This is an awesome *Hopefully* story idea. It is the 4th in the Total Drama series, taking place one year after TDWT. Theoretically, all the cast members are now 18! They can drive! More then that, they now have professions in race cars! That's right! Total Drama Indianapolis, Going to be called TDIR *Total Drama Indy Racing*, consist of 18 of the highest finishing contestants, and 2 extra ones, going to be divided into 4 teams!

I am not hosting, or directing the show! Chris' producers still are! And Chris, with Chef, are still Hosting!

SO, who will win, and who will fall? Find out here, on





The stunts performed in this show are done by ANIMATED TEENS. DO not try these at home. Seriously, you could get really messed up!

Chris McLain, the mid 20's male that has had a successful career in hosting Reality TV shows including 25 teens, is standing in front of the camera, with the biggest grin on his face. "Welcome to Season 4 of the world famous Total Drama series, 'Total DRAMA INDY RACING!'" He says, with every word of the title zooming out farther. Apparently, he is standing on the start/finish line of the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "We welcome you to a location in the Untied States, in the state of Indiana, the capital city known as Indianapolis, and the most famous arena here, the motor racing capital of the word, Indianapolis Motor Speedway!" He begins pacing, his face facing toward the camera the entire time. "Indianapolis Motor Speedway was opened in 1909, and since then, over 93 races have been held at this amazing circuit. To celebrate the centennial era of this track, Indianapolis Speedway president has requested for my directors to host this world famous show here! Starting with the Indianapolis Festivities, even to the race, and beyond. We'll still be here, even during the NASCAR weekend here, and just a bit farther after that! 20 teens from our 3 previous Total Drama Seasons will be in this one, pitting the best against the best, 20 times over! But before we introduce them, being as their buses are a bit late, let us show you around, after getting a kick out of our new Theme Song!"

-Theme song begins here-Papa Roach, Alive when vulnerable-

GO! *Is shouted, showing the Indianapolis motor speedway from the sky*

COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON! *A clip of Vetior Meira's 2009 Indy 500 Crash is shown*

For crying out loud, running form a come down! *Shows Rafael Matos' crash in the 2010 Indy 500*

God forbid! I know I've been a let down! *An Indy car slides down the pit lane without it's right front tire*

Reaching for the sky, laying in the gutter! *Kyle Busch causes a big wreck in the 2010 Allstate 400 NASCAR race at the event's start.*

Kicking and screaming, now we're singing bloody murder! *Shows Swede Savage's Fatal '73 Indy crash*

(now we're singing bloody murder, oh now we're singing bloody murder!)

Well I'm alive! *Courtney's Indy car is shown getting airborne*

When I'm Vulnerable!

I'm outta control! *Shows Blainely's airborne crash in turn 3 in the Indy event's qualifying*

I'm loosing my soul!

Well I'm alive! *LeShawnna's Indy car has a fiery crash into the outside wall in turn 3*

When I'm Vulnerable!

I'm outta control! *On Board with Duncan as Courtney's car flies over his own*

I'm loosing my soul!

I can't be your angel *Brief Flashback of Duncan and Courtney's kissing in TDA, Then him punching her in TDIR*

when I'm living like a devil!

Can't be your lover *Shows Gwen Kissing up to Duncan as Courtney is seen devising revengeful plots*

when I'm living like a rebel

Don't want your pity and I don't want your help! *Bridgette and Geoff battle in Indy cars down the front stretch*

Don't try to save me! Go take care of yourself! *Shows Owen trying to get back together with Izzy.*

(Yeah, Go take care of yourself! You've got to take care of yourself!)

Well I'm alive! *Tyler's F1 car blows over and flips violently on the Indy road course*

When I'm Vulnerable!

I'm outta control! *Shows Lindsey looking around dumbfounded*

I'm loosing my soul!

Well I'm alive! *Sierra pulls Cody into a deep, passionate kiss*

When I'm Vulnerable!

I'm outta control! *Izzy kicks Chef in the groin*

I'm loosing my soul!

