaimed Buttercup, stunned and shocked

sure enough..Eric walked into the arena.

he was wearing on tattered looking short pants.
leaving him barefoot, with his bare chest exposed.

he had noticable scars, bruses and bleeding cuts.
and, his eyes looked pretty DARK.

CLEARLY, he'd been through plenty of fights.

when Eric walked up to Harold..the man towered over him like a giant.

the PPG just stared with wide eyes and gaped mouths.
all shocked and stunned at what they were seeing before them.

Harold just looked down at Eric.

THIS is my oppenent!?, this scrawny little stick dude?!

HAH!, If you're all that's standing between ME and, becoming Wooooorld Champ, then this'll be over REEEEEAL QUICK!"

Eric had a plain, emotionless look on his face.

"Well..You are right about one thing: This will be over "Real Quick."

After a few minutes..Harold finally figured out that Eric was insulting him.


Harold punched his fist real hard in his hand..making a loud sound as he did.
oddly, Eric made no emotional response to this at all..though, the girls certainly did.

"what does eric think he's doing!?" exclaimed Buttercup

"yeah!, that guy'll murder him!" added Bubbles, equally upset

Blossom stared blankly.




Harold slugged Eric REAL HARD..sending his body flying through the air and, impacting a wall with a loud cracking sound.

the PPG gasped as he slumped down.
Eric himself raised his head up, a PAINFUL look on his face.

"n..nice..shot." groaned Eric, as he got up

Eric then approached Harol Hogan..which yelled as he charged after him.


Harold lunged over and viciously punched at Eric's face and chest.
Buttercup was frozen like a statue as she watched Eric being pummeled near to death.

"i..i don't understand." began Buttercup, still shocked


"cuz'..that's "The Eric Smith Style." began someone

the girls looked to a random spectator..who had wads of cash in his pockets.

"In every fight i'v seen with Eric, he ALWAYS starts out as "The Punching Bag"
just standing there..lettin' his oppenents wail on him like 'deres no tomorrow.

only for him to catch 'em by surprise and, totally mop da' floor with 'dere faces in the next round."

the four girls looked confused.

"he..he DOES?!" said Blossom, finally

"YEAH!" said the stranger, flipping his stacks of bills

"That's why in every fight since..i've bet ALLLLL I have on the kid."

Blossom raised an eyebrow.

"HOW many fight has Eric partecipated in?"

"Eh, i've neva' kept count.
but, i DO know that he's been comin for THREE Straight Weeks every night..PLUS Weekdays.

Blossom added the number up in her head.

"w-wait..that's at least..TWENTY-ONE NIGHTS!"

Blossom looked back at him.

"and, HOW LONG has he been fighting each night?!"

the man thought a bit.

"Well..Assuming nothing goes wrong: All Night Long."

"THAT'S TWELVE HOURS!" exclaimed Blossom

Blossom then got in "brainiac mode"

"now, let's see..Twelve Hours each night.
and, there are Twenty-One nights in three weeks.

so, Twelve times Twenty-One equals..."

Blossom widened her eyes, her puples like pins.


"HEY!, Good Idea, Girl!" said the stranger

I'll put "$252" on the Skinny Dude!"

Buttercup's teeth chattered as she continued to watch Eric getting beat up mercilessly.
as clique as it sounded..the green eyed girl began to bite her nails nervously.


(("ROUND ONE HAS ENDED!")) began the announcer

(("Would all fighters PLEASE retreat to their respects rings and, await teh starting bell for Round Two."))

both a heavily beat up Eric and Harold look at one another.

"i'm gonna need a rag just to clean your UGLY face off the end of my fist." said Harold

Eric said nothing.
he and Harold just turned and walked off to the opposite sides of the arena.

as Eric flopped down..he watched as Harold sat, flexing his muscles at the crowd.

Eric's strategic mind then went to work.

(("okay..judging from the way "flinstone" was wailing on me he seems to favor strong punches, and is right handed.")) began Eric in his head

(("with each punch, he leaves himself open for attack for about...three seconds.
and, he doesn't seem to bother with blocking, and doesn't have the correct stance for Counterattacks.

