Everyone was sitting together at the lunch table. Jason, Mark, and billy were on one side of the table, Dan, Gus, and steven were across from them. Jack was sitting alone at the table next to them, typing away on his laptop while chewing on a stick on his food.

Jason eyed Gus's lunch bag.

"You don't normally bring much to eat for lunch do you, Gus. That bag looks full. What's going on?" Jason asked.

"Well, we just went grocery shopping and I have more than enough to eat today." Joey said happily. He pulled out a sandwich, chips, and a apple, a banana, and a cupcake. "My dad even got me a case of these just for me to bring for lunch." Gus pulled out a large bottle of Gatorade.

"Nice." Dan commented.

"Can I have your apple? I love apples." steven said.

"Sure." Gus said, handing him the fruit. "As long as it's not the banana you're asking for. I love bananas it its all mine."

They chowed down on their lunches and chatted away.

After a while, most everyone was finished. The only one still eating was Gus, who still had his banana to eat. Everyone wanted to wait for him, but he told them not to so they left.

Grabbing the banana and slowly peeling it, he dragged the peeling all the way near the other end. He then looked around to make sure no one was watching him. Confident no one was looking, he licked at the whole underside of the banana, loving the taste of the fruit.


I look over to the geeks table to find only Gus sitting there eating still, of course. I ignore him by continuing my task of buying some small business in America. I see in the corner of my eye that he was holding up a banana and peeling it slowly.

I finished what I was doing, but I couldn't help but just sit here and watch him stare at the banana with love. Oh, how I wish so much to just go over there and ravish his beautiful, smooth lips and claim him as mine! Claim his mind, body, and spirit. I'd want him—no! I would need him—to do to me, whatever he's thinking about doing to that banana.

Normal POV

Gus lapped at the very tip of the fruit, biting it soon afterward. Wanting to see how far he could get the yellow produce into his mouth, he made sure to swallow what he had bitten off first, and engulfed the banana whole into his mouth.

In the table next to him, he watched as Jack quickly got up and ran out of the cafeteria, leaving his things behind. He eased the banana out of his mouth and ate it normally, vaguely wondering what was wrong with Jack.

oh well He loved bananas.