"I don't sleep seems to have become your catchphrase at the moment" Amy said to the Doctor "I don't believe it. Nope, not for a second." Amy paused "Because when I mention sleep you look scared Doctor. You sleep and I know it and for some reason it scares you."

The Doctor scowled in irritation at the console not looking at her and hissed through his teeth "I don't sleep Amy because Time Lord's do not need to sleep"

Amy walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder and with her usual roughness spun him round. "Really Doctor? 'Cause the bags under your eyes beg to differ. What scares you?"

"Nothing" He replied his anger mounting "Nothing scares me about sleeping."

"Ah" Amy replied coyly "So if the sleeping part doesn't scare you it must be the dreams." Amy saw pain flash through his eyes. She knew she was close.

"Amy. Drop. It" He stated

"Daleks?" Amy continued persistently as the Doctor went back to 'repairing' the console "Gallifrey" She suddenly stated and the Doctor froze.

Amy smiled as she moved to lean against the console beside him "Doctor, come on" Amy loosely took a hold of his wrist and gave it a gentle tug "You are exhausted, I can see it." Amy instantly saw defiance enter his eyes "I'll stay with you if you want"

Amy sighed as he pulled away from her grasp and walked to the other end of the console. Defeated Amy walked up the stairs and stopped in the arch "If you change your mind you can come in my room" She knew he wouldn't but she also knew she'd try again tomorrow.