Author's note: This is not really new content, but it's in a new format - hence the new chapter.

I did an experiment in graphic story format for the first half of The Donut Test. It stemmed from me telling my non-Glee friends about my stories, and them wanting to check them out, but feeling reluctant to spend time getting to know a new fandom just to get into the characters. Also, because each story is so closely tied to a particular episode, I thought a visual summary of the episode and its associated dialogue might enrich the experience. Also also, I wanted to play with MPEG Streamclip.

This took about eight hours to conceptualize, hunt down/create caps for and assemble on a Mac with Pages, MPEG Streamclip and Graphic Converter.

Disclaimer: Wowee, are these boys beautiful, but they are not even a little bit mine. Some dialogue taken directly from the episode to maintain continuity, mixed with original dialogue so it's not totally stealing, right?

You can find the 14 page PDF version (about 50MB) here: www dot mediafire dot com/?zb82q3t9kcfedmy

Or, go here to view the JPG version at Photobucket: photobucket dot com/DonutTest

If you enjoy it, please comment here at FFNet. If I get enough interest, I'll do the other half of the story.

Thanks for reading!