My Sensei and I

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Pairing: Kakashi x Hinata

Kakashi is 26 years old in this story, because he is hot..and undeniably awesome

Chapter 1 - the ''sleep over''

The sun's ray hit Hinata's face. She sighed and looked at her left and felt something that was not usual. A breathing creature was beside her, to be exact it was her sensei.

'Why am I here? What happened? Did something between sensei and I...' she stopped thinking and shook off her thoughts. 'No Hinata, think positively. Sensei would never let his guards down' she tried calming herself.

She looked around, the room was clean but the bed was very much messy and it was bigger than hers.

Hinata blushed and looked nearer trying to recall what happened. Her sensei's half body wasn't covered with the blanket and his upper torso was fully exposed.
She never thought she was to see this but the mask covering her sensei's neck to his middle face was slightly moved making her see the glimpse of his lips and the bare skin of his neck.

Hinata blushed even more as she thought about Kiba's upper torso that never looked this great. Of course she saw her team mates upper torso when they train but her sensei's was far off different.

'Come on Hinata, stop staring at your sensei' she cried to herself.

She again tried to recall.
Naruto had his first treat in the ramen shop since it was his birthday, wherein Kakashi was invited and they drunk themselves and...

She held her breathe and shook Kakashi's shoulder. "Se-se-sensei!" She cried, tears jumping on her eyes when she saw his eyes open.
"H-Hinata? Why on earth-are you here?"

"Sensei, I-I don't remember anything." She half yelled as she cleaned herself in the shower as she heard her sensei sigh.

"What have I done?" He asked with his hands on his mask. He had his shower before she had hers and he-they-can't remember anything. not a single kiss but there were stains in his pure white sheets.

All that was left when they woke up in his bedroom, was their heads spinning like crazy and they just can't remember anything that happened. Nothing at all.

"Sensei, lets ask the ramen shop owner, maybe...we'll remember anything." The worried curious Hinata was asked. Kakashi nodded and thought to himself, 'even if we remember it, we can't really do anything anymore'

They both walked down the streets as the ramen shop owner smiled at them.
"Mister, did I and se-sens- sensei leave together last night?" Hinata asked. The mister laughed and nodded, "You were even on his back playing with his mask and his hair. You two were lovely last night" he blurted as she blushed and nodded wanting to leave the shop as soon as she could.

"He said we-we l-left las-lastly than the other and w-we le-left together" she said not looked at his eyes. He nodded while wild thoughts ran in his head but then as soon as he saw her, he shook them off.
He is a teacher, she is a student. It is really...something sinful. Very sinful.

He'd be in trouble in no time and she'd be the greatest disgrace example of the family once it comes out to the public.

"Hinata" He called as she jerked her head to his direction, she has lost it since awhile ago. Kakashi walked to her side as Ino looked at them smiling.

"Kakashi-sensei" She greeted with a smile and a flushed face. "I wasn't able to see you last night, never thought I had a small chance standing up with such strong alcohol." She laughed and waved herself off

Hinata looked at her sensei in terror and felt dizzy for some time that she had to lean on a pole.

"I'll send you home, I need to talk to the Hokage about my mission. Go rest and let no one know about it until I come back." He said as she nodded.

Once she got in the gates of her house, she held her hands on her chest praying her father did not find out.

2 days after :D

Hinata had her shower and leaned on the glassed walls of her bathroom. So dizzy, she thought and got over it.
"What really happened?" She mumbled having a taste of the water. Cool air made her spine feel jelly as she tried to finish her shower

She couldn't train herself with the thought of Kakashi on his bed and her there as well. With the thought of...she had her first time at the age of 18 and to make it worst, it had to be with her sensei.

"When are you coming back kakashi-sensei?" She asked herself.

She went down from her room and saw her father with hot tea on the table.
"Good afternoon father" she greeted as he rose his eyebrow. "Hinata, sit for awhile" with it, Hinata felt really nervous.

She obviously wanted to go out to refresh and her father caught her. What was he going to say? Did he find out about the fact Hinata wasn't home nights before?

'did he find out? how? damn' her thoughts were crazy when he father opened his mouth again.

"When do you actually find a powerful partner? Finding a suitable partner in Konoha is useless unless-" Hinata's father stopped with the sight of Hatake Kakashi flashed before his eyes and continued, "-it would be as strong as Hatake Kakashi, he indeed will sooner or later be the Hokage. Ah, how ever do you find someone like him?" with his name, Hinata has left her mouth open.

Her blush was nothing compared like tomato, it was as red as blood.

Someone knocked at the door and it was Hinata who opened it, it was the expected visitor, after three days... finally he came back.

"Hyuga-san, I'm taking Hinata for training today. You won't mind right?" Hiashi was taken back, did he hear what he was talking about or was it really just a training with his daughter? Never the less, he shook his head and smiled to himself.


"Take this." Kakashi said giving Hinata a small box and he pointed at his bathroom. They went straight to his apartment after getting Hinata off her father's wedding sermons

Hinata walked in and found herself holding a pregnancy test.

She almost fainted seeing the small white thing she was holding.

She had a good grip on the door knob as she opened it

"S-S-sensei" tears swelling up in her eyes,he was sitting his legs wide and she was there infront of him, crying.

He paused from his reading and his heart beat rushed until he thought it would explode.

Sneak Peek:

"Such a disgrace" Hinata said curling up looking at Kakashi and all he could do was look at the ceiling.

"Don't worry, i'll take full responsibility." Hinata stopped as he looked down at her, "Marry me"

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