OKAY... o.o sorry for taking so long to write this chapter _ it's just that I had a HUGE writer's block? xD but anyway I'll try to update a chapter every week starting from today. Warning: this is going to be a really long chapter so grab you're sodas people XD

So, I was making pancakes when randomly, I saw Seth stretching his hands behind me.

"Good evening sleeping beauty" I said giggling.

"O-M-G PANCAKES! Hey.. wait a second... mum wouldn't let us have PANCAKES for dinner." He said while letting out a "dramatic" gasp.

" Well... mommy's not here kiddo, besides... there are NO rules when we're alone," I said while tossing a pancake in the air.

" Well I'm telling mum!" he said in a kiddie voice.

I just put some maple syrup on his face just to make him shut up. But... BAD IDEA! We ended up starting a "maple syrup war". When we were done we were covered in maple syrup and the kitchen was a TOTAL mess.

"Bliss... can you smell that?"

I sniffed the air carefully and then I knew what it was...

"THE PANCAKESS!" I rushed to the pancakes just to see them completely black.

"Well I guess we'll just have pizza for dinner." Said Seth as he was dialling a number on his cell phone.

Our pizza arrived in 30 minutes and then we decided to watch a scary movie. You know.. just to make it more entertaining.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled as the killer from the movie randomly appeared on the screen looking like a mad doctor with a face full of scars and cuts and his clothes washed in blood.

"Bliss it's just a movie" said Seth as he cracked up laughing.

"Yeh.. Well don't forget that it's a HORROR movie -Heart."

Just as we finished talking my phone started ringing. I didn't recognise the caller's ID so I just answered it.


"Hello, Bliss my dear. How is you're evening going?"

I didn't recognise that person's voice either. But she really sounded weird.

"Who are you?" I asked frowning. Seth just stared at me with a concerned look on his face.

"Oh sweetie...I just wanted to let you know that me and your dear friend Aire are having lots and lots o fun." Said the woman as she giggled. Just then i remembered who she was. I recognized that evil giggle everywhere.

"Marissa!" I shouted and just then I saw Seth looking at me with a "are-you-serious-face". I just slowly nodded to him and continued talking.

"What have you done to her?"

" All I can tell you is that you won't be seeing her for a really long time if you don't meet me at Death's Forest."

"BLISS NO! Don't come here! It's a trap!" I heard Aire shout.

I hung up and rushed to my car. Seth sat in the passenger's seat. I drove with 170 km/h . I didn't care if the police saw us. All I was thinking of was Aire and what that wicked vampire might do to her.

"Come on Bliss! We are almost there." Said Seth as he patted my arm.

And when the time seemed to stop, we finally arrived. I grabbed Seth's hand and we ran in the forest as fast as we could. After 5 minutes of running we saw a pair of bright red ruby eyes, shining in the dark. Marissa just stood there looking at us, her pale skin shone as the moon light fell on her and her hair looked darker than the night sky. She was wearing her usual dark red dress and black high heels. She looked beautiful, but you know what people say, don't judge people by their looks.

"Bliss! Seth!" shouted Aire. She was tied up by a tree.

"Aire, just stay calm. We'll deal with this... blood sucker." Said Seth as he looked at Marissa with eyes full of hatred and disgust.

"You vampire hunters are nothing but just a bunch of mortals!"

" Well, we don't kill others just to satisfy ourselves... but we'll make an exception this time." I said as a small smile spread across my face.

Seth's POV

I saw Bliss smiling, and at that moment I knew what she was thinking.

I looked over at her and made gestures with my hand for her to do the first move .

She ran to Marissa and leaped on her, making her fall on the ground. But like everyone knows Marissa, she doesn't give up that easily. She went back to her feet, grabbed Bliss by her hand and threw her in the air which made Bliss fall on the ground really hard.

" I'm not done with you yet..." said Bliss as she stood up wiping some drops of blood from her lip.

Before Bliss could strike again, I thought of using the move Mark showed us.

Perfect timing. Marissa was distracted by Bliss that's when I went ran a few meters away from Marissa, turn around her back and ran as fast as I could back to her.

End of POV.

As I tried to search my pocket for my silver hand knife, I saw Seth running really fast towards Marissa. I knew what he was trying to do. Just 3 seconds after I took my eyes off him, I saw him put his arms around Marissa's neck, holding them really tight. He threw Marissa in the air and when she hit the ground, Seth grabbed her, held her arms to her back really tight and with the other hand he held her neck.

While still looking for my knife, my finger touched something sharp which made it bleed a little.

" Hmmm... I can smell the sweet scent of your blood dear Bliss. But if you are going to kill me, I won't be able to tell you everything that happened to your parents." Said Marissa as she liked her sharp fangs.

"Bliss... you know what you have to do..." said Seth as he tried hard to not let Marissa escape.

I looked at Seth, not knowing if I should really stab Marissa or not.

" GO BLISS! You can do it, we believe in you. Don't listen to anything she is going to tell you. She's trying to use her charm just so you can spare her life! She knows nothing about your parents, she wasn't even a vampire when that happened!" shouted Aire. I could see her blue eyes sparkling in the moon light and her bleached hair falling over her face as she spoke.

"Aire's right Bliss... hurry..." said Seth, I could tell he was struggling to hold Marissa by how weak his voice sounded.

" Dear, don't do it. You will regret this moment all your life."

"SHUT UP!" I yelled as tears started dripping down my cheeks. I couldn't stand anymore of her lies, I just took a few steps until I stood face to face with her. I stared into her ruby red eyes, that's when I opened my hand-knife and stuck it in her heart.

"I hope you burn in hell... Marissa." I said as I looked in her panicked eyes. 3 seconds after that, she lay on the ground motionless, her eyes gazing into nothing.

Seth went to free Aire from the ropes she was tied in, as I watched the blood trickle from Marissa's heart.

"You did it Bliss!"

"I knew you could do it Bliss! We always knew you were strong and brave!" said Aire as we all gathered together for a big hug.

"Thank you guys... but I don't think I could've done it without your help. I'm glad you two are all right. And Seth?"


" I think you mastered that special move that your Dad showed us." I said smiling.

"The last one to reach the car will cook dinner tomorrow night!" said Aire as she ran to the car. Me and Seth dashed off after her trying hard not to burst out laughing.