"Oh my God! What happened?" Niles asked, running out of the kitchen, clad in a maroon apron. "Daphne, are

you all right?"

His image was blurry as she stared at him, holding the metal statue of the dragon that she'd removed from the


"W-what's this?" she asked, her voice trembling.

Niles rolled his eyes. "Oh... I was hoping you wouldn't find that."

"But why not?"

"It was a... gift from Roz. Isn't it the most atrocious thing you've ever seen? I mean... where on Earth did she

find it? "

Daphne swallowed hard and ran her finger along the edge of the statue.

"I think it's beautiful."

"Y-you do?"

She nodded, unable to speak.

Niles walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. "Daphne, why are you crying? What's happened? Another



"Oh dear... Well why don't we sit down and talk about it?"

"I don't know if I can." She said.

"Well, we can just sit-." He pointed to the fainting couch, clearly confused.

"I can't believe I didn't realize it before. I mean, so many times..."

"Daphne, what are you talking about?"

"Me vision of me soul mate... with a dragon..."

"Oh...Did you have another one?"

"Yes...But this time I saw his face."

"You did? Well...who is it?" he asked, trying to hide the amused grin on his face.

"It's you, Dr. Crane."

Niles gasped.


Daphne put the dragon statue back on the shelf and took his hand.

"You're the man who's been in me dreams all these nights. I just don't know why I didn't see it before. But it all

makes sense now. Why you got so upset when Donny proposed to me, all the times you were so sweet to me

when you came over to your brother's house. You're me soul mate."

Nervously Niles rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh well, Daphne... I-."

She pulled him toward her and kissed him over and over; each kiss sweeter than the next.

"Oh... my God..." Niles said when they parted. "I-I just don't believe this! I mean, I've waited so long for-."

She stopped him with another kiss.

"I love you... Niles..." Daphne said, leaning her forehead against his.

"I love you, too. Daphne." Niles said as he brought his lips to hers for another kiss.

"Is something burning?" Daphne asked, catching a sudden whiff from the kitchen.

"Only my love for you." Niles breathed, trailing kisses down her neck.

Seconds later he pulled away. "Oh, dear God! The dinner!"

Niles and Daphne ran into the kitchen where he opened the oven door, coughing as a cloud of black smoke

poured out of the oven.

"My beautiful dinner, burned to a crisp! How could I have been so stupid?" Niles sighed turning off the oven.

"I'm so sorry, Daphne! I wanted so much to cook you a wonderful meal, and now look what's happened."

He pulled the burnt chicken and vegetables out of the oven and sat them on the stovetop, fanning away the


"I guess I'll have to take you out for dinner." He said.

She smiled and put her arms around his neck. "Actually I wasn't very hungry anyway. Now where were we?"

"I think right about here..." Niles said as they kissed again.

(Later that night)

"I still can't believe this..." Niles said, unable to stop looking at her as they walked hand in hand out of Café


"What, that I'm still having those crazy psychic visions?" Daphne asked.

"No..." Niles said. He stopped and turned to her, pulling her toward him for a kiss. "That you love me."

"I'm getting another vision right now." Daphne said.

"You are?"

"Yes... I have a feeling that I've loved you for a long time... I'm just... sorry I didn't see it sooner."

"Well it was worth the wait." Niles said, kissing her again. "Say... You don't have to go home yet, do you?"

"No, why?"

"Well, I was just thinking... why don't we rent a movie?"

"Sounds like a lovely idea. You and I... curled up on the sofa, eatin' popcorn, wrapped in blankets in front of a

roarin' fire."

Niles' eyes narrowed. "A fire? But it's June and it's a little to warm for..."

"You're right." She said, kissing him. "What was I thinkin'?"

"Actually... that sounds wonderful. I... It does get pretty cold at night in my apartment." Niles said. "So let's go

pick out that movie, shall we?"

(At the video store...)

"So what would you like to rent?" Niles asked as they scanned the rows of movies.

"I'll let you pick. I don't really care as long as I'm with you." Daphne said.

"I insist that you pick out the movie. I promise I will love whatever you choose." Niles said.

She grinned and kissed his cheek. "You really are the sweetest man in the world. I'll be right back." She

scanned the romance section, trying to find something that caught her attention. But every movie was the

same storyline; boy meets girl, they fall in love they break up and get back together.

She wanted something romantic and funny with a fairy tale ending...

Before she knew it, she was walking toward Niles, holding the box behind her. "Okay, I found one."

"What did you pick?"

She blushed. "Maybe I'd better put it back."


"Well... it's embarrassing."

"I promise I won't laugh."

Slowly she pulled the video from around her back and showed it to him.

"Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty." He said.

"It's stupid... I'll get another one." She said, turning away from him.

"Wait... Daphne..." He said, putting his hand on her arm.

She turned to face him. "Yes?"

"I loved that movie when I was a little boy."


"Yes. In fact, Frasier was telling me how much Frederick likes it too. Dad always thought I was crazy for liking a

'girl's movie' but it's a masterpiece. I'd love to watch it with you."

Her heart did a somersault inside her chest. "I love you, Niles." She said, kissing him.

(Later that night)

Niles sat on the sofa curled up next to Daphne, watching the movie. A million memories rushed through his

head; seeing this film in the theatre with Frasier and his parents.

Mom was always crying when Princess Aurora fell into the deep sleep, and Dad would sit there and roll his


As for Frasier...he insisted on analyzing every aspect of the film, from the wicked queen to Prince Philip's horse.

"Oh, look Daphne! The handsome prince is going to kiss Princess Aurora! Wonder what will happen next?" Niles

asked slyly.

To his surprise, Daphne said nothing.

"Daphne?" He looked over, surprised to find her fast asleep. She looked like an angel... A princess.

Slowly he rose from the sofa, taking great care not to disturb her. He walked over to Daphne, and leaned down,

kissing her soft, beautiful lips.

And just like in the movie, her eyes fluttered open and she smiled.

"I love you, Princess Daphne." He said with a smile.

"And I love you... Prince Niles." She said, kissing him again.

And they lived happily ever after.