He could scream and shout at the TARDIS in a flurry of rage. But when he started shouting at her she would simply cover her ears and walk off. Something she thinks that the TARDIS wishes she could do as well during one of his tantrums.


Her favourite colour now. It was the main theme in her new home, blue; the colour reminds her of a place she used to call home.


He was always sorry. When she got hurt, or rather shot at, and hypnotised. He never said it, but she knew he was.


He was always getting into trouble usually getting captured. On the rare occasions he gets hurt but does not regenerate, she'll happily care for him.


He was never a poet, never tried. She was surprisingly good, good enough for him to steal her work and pretend it was his.


Sarah laughed when the Doctor yelped as she stitched up his hand.


Blurry images surrounded him as he woke up; he threw a hand over his eyes and groaned as his head pounded, loud enough to rival both his hearts


She never thought of him as an alien. Completely loopy? Maybe but not alien.


The doctor learnt one day, when Sarah Jane Smith is annoyed with you, leave her alone. She may try to strangle you with your own scarf.

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