SO..the logical course of action is to evade his first punch.
then, go for his most vunrable and unprotected area: that "beer belly" of his.

that'll leave him momentarily dazed..and, he'll obviouly lower his head in his pain.
Perfect oppertunity to go for his head, which leave him more dazed and confusion.

he'll obviosly try and punch me again..and, be expecting my previous strategy.
so, i'll evade the first punch...then, grab his weaker left arm and toss him HARD onto the floor.

the solid concrete ground, coupled with his sheer weight should enable the impact to finish this fight quickly."))


Eric got up and walked into the center ring..while Harold just charges, again.


Everyone expected Eric to just stand there and get beat on some more..but, not THIS time.

Eric quickly ducked as Harold swung his right hard.
Eric then swifly struck the man with both hands in his gut.

just as predicted, Harold staggered back.
groaning as he held his gut in pain.

with his head now lowered to his level..Eric punched him HARD across the face.

this knocked a tooth out

Harold looked at Eric..who smirked at him.


Enraged, Harald rapidly punched as Eric..who kept evading.
just as planned, Eric dodged the right handed punched..and, then grabbed his left arm mid-swing.

using all of his conserved strength Eric tossed Harold's hulking body over him and against the ground..HARD.

a silence fell upon the arena.

the referee walked over to the two.
he examined Harold: he was breathing..but, was unconscience.

the referee then grabbed Eric's and and held it up.


Eric had a very plain look on his face.
despite his remarkable victory, he didn't seem to care.

the PPG just stared with wide eyes.
all shocked beyond belief at what they had just witnessed.

"d..d-did we just see..what i think we saw?" stuttered Bubbles

"i..i think so." replied Blossom, also stuttering

"so, that's what a shirtless man looks like." said Bunny to herself.

Buttercup just stared at Eric..who maintained a sour scowl.
she then frowned sadly, knowing full well WHY Eric was doing this, now.

(("Your a Stupid, Worthless, Ugly, Weak Little Freak.")) echoed Buttercup's own voice in her mind

"he..he's doing this because of ME." said Buttercup, finally

Blossom looked at Buttercup.


"I said he was WEAK." repeated Buttercup

"I called him Weak, so OF COURSE he's coming here to prove me wrong."

tears welled up in Buttercup's emerald green eyes.

"he's getting himself hurt all because of ME!"

Buttercup then shut her eyes, letting the tears flow down her cheek.

"oh, buttercup.."

At that moment..a dark figure walked down the dark tunnely in the arena.
it stopped right at the enterance..staring at Eric, the current winner of the fighting match.

the figure then smiled a sinister, toothy grin.

"Pretty impressive..for a CHILD." began the figure, who was female

Eric suddenly and looked.
he watched as the female figure stepped out into the arena.

she was an adult woman with cacasian skin.
she had messy dark ginger hair which went as far as her shoulders.
and, forest green eyes that looked COLD and DARK as she looked at him.

she tattered blue jeans and a grey tanktop (and, an odd belt with a faintly glowing buckle.)

"but, beating a simple minded "caveman" DOESN'T make you "The Toughest."
you REALLY want to bear the title, then try an oppenent with Brains AND Brawn."

Eric looked at the mysterious woman (likewise, the Powerpuff Girls were interested, TOO.)

"who are you?" asked Eric

the woman grinned, snickering wickedly.

"just call me "Scarlett, the She-Devil", dear boy.
I am the worst nightmare of ever Man, Woman and Beast whose had the misfortune of crossing me.

I'm the BEST of the WORST, and as such: I only fight "The Best of The Best"
and, since you are apparently this Fight Club's "Supreme Champion"
I believe you are the Worthy Oppenent that i've been looking for.."

Eric eyed Scarlett.

"Sorry..but, I DON'T fight girls."

Scarlett smirked, making a "sexy" pose.

"whose a "Girl?", a WOMAN."

"Girl/Woman, SAME THING.
and, I don't fight neither."

Eric turned and began to walk away.
Scarlett smirked as she watched him.

"What's wrong, ERIC? afraid of getting "whupped by a girl?"

Scarlett grinned evily, a dark look on her face.

"Or, are. you. just...WEAK!?"

Eric stopped right there.
Buttercup covered her mouth, her eyes wide.

her sisters were fearful as well.

Scarlett chuckled softly.