Seek out the pain I! *Ezekiel whips off his sunglasses, showing his eyes, which are now albino red from the events in TDWT*

Seek out the sorrow! *Blainely Has a breakdown as she walks away form the crowd*

Seek out today I! *Duncan looks at the sky in anticipation*

Seek out tomorrow! *DJ releases a mouse*

I'm addicted to the misery in my head! *Beth stairs at an image of Brady*

I'd better stop before I end up dead! *Courtney rear ends her stock car into the pit road tire barrier*

So I'll climb *Shows a view of the Frontstretch at Indianapolis during 2010 Indy 500 festivities*

TO the top. *Shows the Flag stand*

Just to fall *shows the grandstands*

To the bottom *The Indy 500 Trophy is shown hoisted up by Mario Andretti*

And I'll climb *Jimmie Johnson and his crew kisses the bricks after his 2008 Allstate 400 win*

TO the top. *Kurt Busch gets wrecked by Jimmy Spencer in the 2003 event*

Just to fall *Juan Montoya's and Dale Jr.'s crash in the 2010 Allstate 400 is shown*

To the bottom *Jamie McMurray does burnouts after his 2010 Allstate 400 win*

COME ON! *Ryan Hunter-reay sends Mike Conway flipping into the catch fence in the 2010 Indy 500*

COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON! *The big wreck in the 1998 Indy 500*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Salt Wather's flip into the fence at the start of the 1973 Indy 500*

Well I'm alive! *Cody's Indy car runs through a debris field*

When I'm Vulnerable! *Beth hit's the Turn 2 wall at a 45 degree angle*

I'm outta control! *Owen hits the wall just behind Beth, then his car careens into Beth's*

I'm loosing my soul! *A pair of reclusive eyes with revenge written on them stairs at Heather*

Well I'm alive! *Noah's Indy Car spins between turns 3 and 4*

When I'm Vulnerable! *Harold careens his Indy car into the dirt wall between turns 3 and 4*

I'm outta control!

I'm loosing my soul!

I can't be your angel *Chef waves the green flag*

when I'm living like a devil! *Chris shoots out of his seat as a crash strikes on the race's first lap*

Can't be your lover *Gwen is shown laying on top of a shirtless Duncan, staring at each intimately*

when I'm living like a rebel *Sierra rolls a tire around a corner of the garage area*

Don't want your pity and I don't want your help! *Chris holds up the suitcase with one million dollars in it in front of the entire cast*

Don't try to save me! Go take care of yourself! *An explosion goes off in front of Lindsey's F1 car*

-Theme song ends here-


"I am now standing in the Pit Lane. To my right, you can see a Indianapolis car, in it's entirety. Directly behind me is an American NASCAR Sprint Cup Car, The COT version, with a spoiler. To my left, you can see a 2007 model F1 machine. These 3 car types will be raced at various points in this season. Indy speedway is a flat, 2.5 mile track, with only 8 degrees of banking in the corner. For those of you that don't know math very well, it would take Chef's worse food 18 minutes to roll from the top of the corner to the bottom.


"Now I am in the Garage area. Here, you can already see teams working on various cars. We'll talk to last years Indy 500 winner, Dario Franchitti. Of course, I'm the only one that can interview him, because I'm hosting the show!" Chris McLain walks up to the 2 time Indy 500 winner, and interrupts him as he leaves his pit stall to get to the john. "Excuse me, Mr. Franchitti. My Name is Chris McLain, hosts of the Hit Reality TV Show series 'Total Drama'. Will you please give our contestants, and any one watching right now, some advice about driving this treacherous track?"

Franchitti puts on a pair of shades, and looks at the Camera. "All I can really say, without giving information away to my opponents, is that Turn's 1 and 2 on the first laps of any event here are the hardest. If you can make it through there, you're good to go." He waves off the camera, and walks on.

"Very interesting advice from Mr. Franchitti. Over there…" He says, pointing to the area where several trailers are parked. "Is where the trailer for the Total Drama cast will sleep. There is a second trailer, on the opposite side, where males sleep, while the females sleep on the one we can currently see. Chef designed these trailers himself, and built them. But relax, If you watched Season 2, you'll know how good of a builder he is!."


"I am now standing in the entry way, where the first of two buses are driving up!" Sure enough, The first bus drives up, spewing smoke form the exhaust as it stops. The double doors open, but at first, no one climbs out.

"I want to welcome you to my co-host, Chef Hatchet!" Chef steps out, and gives a harsh stare at the Camera, then walks off camera. "And now, for our contestants. First up is Total Drama Island Winner, and finisher in the Top 10 every season, Owen!"

The 'fluffy' Blonde haired boy steps out, slightly thinner than in World Tour. "Owen, My man! How's it going?"

"Awesome dude! ON the way here we were able to…"

"Owen, I'm on a time Schedule. Please get moving to the side here." He points to a white line that he sprayed down, and Owen walks over to said line.

"Next up is the Highest average finisher, and Total Drama Action winner, Duncan, The delinquent!"

