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The occasional whispering interrupted the silence enveloping me. The quietness was eerily unnerving and I would have preferred they fussed around me. It was better they irritate me with non-essential questioning and concern than dealing with the reality that she hadn't arrived yet. She was fucking late for our wedding.

No scratch that, she wouldn't be coming. I was sure of that now, even if my heart was rebelling that thought.

For the nth time, Emmett asked the time. And every single time he did, it was as if he was splashing cold water on me. The minutes, as they continued, just solidified what I already knew.

This was supposed to be our day. Yeah, a fucking day for mourning.

I stood up, a glass of scotch in my hand. Amidst the chaos earlier, someone decided it was just right and brought a bottle. I should thank that someone for even thinking about this shit. I looked at my hand holding the alcohol, and I could see the tight grip I had on it. If I held it a little tighter, I was sure it would break in my hands.

I loosened my tie, feeling it suffocate me all of a sudden. It didn't matter that I didn't look the part of the perfect groom because there was not even a fucking bride. Everyone still held some hope she would arrive soon. But deep down, somewhere, they all knew this was already a lie.

She was not coming…at all. There wasn't a bride I knew that was late on her wedding day unless there was a good explanation, which should have been solved easily by the bride calling and alerting the groom - in this case, me. I took a sip of the scotch and hissed from the burn when it passed my throat.

The tension was thick and I could see they were treading lightly with me. It was as if they were afraid I would crumble down from this. Esme was trying to keep her tears at bay, while Rosalie was cursing at someone on her phone. My head was throbbing. I could feel the bile trying to come up, but I was too damn stubborn to show weakness. I huffed, willing my head to stop aching as well as my stomach to stop from churning.

The room was decorated with white lilies arranged in the most simple, but elegant way a florist could. There were even some gold specks on them. It was Alice's suggestion to the florist, and of course it had to be done. I didn't even know someone could actually put it on a petal. But it seemed thousands of dollars as payment could manage to ensure quite weird requests.

A few people were still inside the church. I wished somebody could usher them out. Not that I was concerned with what they thought of me. I never had before and I didn't plan to start now. It was just that I hated for them to witness my further humiliation. It was one thing that they talked about me, but it was a fucking blow to my ego for them to actually see my disgrace. After everything I had been through, I couldn't handle letting them know a woman was the reason for my breakdown. Damn if I would give the fuckers that satisfaction. Said people were the same damn socialites and millionaires who shunned and snubbed me when I had no money, even though I carried the name of one of their own.

I knew I would be the talk of the town. Nothing new there. Not that I even cared. As long as they stayed the hell away from me, there wouldn't be a problem. I tried to look strong, even if I was on the verge of a meltdown.

Where the hell was she? I could fucking strangle her for doing this to me.

It was getting hot, so I slammed the glass I was holding on the chair nearby and removed my tuxedo jacket; almost ripping it to shreds when I clumsily and angrily pried the fabric away. I threw the expensive suit on the floor and almost gave in to the urge to destroy it further by jumping on it. The sight of the wedding suit disgusted me.

The loud screeching sound of a car and the slamming of doors alerted me to visitors. My already exhausted heart started beating rapidly against my chest, wishing and hoping it would be her. That somehow, against all odds, she was just truly late.

But I knew that was impossible.

The idea sparked more anger in me. Because why the hell would I still be happy to fucking see her after she humiliated me like this?

Feeling the tension and agitation, everyone in the room stopped whatever it was they were doing. They had joined me in waiting for our visitors to enter the church. The doors opened to reveal it was not her. I hissed and almost growled in frustration.

Jasper and Jacob. They were striding toward us like angry tigers.

What the fuck were they angry about? It was Bella who ditched me at the altar.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Rose yelled. The look Jasper gave her was nothing compared to the furious ones directed at me.

"I'm here to settle a score with Edward." He was walking towards me, the tapping sound of his shoes echoing through the whole church.

I tried to remain calm, even though I was sure this was one occasion I would be allowed to do some thrashing. There was a good excuse for me to do something stupid, but I stayed where I was and downed the remaining alcohol.