"Yeah..that's just what i thought: WEAK.
why else come to a place where 'Strength is alllll that matters.

If you're not "The Toughest", then what are you?: WORTHLESS, that's what you are.."

Eric clenched his fists, his body shaking with rage.

"Then again..backing off MAY be the smart thing.
I mean, you'd have to be the STUPIDEST Man of Earth to challenge me.."

Scarlett grinned, knowing full well that she had him hooked.

now, to "reel him in."

"And, your not much to look at eith-


Eric suddenly rushed over and, punched Scarlett across the face REAL HARD.

Scarlett was knocked back on her rear.
but, strangely..she smiled as she licked her own blood.

"I take it you ACCEPT my challenge, then?"

Eric didn't respond.
she just breathed heavily as he glared angrily at Scarlett.

Scarlett smiled evily as she rose up.

"Don't worry, boy: i won't hurt you..TOO MUCH, heh-heh."

Scarlett suddenly made her move.
to both Eric AND the PPG's surprise..Scarlett moved at an incredible speed.

she then punched Eric real hard in the gut.
however, the impact was so great..that it flung Eric straight through the air
slamming his body so hard into a wall, that it left a cracked imprint.

Buttercup gasped, shocked.
Blossom was left confused, wondering just HOW Scarlett could punch so hard.

did she have SUPER STRENGTH?!

Eric was on his rear as he groaned, feeling dazed.

"ohhhh...what hit me?" groaned Eric

Scarlett laughed as she planted her fists on her hips.

(mock baby voice) Awww..what's the matter?!
(normal, cruel voice) can't take a PUNCH!?"

Eric glared at Scarlett, gritting his teeth.
he then got up and charged after her.

but, Scarlett just grinned as she reeled her arm back.


Eric's eyes widened as Scarlett punched him HARD in the gut.
he then fell to his knees, groaning and coughing as pain shot through his body.

"Yep..i was right: WEAK."

Buttercup grinded her teeth, glaring angrily at Scarlett.


Eric continued to groan in pain.
the Logical part of his brain was telling him that SOMETHING wasn't right.

there was NO WAY Scarlett was this strong..not if she was "normal"
her punches almost felt like Buttercup's..ALMOST.

Eric groaned as he looked up at Scarlett (who was still laughing.)
it was then that he noted her odd belt..with the beeping buckle.

narrowing his eyes, Eric quickly reached into his pocket and, slipped his green power ring on his finger..which flashed bright green.

in a split second, Eric fired a laser shot at Scarlett's belt buckle.
Scarlett stared with wide eyes as her belt fizzled and sparked.


Scarlett's own body began to flicker like static.
a secondary image flashing for a second over her body.

Eric scowled at Scarlett.

"i knew it..IT'S A HOLOGRAM!"

the glitchy flickering soon stopped..revealing Scarlet's "true form."

her body appeared to be covered in fur that matched her hair in color.
her eyes were full gold, with cat-like puples.
and, her ears were LONG and pointed.

her shoulders and hips were also metallic with robotic arms and legs with blade-like talons.

she also wore a black soldier uniform.

Everyone were stunned and shocked at this.

"Awwwww...looks like my secret is OUT!" said Scarlett, ripping off her Holo-Belt

"guess that changes The Rules, EH?!"

Eric scowled at Scarlett.

he then took a battle stance as green energy surged over his body which materialized into his Green Lantern Uniform.

"FINALLY..a real challenge!" exclaimed the "Cyber Mutant"

"and, just to make sure were aren't BOTHERED.."

Scarlett drew out four metallic orbs.
tosing then in each direction, the orbs shot beams that formed an energy barrier.

which boxed herself and Eric INSIDE the arena.


Buttercup immediatly leap upwards and, punched the barrier hard..which shocked her, knocking the powerpuff backwards.

Scarlett snickered, looked down at Eric.

" that we are alone: LET'S RUMBLE!, HAH! HA! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAAA!"

Author Note:

Title Name is based of a quote I often hear..

This chapter basicly explains what Eric is doing during his late nights. which is fighting is some "fight club" type of place in the bad part of town.

I also introduce one of my Metroverse Original Characters: Scarlett (her reasons for being there will be explained in the next chapter.)

I based Eric's strategic style of combat off of Sherlock Holmes.