The Moment of Truth

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Summary: Maria Warren had her life turned into a Cinderella story when she moved in with the Thorns. From living in a small apartment at 23rd street to a grand mansion at the heart of Chicago, and from a public school to a prestigious all girls' finishing school. And of course, in every Cinderella story, Prince Charming comes along and a happy life with him full of love and grandeur waits. But is Mark Thorn the Prince Charming she wants, or the other boy in the Thorn family?

Chapter 1: The Beginning


Dr. Charles Warren was on his way home to his cozy apartment on 23rd street. It was nothing big and fancy, but it was enough to shelter and satisfy him and his fourteen year old daughter Maria. His Austin Allegro 1300 took a swerve to the left, bypassing the little bakery and café where his deceased wife used to eat breakfast with him. His wife, Adriana Delgado passed away after giving birth to Maria, leaving him to raise his daughter by himself. 'Nearly there, have to tell Maria', he thought, as he was speeding up his car, eager to get home.

Dr. Warren was the curator for the Thorn Museum, and he had just gotten a huge offer from the owner of the museum and his long time friend Richard Thorn. He was scheduled to leave first thing tomorrow for an excavation trip in Jerusalem along with his friend Joan Hart. Hart was a journalist, and was currently working on the biography of Carl Bugenhagen. He was offered to go alongside Hart on the excavation, as he too was working on historical artifacts that may have connections to Bugenhagen. He had gotten a good price from the offer too, enough to buy a new house for him and his daughter preferably near to the Thorn Museum.

Dr. Warren rolled up on the curb facing the apartment building. He turned off the engine and got out with the car keys jingling from his shirt pocket. He entered the main door and went up the stairs. He practically ran to his apartment door after reaching the fifth floor.

"Dad is that you?", asked his daughter, coming out of her room to welcome him home. She was still in her school uniform and the reading glasses she had lopsided on her face. Her beautiful black curls a little frizzy and tangled from doing assignments and projects.

" Yeah. Have you eaten yet dear? " he asked as he shimmied out of his coat and put it over the couch.

" Yes dad. I've cooked dinner for you in case you wanted to eat. It's on the countertop."

"Thanks Iya", Warren said as he hugged his daughter.

" Anytime ", Maria said.

Warren went over to the countertop and settled on his seat. He was about take a bite when he remembered to tell Maria his offer.

" Iya dear, come here, I have something to tell you. It's important honey."

" What is it dad? Are you having rheumatism again? Want me to run over to the drugstore?" said Maria, her lovely face smirking as she saw her father's expression.

" Umm, ahh, no honey. ", he said as he blushed. Having rheumatism is "one of the signs that you're getting old" and in Maria's opinion, getting wrinkly. His daughter kept teasing him about it, and it was rather embarrassing.

" I accepted Richard's offer to go to an excavation trip to Jerusalem, and got a good price for it too." he said grinning.

"Oh. ..Well that's nice." Maria said as her face fell a little. Her dad is the only thing she had, and the prospect of him leaving her for God knows when was depressing.

" How long will you be gone?"

" Ten months dear. Don't worry, Richard and I had it all figured out. You're going to live with Richard's family while I'm gone. He already had you enrolled at St. Claire's, the sister school of Davidson's, where Mark and Damien studies. School starts tomorrow, so it's actually perfect timing. They're really wonderful people honey, especially Ann, Richard's wife. I'm sure you're going to have fun."

" Oh." Said Maria. She was overwhelmed by the fact that she was going to live with Richard Thorn's family, knowing that they were billionaires and people of high society. She had met Richard Thorn once, when her dad took her to the museum months ago. Thorn was indeed a wonderful man, very polite and earnest. But it didn't take away her nervousness. ' I'm going to live with WHO NOW? Wha-but..the…Huh?" she thought as she felt like the earth took a 360 degree spin.

" Uhmm, Maria dear you're turning green. Are you alright?" asked Warren, worried about his daughter.

" I-ahh…umm…I…Yes. I'm perfectly fine. " said Maria as she composed herself. She didn't want her dad to worry about her. She wasn't usually like this, all clammy and nervous about things, but right now she felt like the cows at Greenland Farms during her school's fieldtrip. Slow and dumb.

