A/N: Here is my new CSI Miami fic, which is a little different from what I normally write. I was inspired for this already a couple of years ago thanks to a yahoo group, but I never had an idea what to make out of it. It took me almost two years to complete it and actually I'm quite proud of it.

There will be talk about supernatural things, so if you don't like that, you've benn warned.

Of course, none of the CSI: Miami characters belong to me, everyone else does though.

Have fun and please let me know what you think.


A dark figure was standing on one of the many rooftops above the lively city of New York. It was already past midnight, the sun had already set hours ago and now there was only the cold light of the moon illuminating what was around the figure. Not that light was needed anyway. No, seeing was as easy in the darkness as in the light and in fact it was even sharper now.

Casually, the man made a step towards the edge of the roof and looked down at the busy streets of the city that never sleeps. Oh and how true was this? Living here for so many years had taught him quite effectively that there was always something going on in this city. It didn't matter what time it was, someone was always awake.

And yet the city bored him. It was too easy here. It was too easy to meet people. It was too easy to lure them with false promises. It was too easy to play hide and seek with the so called good ones. There was no opponent for him any longer. There had been one many years ago, but now?

"Fools," he mumbled and wrapped his arms around his dark coat, which was flapping in the wind. He was sick of the cold weather here; the cold winters and hot summers. He wanted to see something else. The yuppies he met annoyed him and this was never a good sign.

He needed a change of scenery. Something warmer, yes. Something more open. Something new and lively. Something where he could meet different people than here. But where would that be? Los Angeles? Let alone the name made him chuckle.

"Angels, huh? I wonder if they ever met a real one," he smirked and shook his dark haired head. "There are too many celebrities being watched by millions of people, no thanks," he grumbled and went through all the warm cities that came into his mind. It was really a shame that he had already visited most of the 50 states and that this fact didn't make it any easier.

"Mhm, a state with good looking women, warm weather, nice beaches, good clubs, young audience," he listed his wishes and furrowed his brows while doing so. Of course he had kept his ears open for the past few weeks, and more than once had fallen the name "Miami" as the new hot spot where everything goes and in fact that was just what he needed – a nice vacation on the beach with lots of fun.

"Miami it is then," he grinned evilly and rubbed his hands. Maybe he would meet the one or other acquaintance there, now this could be highly interesting. He carefully looked around, trying to see if someone was watching him, not that it actually mattered, and then took the last step over the roof's edge.

Oh yes, Miami would give him great pleasure.