Characters: ( i made this thinking it might help you guys 2 imagine the characters easier xD.)

Seth- ..dark razor layered hair, ice-blue eyes, thin-muscular body, pale skin.

Bliss- razor layered hair , emerald-green eyes, pale skin, thin-normal body(if that makes sense lol )

Jay- ..brown spiky hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin, muscular body

Aire- ..bleached-blonde hair, baby-blue eyes, pale skin, curvy body


"NO! Don't let them take Bliss away!" I heard my mom shout. The next thing I knew was that my father grabbed me and hid me in the basement and then he rushed back up stairs to where my mom was.

The basement was pitch dark and all I could hear was yells , thuds, gun shots and things getting broken, the sort of things that happen when people are fighting. I was scared and didn't know what was going on up stairs, I was really confused. Who was "them" that my mom was talking about? Were they looking for me? Why were they fighting with my parents?

I had lots of questions roaming around my head, I couldn't believe this whole thing was happening. I just sat down in a corner with the knees to my chest, when all of a sudden I heard two big thuds, followed by silence.

I sat still in my corner shaking with fear, waiting for my parents to come down and get me, I shouted after them but, everything was silent. I kept waiting for what seemed like 2 hours. I wanted to go up stairs and see if my parents were there, but the room was dark with no hint of light and I couldn't see the door. Frustrated and tired I hit something with my hand really hard when I heard something fall off beside me. I think I must've hit the table where dad kept his tools and torches.

My hands started to wander around the floor to look for the thing that fell off. Finally my hand touched something cold, a thing that felt like it was made out of metal and It's a torch!

I turned the torch on. It's light was weak but good enough for me to see where I was walking.

I walked up the stairs and opened the door as fast as I could. I was heading for the living room, where I've last seen my mother but, when I got there, I got a really sick feeling in my stomach. The room was splattered with blood and on I saw two bodies lying lifeless on the ground. That's when I actually realized the two bodies laying on the floor were mom and dad. They were covered in blood and they had some big holes around their heart area.

"Mom! Wake up! The bad men are gone now!" I said as I shook her hand, hoping she will wake up and tell me that she was all right. But there was no answer from her, not even a slight movement.

I sat down by her body as I felt tears stream down my face. I was very tired and very weak. I still couldn't believe everything that just happened.

I fell asleep on the floor by my mom's dead body but, when I woke up, I was laying on someone's bed. I was exploring the room with my eyes when all of a sudden, a boy who looked like he was older than me, came in the room.

"Mom! She's awake!" He shouted.

I heard footsteps getting closer and closer, and then I saw the door flung open. His mother was a tall women with blonde long hair and sky-blue eyes when on the other hand, his dad was a tall man with black hair, tan skin and blue eyes.

"Oh hello dear." Said his mom with a smile on her face. She wanted to come closer to me but I pulled the covers over my head.

"Maybe we should just give her some more time dear. I'm sure she is still confused about the whole thing. Seth, do you want to keep her company?" asked the man.

"Yes daddy, can I?" I Heard the little boy squeal with excitement.

"All right Seth, if anything happens just come to us." With that said, I heard the door shut. Right after that, the covers got pulled off my head. I looked at the boy who was sitting beside me. He had black hair, ice-blue eyes and pale skin, he almost looked just like his dad.

"What's your name?" he said smiling.

"B-Bliss.." I stuttered.

"My name is Seth. How old are you Bliss?"

" 6... and y-you?"

" I'm 7, that means.. I am 1 year older than you" He said with a smile on his face, looking proud of himself that he actually got the right answer.


It's been like 10 years sense I've been living with Seth and his family. Me and him were really close to each other now. We went to the same school together and there, I met two of his closest friends, Aire and Jay. Later on that same year, I found out that Seth's , Aire's and Jay's parents were vampire hunters. They told me that my parents were one of the strongest vampire hunters so, when the vampire's came to our house that day, they wanted to kill me so they could break the chain of the most powerful vampire hunters. So I guess , sense they couldn't find me, they just killed my parents with out any second thoughts.

From that day until now, I swore to revenge my parents. I, Seth, Jay and Aire are going to look for the vampire leader and kill him, no matter what. Seth's parents started training us when I was 7. Now that Jay and Aire are our closest friends, we always have our training lessons with Seth's dad. His dad, Mark, loved teaching us new skills on how to kill vampires and what we should do if someone gets bitten by a vampire, so that way, we would be ready to fight when the time comes.