" When are you leaving for this ahh…trip?"

" First thing tomorrow. My flight's 5:00 in the morning, so I'll bring you over at the Thorn's at 4:00. Don't worry, they're already expecting you, so it's okay for you to come around before the boys wake up."

"Fabulous." 'Oh dear. Kill me. Kill me now.' Thought Maria.

" Honey I suggest you pack up now, you wouldn't want to rush tomorrow."

"Yes, I'll do that right now." Said Maria as she turned her back and walked towards her room. She opened the door and went inside. Her assignments and books were scattered across her bed. She gently closed the door and locked it. Then she walked over by the lace-curtained window. She sat on the window sill and looked out. She sighed heavily then ran her fingers over her silky black locks. ' What's happening?'


Richard Thorn got out of the limousine with a briefcase on one hand. It was a rather tiring day at the office what with his colleagues Bill Atherton and Paul Buher fighting over the latter's business proposal, and the chilly weather didn't do well for his stiff neck.

"Thanks Murray." He said as he waved at the chauffeur.

The chauffer grinned. "Have a good night sir."

"You too." The limousine took off as he started walking towards his home. It was a little late now, and he wondered whether his son Mark and his nephew Damien would be awake. 'Hn. They're probably asleep . They wouldn't want to be up and about the house, as Aunt Marion was staying over until tomorrow.' He thought as he let out a heavy sigh of relief as he went inside the warm confines of his house. He was glad to be home.

" My Richard! I thought you were never coming home! Why are you late?" exclaimed his wife Ann as she rushed out to hug him welcome.

He let out a chuckle. "Oh Ann, you know all about Paul's business proposal, it's driving Bill crazy." He said as he hugged her back.

Ann smiled. " Well I'm glad you're home."

" Me too. Say, where's Marion? Is she still awake? "

" I'm right here Richard and I'm very awake." Said an old woman about 70 years old. She was small, petite. She had puffy white hair and a wrinkly face that looked as if it was once beautiful. Her cherry-colored lips were pursed and her heavily-lidded eyes narrowed. She had her arms folded.

Richard turned around. "Oh good evening Marion. What are you still awake?"

" Well I've heard from the maids that you were letting Dr. Warren's daughter stay here for awhile. Is it true?"

" Why, yes. It is true. I was the one who assigned Charles to Jerusalem, and it would deemed impolite and heartless to just let him leave his daughter all alone."

" I agree. After all Mark and Damien was just saying earlier that they're delighted to meet the young lady. I am too." Ann said.

" How old is this young lady? Is she well-mannered? Was she raised well? Is she intelligent—"

Richard chuckled, cutting off Marion's seemingly never-ending string of questions. " Marion, are you forgetting that this young lady we're talking about is Charles' daughter? Why, I assumed that you would already know what to make of Maria judging from your fondness of Charles. Besides I have met her once, 3 months ago at the museum. She's very bright and intelligent, very much like her father. But of course she takes after her mother's looks, Adriana. You have met Adriana, right?"

" Hmm. I see." Marion said, as her eyes softened. She recalled her last encounter with the pair, Charles and Adriana. 'A pity Adriana died. A very beautiful woman, she is.' Marion thought. " Well, now that I've heard what I wanted to I'm off. " she said as she turned her back on Richard and Ann and walked over to her room just beside the family room.


" So that's what she's like, that Maria. Now I really want to meet her!" exclaimed Mark, as he was peeking from behind the balcony. He and Damien were so curious to find out about their guest tomorrow that they couldn't help eavesdropping on the conversation below.

"Quiet Mark! They might hear us." said Damien.

" Have you met Dr. Warren's wife, Damien? I have." Said Mark with a smug look on his face.

"Really? What she's like?"

" Hmm, well let's just say that she's the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life, and that's saying something considering we're with living with Ann."

" Oh." ,Said Damien as he felt his cheeks getting hot. He knows that Mark never exaggerates, and what with that little comment of his he can imagine what Maria looks like.

' I honestly can't wait'. Damien and Mark thought.


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