The Consultant


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Note: After a month and four defunct fics later, I am returning to Buffy and Angel Fics after doing Enterprise Fics. I'm a little out of practice so if any of the characters 'beam up' or call each other 'Targ dung' then kindly let me know and I'll correct it.


"Are you Dr. Cross?"

The voice awakened Stephan from his daze and grabbed his attention. Taking a look around he couldn't help but notice that he was still tied up. Thankfully he was no longer trapped in the trunk of a moving car.

But he was still kidnapped so that hadn't improved.

He squinted his eyes in the direction that the voice spoke from, hoping that he could get a look at his captors. "Who are you?" he muttered. It was probably a stupid question but he couldn't really think of anything else to say.

But the voice totally disregarded him. "Are you Stephan Cross, PhD?" A figure seemed to appear out the shadows as the voice continued talking, "Are you the famous Dr. Cross, the worlds foremost authority on romantic relationships?"

Stephan nodded quickly but added, "I'm not really the FOREMOST authority. There's this guy in France who -"

"Shut up." The voice whispered but Cross wasn't really in the mood to follow orders.

"Look if it's money you want I can cut you a nice big check right-"


Stephan suddenly felt very scared and curled up in a little ball before speaking again in a very light, tinny voice. "Who are you?"

From the shadows stepped a very young man with white blond hair and a long leather coat.

"My name is Spike and I'm your new patient."