Bom ba da dum da dum, ba da dum, da dum ba da be da dum dum dum, ba da bum ba, ba be ba da de dum dum dum dum...

The target was so close, yet so far away.

Red cried out in frustration. Why was he taking so long to move? He was only four cubes big, nothing major. He should be able to move to the bottom and reach his fellow Tetrisians faster. But instead, he sunk slower than a sumo wrestler in a vat of molasses. Not even a weight being tied to him could have assisted his descent, and it was causing him overwhelming distress. He needed to reach his destination, now.

Teal was waiting for him, silently giving him encouragement. Moving his four cubes as much as he could manage, waving for him to come and keep him company as only Red could do.

He glanced around their ten-by-twenty-cell world. Yes, there was Teal, as always the bright side of his day. Yellow, on the other hand, was outright mocking him. Sitting there smugly, perfectly in place; wedged between Green and the wall opposite Teal, with Dark Blue as an added bonus. They all leered at him, challenging him to try to join their intricate formation without making a hole that wouldn't be able to be filled for some times. Mocking him; they all were, except for Teal. No one else understood him in the least but his Teal.

It was time to take matters into his own cubes, he decided. Enough was enough.

He changed his course, moving one, two, three, four, five cells away from the wall where Teal awaited him.

"Where are you going, Red?" cried Teal. "I need you here! Opposites attract, remember?"

"Just a moment, darling," Red soothed. "I have some business to take care of."

"W-well, al-alright then," said Teal.

Red smirked in satisfaction. How long he had wanted to do this, to make their world a better place for him and Teal. Red closed the gap, finding himself pressed against the opposite wall, gathering more and more momentum by the second.

He positioned himself directly above Yellow, and accelerated rapidly downwards. Moments later, a sickening yet satisfying crash sounded as he collided with the unfortunate Tetrisian.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" said Dark Blue angrily. "You killed Yellow!"

"Call that revenge for his bullying behavior," said Red smugly. "Now if you will excuse me, Teal needs me."

He quickly skated along the other Tetrisian's heads, falling into place on top of Teal. They fit together like it was second nature- and, truly, it was.

Red smiled in satisfaction, feeling each of Teal's cubes pressed against him. Teal was the perfect end to any day, no doubt about it.