It was then I realized they weren't even clothed properly for the occasion. They were dressed casually in jeans and shirts. That made me more furious. It meant they knew Bella wouldn't be coming.

Jacob looked murderous as he stood behind Jasper. Maybe he was the one who even persuaded Bella to make a no show. He was always following her like a fucking lost puppy. I wouldn't put it past him to be one of those responsible.

The audacity of Jasper to look hurt and furious after what Bella had done, did something to me. I knew I was gritting my teeth hard as I tried to reign in my anger. But before I was even able to confront them, Jasper started swinging a bat, hitting everything he could see. The flowers on the aisle were the ones that took the burnt of his wrath. The vase that held the flowers fell to the floor, smashing with a loud crash that resonated across the whole church. It was the sound of anger.

I was watching my wedding day crash and burn all over again right before my eyes.

"Stop it! You fucker, stop it!" Rose yelled, her voice ringing loud and clear as Jasper turned toward us, red-faced and sweaty from his assault. He threw the bat down, making a loud 'clank' on the marble floor. He wasn't finished because he strode toward me. I just stared at him, unflinching.

"You! You fucking asshole! You made her leave!" he spat, as if conversing with me was something he was having difficulty doing. "I fucking told you not to pursue her. Goddammit, I even begged you!"

I just arched my brow at him, clenching my fist so I wouldn't start punching his face. Oh, I wanted to punch someone, and he was a very good candidate at the moment. I felt someone's hand touching my arm, but I ignored it.

"But no, you had to have her," he said venomously. "You even made me believe you genuinely cared for her. But fuck you Edward Cullen, you go to Hell!" he spat, before he turned around and marched toward the exit. Disgust was evident on his face and his shoulders were slumped in defeat. I almost pitied him. He was the one who took care of Bella when their parents died. He was the protective brother she needed. I was the fucking asshole. The asshole who just loved her too damn much.

"Where is she?" I asked quietly, but my voice held the anger and loathe I was feeling at the moment. He turned to me slowly.

"She saw you last night," he said deathly slow and soft, but I heard him. I heard him and my heart constricted. I held my shirt as if to loosen it because I suddenly couldn't breathe. She fucking knew! Oh, my God! No!

Instead of concentrating on the pain, I got angry, angrier than before. I was fucking livid. I didn't fucking care about anybody else. I only cared about my pain and my humiliation, so I focused on it.

"Where the fuck is she?" My voice had raised a notch, but Jasper didn't seem threatened. He just gave me an evil lopsided smile.

"She left. Last night," he said with a satisfied grin. "I hope she won't be coming back here." I closed my eyes, trying to control my tears.

Jasper was still talking. I couldn't tune him out even if I wanted to. "You know how she is. She's never in one place for too long. It suffocates her."

But she did stay. She stayed here for a year because of me.

"I hope she is far away from here now and never comes back. You're such a pathetic, selfish asshole! I'm glad she didn't marry you!"

"What did you fucking say?" The last vestige of control I had left was snapped. I lunged for him and punched him in the nose. My anger had escalated to a new height. All I wanted was to throw a punch anywhere I could hit. The next minute was a blur of activity. When Emmet pulled me away from him, Jasper was panting and holding his nose. Good, I punched the fucker hard!

I could taste blood and I knew I had cut lips. They would be bruised tomorrow, but I didn't care. I was still thrashing against Emmett, wanting to fucking finish the job of wrecking Jasper's face.

"We are through, Edward!" He hissed as he wiped his nose of the dripping blood. Jacob was also restraining him. "We are fucking through! We are no longer friends!" He pulled away from Jacob before pointing his finger at me. "And don't you fucking dare follow her, you asshole!"

"Or?" I asked, wanting to taunt him. My lips were already swollen and I spit some blood on the floor.

"I will kill you." Jacob was the one who answered. I knew he loved Bella and that thought made me hiss again and move toward him. Emmett was quick to pull me back.

"Don't worry," I said with finality. "I wouldn't go anywhere near her if you paid me a million bucks!"

"Good! Just fucking stay away!" Jasper said before they turned away, leaving me more furious than when they had arrived. I slumped on the floor, feeling the weight of the world finally on my shoulders. I wouldn't cry. I wouldn't cry!


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