A 18 year old male, with a green Mohawk hair style and a shirt with a skull on it, steps out of the bus.

"Good day McLain." HE says, very snobbishly, as he stands beside Owen.

"Next up is the character that has the third highest average finish, and is the only character to make it to the semi-finals twice, AND won Total Drama World Tour, Heather!"

The Brunette walks briskly out of the bus, shakes her head, showing that most of her hair had FINALY grown back.

"And now, 2nd place finisher of TDI, Gwen!" Gwen walks out, and just walks by the camera, without a single word.

"I can't believe I got jipped into doing the show again. With Courtney and Heather!"

"Beth! The 2nd place finisher in TDA!" The Girl had finally grown some, being 5 foot 7 inches, but still looked shorter then the others.

"Hi Chris! Thanks for having me back on!" She says, her words sounding very dazzling now that her oral work was completely done.

"No problem! Now for Alejandro…Well, He would be here, but due to his 'injuries' in last season's finale, he's being replaced. You'll find out who soon enough! Next up, The only person to have filed a successive lawsuit against us, Courtney!" He grimaces as she walks off, as she waves to the Camera, then takes her place on the OPPOSITE side of the line that Gwen and Duncan are on.

"And now, the 3rd place finisher in Total Drama World Tour, who has a large underground fan base, Cody!"

Cody steps out, waving to the crowd. HE also, has had an apparent growth spurt, as he was now 5 foot 10 all the sudden, almost being able to look Duncan square in the face. "Thanks Chris." He says, then walks next to Gwen…but not as close as he usually would.

"And the 4th place finisher of TDWT is a sugar addict with now 25 blogs and 3 24hour multi-way web cams, Sierra!"

The Dark Skinned female rushes out, and grasps McLain tightly. "Thanks you SO much for having me on again! You still are the greatest host!" Her purple hair was growing back, about half the length it was before the explosion incident. She darts next to Cody, and hugs him tightly.

"Then we have LeShawna!" The big bootied and big boobied black girl stepped out, waving to the camera.

"Hi Ya'll ! LeShawna is back in da house!"

"Stand with the other contestants already!" Chris ordered, slightly irritated. "Now we have, in no real order, the finishers of TDA in the top 10 that have not already been covered. Justin, Izzy, Harold, and DJ!"

Justin walks out, and Flashes a smile at the camera crew. Izzy leaps out, doing a cartwheel, then springing to where she should be. Harold comes out, also taller, but still geekish looking. DJ walks out, letting a mouse go as he does.

The next bus drove up, with the remaining contestants.

"Geoff, Lindsey, Bridgette! The finishers of TDI that we haven't covered!" Geoff walks out, with Bridgette behind him, and amazingly, they aren't kissing each other! Lindsey walks out, applying make up to her face, not really paying attention to the fact that she's back on camera.

"And Tyler, with Blainely!" Blainely pushes Tyler out, so Tyler lands on his face, and the stuck up Prima Donna walks on his back, and takes her place in line. The teen in the red jumpsuit gets up, and lazily walks over to the line.

"And now, The field fillers! The first one has the lowest average in Total Drama, yet has a small fan base of his own! After extensive surgery and therapy, he's almost back to normal! Welcome, Ezekiel!" The homeschooler boy walks onto the track, then gives the camera a thumbs up.

"Seriously? You're brining home school back?" Heather challenged Chris.

"Well, it is DRAMA, Ain't it?"

"No drama, when we know who's getting voted off first, regardless of consequences!" The defending winner retorted. However, the MC just ignored her.

"Lastly, he has a underground fan base that is HUGE, and has a ton of bad things happen in his sleep, thought to be homosexual, and considers Justin the anti-him, Noah, the fan-favorite!"

Noah walks on, closing a book and tucking it under his arms. He looks at the Camera and complies with his usual sarcasm. "Oh Joy, back on the torture for a million chance show." He walks over to the crowd.

"And now, you've met everyone that will be in this season! We'll show them their resident quarters!"

-Resident Quarters, Girls-

The girls step into their own quarters, looking at the 5 sets of Bunk Beds around them.

"Okay…Not as bad as flying in a plane sleeping on straps…" LeShawna commented.

"Yeah tell me about it! It was so bad, that I had rope marks on my shoulders, chest, and legs! IT was awful." Lindsey whined.

"Who's bunking with whom? Since we ARE stuck with bunk beds again?"

"I'll go bottom, with whoever wants to go with me." Sierra scanned the room.

"Top. Said it, got it." The defending champion walks over to a set, and throws her suitcase on the top.

