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Hi. So, I've decided to do a sort of longer fic. I've tried this before, with the disastrous "High School" which is just sitting idly on my page. But I kind of don't want to delete it because I like the idea, and I'll probably get back to it eventually. But now I have a new story! And I know exactly where this one is going, and I've already written about five chapters, so I can put them up in the next few weeks while I have exams. This was a completely stupid time to start a new story. Oh well. :3

But yeah, this one's a bit more angsty sort of, or like depressing. Everyone's upset and Blaine's in hospital and such. But do not despair dear readers! All shall be well in the end. I live for happy endings.

So, I hope you like it. Follow or whatever if you like it. Or and review, if you have the time. If not, that's cool too. Ending my uber long author's note now.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Which makes me feel like crying.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Without even realizing, I turned and walked away, the stark white walls and the soft blue aprons of the nurses a complete blur. This couldn't be happening. Not to us.

"Kurt! Hey! Slow down!"

I could hear someone calling my name. A man. I was outside now, I could feel the harsh wind of the winter on my face.

"Kurt! Stop! You can't walk home! Just wait for David, and we can go!"

It was true, what the voice was saying. The apartment was too far away. There was no way I could walk that far in these boots. And so I stopped. But the moment I stopped, everything came crashing down.

We were at the hospital. Blaine was in the hospital, with tubes stuck all over him, and bruises on his there was nothing I could do. I broke down in tears.

"Kurt! Kurt, it's going to be alright, calm down. Blaine's fine."

"He's not fine, Wes! He's in hospital and it's horrible, and I just want him to be back to normal."

"Kurt, you know that's not going to happen right away. At least he's still with us, yeah? And he's awake, he didn't go into a coma or anything. That's the best we can hope for at the moment."

I sniffed, and wiped the tears off my face. Wes was right. It didn't mean I wasn't allowed to be sad though.

"Do you want to go in and see him? Or we can just go home, if you want?"

I shook my head, got up slowly and walked towards the looming grey building that was the hospital. I could hear Wes following along behind me. I let him push me along the hallways, towards Blaine's room.

"Just don't freak out, ok?"

I shook my head at him again. Wes pushed the door open for me, and tentatively I stepped inside the room.

There was Blaine, lying under the bright white sheets of the hospital bed. It had never occurred to me how small he actually was. He looked tired, despite the fact that he had been unconscious for the last four hours, and the tubes in his arms were still there. I desperately wanted to run over and hug him tight and never let go, but I couldn't. At least, not yet. Instead I opted for the safe option. Talking.

"H-hi Blaineā€¦"

My words got caught in my throat as I spoke. I was nervous, but I didn't want Blaine to see me 'freak out', as Wes would say. Blaine had enough to worry about already.

"Hi," came a whispering voice from the bed. It didn't sound like my Blaine. "What was your name again?"

Stuff it. I was freaking out.