"I'm bunking with Lindsey!" Beth grabbed her best friend's hand, and they ran to a set.

"I'll bunk with Izzy!" Bridgette and Izzy went over to their own set, and Izzy climber onto the top, while the surfer girl slid her suitcase underneath.

"I guess I'll go Blainely." Courtney whispered.

"Only if I get the bottom! I probably won't look as appealing on the top!"

"Fine. Have it you're way."

"I'll take Sierra over Heather anyday!" Gwen climbed to the top of her own pair.

"Wait! I'm stuck with beauty Queen, problem causer Heather?"

"Shut it Gehtto Glamour. You're just worried about my supposed 'evilness' will drip onto you, when it's merely called…" She hardened her voice at the last word. "COMPETITIVENESS!"

"Oh no, You did not just call me un-competitive!" She prepared to rush at her 'Bunk mate' But Chris appeared in the door.

"Oh girls, Get ready for the first challenge pretty soon here!"

-Resident's Quarters, Boys-

"5 pairs, 10 of us. Who's going with whom?" Duncan said, mostly to himself, as he scanned the room.

"I'll bunk with ya Geoff." The Eco-friendly DJ walked up to the farthest left pair.

"I'll go with Cody. He understands what awesome skills I have."

"Shut it 'Doris.'"

"I'll Go with Zeke, considering he won't get into my skin care treatment." Justin remarked.

"I'm not like that! Just because I'm Home schooled, doesn't mean I'm THAT ridiculous!"

"Hey Noah, You get Top."

"Whatever you say Owen." They grabbed their own pair.

"I Guess I'm getting Tyler." Duncan remarked as he threw his duffel bag on the top bunk.

Over the loudspeaker, Chris' voice could be heard. "All Total Drama Contestants, please report to the Garage area. That is all. Over."


All 20 teenagers were standing in the garage area, and Chef was leaning against a wall, reading 'Of Mice and Men.'

Chris walks up then, waving to his victims. "Good day. I hope you ARE enjoying you're stay here! Because for some of you, it will be very, very pain racking! Now, the exposure Camera is in this garage area here!" He points to the garage behind him.

-Gwen's POV-

The Camera is apparently on top of a table, facing to the person sitting in the chair. Right now, it's Gwen, with her feet up on the table. "Well, I'm back." She sighs, then moves some of the tools on the table to one side as a crew member runs behind her to work on a car. "Here's hoping that Season 4 goes to me!" She says, raising her hands. "I don't really know why I am even talking right now." The Goth looks down, and crosses her arms.

-Normal POV-

"And to my far right is 20 Indy cars, each built to hold your own weight, and be equal in weight when all weighed while you are in them, because I know some of you are over or underweight." HE says, pointing to the long row of cars. "Come up, and Claim you're numbers…" He held out a top hat with 20 slips of paper.

LeShanna paraded up first, and pulled out a 13. "Oh, so now I'm getting the bad luck call?" She bewails, then walks to the car with said number.

Ezekiel came up next, pulling out a 16. He also goes to his own car. Duncan pulls out a 07, Gwen, a 33, while Heather rips out a 1.

-Heather's POV-

"Of course, I would get 1. Besides, look at the competition around here! No one is as good as mwa."

-Normal POV-

Izzy pulls out a 55 ,While Noah rolls his eyes at the 18 he digs up. Owen grabs a 24, while Geoff gets two cards, handing one to Bridgette, which turned out to be a 17, while he got a Petty blue 43. Justin walks up, and pulls out his own number, a 01.

-Justin's POV-

"Maximum Exposure is key. Having a easy to remember number will help with Maximum Exposure! Perfect for the modeling business."

-Normal POV-

Blainely grabbed a 12, while Courtney grabbed a 00, causing Gwen and Duncan to snicker the entire time as she walked to her double ZERO car. Tyler and Lindsey run up, evidently excited, and she pulls out a 48, while he grabs a 14. Beth gets herself a 5, DJ gets a 99, Cody gets a 31 while his stalker grabs herself a 29. Harold grabs the last number, then his eyes get extremely wide behind his glasses as he pulls out his 3.

-Harold's POV-

"3 is the number that the Late Dale Earndhart Drove. The same guy who won 7 NASCAR championships, and won the second stock car event at this track. IT is honoring to drive under that same number, even if it only in INDY cars."

-Normal POV-

"So, I assume everyone found their cars?" The entire cast nodded yes. "Good. What will the contestants face, or should I say, Drivers? Find out when we return, on TOTAL




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